Court of Justice of Huai Siao

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Court of justice
ตราศาลยุติธรรม(Huai Siao).png
Address Flag Huai siao.png
Empire of Huai Siao Mueang District capital
Agency overview
Formed 14 Apr 2021
Jurisdiction Flag Huai siao.pngEmpire of Huai Siao
Executive Vacancy(President of the Supreme Court)
Under agency Civil court
Court of appeals
Supreme court
Website Official website

The Courts of Justice(Thai:ศาลยุติธรรม)are the courts having the power to try and adjudicate all cases except those provided by the Constitution or the law to be within the jurisdiction of other courts. There are three levels of the Court of Justice: the Court of First Instance, the Court of Appeal, and the Supreme Court, unless otherwise provided in the Constitution or other laws.

Huai Siao court system

  • The Court of First Instance: Provincial Court.
  • The Court of Appeal is the Appeal Court and the Court of Appeal.
  • Supreme Court, the highest court of justice There is only one court.

Office of the Court of Justice

Office of the Court of Justice It is an independent organization that oversees the administrative work of the Court of Justice. Have a corporate status Freedom of personnel administration, budgeting and other operations As provided by law With the Secretary-General of the Office of the Courts of Justice as the supervisor directly to the President of the Supreme Court.

List of Presidents of the Supreme Court

The President of the Supreme Court is also considered to be the heads of all in the affairs of the Court of Justice by ex officio.

      Appointed by the resolution of the judicial committee
      Appointed by the Emperor
image Name Term of office Reign
ตราศาลยุติธรรม(Huai Siao).png
Emperor Pao