Emperor of Huai Siao

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Emperor of the Huai Siao Empire
Emperor Pao
since 28 October 2018

since 28 October 2018
StyleHis Majesty
Heir apparentNot appointed
First monarchKing David
Formation6 June 2018
ResidencePleston Palace

Emperor of Huai Siao Be the head of the Huai Siao country from the past to the present, according to the absolute monarchy and the constitutional monarchy. And restricted by the constitution of the Huai Siao Empire But the Imperial Institute was still revered by most of the Huai Siao people. The Constitution of the Huai Siao Empire With the entire constitution of the Huai Siao Empire, that the emperor "lived as a place of worship No one will violate. ”Moreover, the emperor is also protected by criminal law. Making criticisms of him wrong The emperor is the head of state. He exercised sovereignty through the Cabinet, Parliament, and the Court. And the archangel Has the royal power to establish and confer decorations and dignity Royal pardon Declare war and peace Including other royal powers, which may be exercised only by the rules, procedures and conditions prescribed by law Except for certain royal powers which can be used in his own manner, namely setting up and removing the Privy Council with the government officials.

State in politics

The emperor must be above anything. Do not support any political party, which will degrade his position. Because he must be the head of state.Including members of the royal family will also have to comply with the provisions of the Constitution.

Royal Prerogative

  • The prerogative of appointing Lords.
  • Prerogative to appoint titled nobility.
  • The prerogative to issue orders.
  • Royal Commission refused to adopt the law.
  • Royal [[Orders, decorations,

and medals of Huai Siao|decorations]]

List of Emperors

Name Image Reign start Reign end Total reign Notes House Symbol
King David
14 October 2018 24 November 2018 41 days Abdicated to Emperor Pao. Royal Palace
Emperor Pao
สมเด็จพระจักรพรรดิเปา มหาพระบรมนาถเจ้า
28 October 2018 Incumbent 5 years, 234 days Royal Palace