Royal decree of Huai Siao

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Huai Siao Law
Royal law
The Organic Act
Royal enactment
Royal decree
ministerial regulations

Royal decree (Thai:พระราชกฤษฎีกา) The provisions of the law enacted by the emperor by virtue of the statute of law within the meaning of the constitution. On recommendation of the Cabinet And to define the relationship between government and parliament (For example, in the dissolution of the House of Representatives), the Royal Decree has lower legal dignity than the constitution. Act, Code and Emergency Decree.

Enactment of a royal decree

Enactment of a royal decree The Minister having the duty to do so shall exercise the powers of the Constitution act Or that royal decree Propose a draft Royal Decree to the Cabinet for consideration By the draft decree Must not be contrary to the constitution act Or relevant decree When the Cabinet considered Must bring a draft decree Rise to the king Consecrate the emperor to enact that Royal Decree, the Prime Minister will be the recipient of the Royal Command.

Then be published in the Government Gazette Continue to force