Royal enactment of Huai Siao

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Huai Siao Law
Royal law
Organic Act
Royal enactment
Royal decree
ministerial regulations

Royal enactment(Thai:พระราชกำหนด)Refers to a form of law enacted by the Emperor with the advice and consent of the Cabinet. By virtue of the constitution that it is an emergency That there is an urgent need that cannot be avoided For the sake of security of the country Or public safety or national economic security Or prevent public disasters. Or where there is a need for tax or currency law which will be subject to urgent and secret consideration. To save the land An Emergency Decree is effective as the Act Therefore, the Royal Decree was amended. Or repeal the act.

The situation to be announced is applicable

Royal Decree of Huai Siao Divided into two categories.

  • 1. General Decree Can be issued in the event of an emergency which is unavoidable for the sake of national security For economic stability Or to prevent public disasters
  • 2. Royal decree on taxes, duties or currency Issued where there is a need for tax, duty or currency laws that are urgently and secretly considered. In order to protect the interests of the land within the session of the National Assembly only