Order of the Red Dove

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ribbon Of The Order Of The Red Bird
Ribbon Of The Order Of The Red Dove

The Order of The Red Dove is a dynastic award created by Emperor Mo I on 3 May 2021.

Reason of foundation

It was founded to honor the noble who have done good, and also those who have made a great accomplishment in their life. It is was founded due to various crisis that happened to the house of Al-Moataz-Billah during their time as the ruling family in the Greater Rovian Empire, and now during their reign of the Second Rovian Empire.


The head of the house of Al-Moataz-Billah as fons honorum and sovereign of the Order of the Red Dove inducts individuals to the order, and other members of the house can induct individuals, but with the head's permission.

Recipient Known as Conferred on
Huai Siao Pao of Huai Siao Emperor of Huai Siao 3 May 2021
Snagov Ștefan Marius Snagoveanu President of Snagov 23 June 2021
Pinang Esty Carpentieri Prime Minister of Pinang 23 June 2021
Parrattakorn Zakniyom Leader of Kanazia 13 August 2021
President wiljem I Admiral in Rovia 22 August 2021
Eben Berkvens Count of Stadstaat Moorsem 20 March 2022