Royal Palace of Huai Siao

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Royal palace
The symbol of the royal court
General information
Architectural styleAncient china
LocationEmpire Huai Siao
Current tenantsThe Emperor owns
OwnerEmperor of the Huai Siao

The Royal Palace was the residence of the kings and royal family Is the largest palace in the kingdom and is a government center that works for civil servants and parliament. It is influenced by Joseon and China by focusing on luxury and economy.

Important point

There are many important points of the Royal Palace, most of which are used for governors.

The throne of the dragon

Is an important point of the governor. The king will use this place for governors.

Swan Hall

Is a Buddha amulet, a small hall for meeting civil servants not many.

Gyeongcheong Palace

Is the royal residence of the Prime Minister's office and office of the receivership

  • Office of the Prime Minister
  • Office of the Permanent Secretary
  • Various ministries
  • Various departments