Empire of Huai Siao

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Empire of Huai Siao

Flag Huai siao.png
Huai siao Coat of arms.png
National Coat of Arms


Capital cityN/A
Largest cityDeer County
Official language(s)Thai
Short nameHuai Siao
DemonymHuai Siao
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
- EmperorEmperor Pao
- PremierPrince Eun Jo
- Type - Advisory Board
- Number of seats - 40
Established22 October 2017
Time zoneUTC +7
This country is part of the Asia-Pacific Alliance.

Official website

The Empire of Huai Siao, also known as Huai Siao, is a micronation located in Thailand. Rule in a democratic style with the emperor as the head of state to promote the rights and freedoms of the people. The whole terrain is mountainous, surrounded by extremely hot weather during the day. And there is a mix of Thai and tribal cultures and accept the culture from China and dress in government uniforms. And it has not officially announced the separation of territories from Thailand, and the people and rulers are loyal to Thailand. And the Chakri Dynasty Society is a feudal society or a class system, although the constitution clearly states that everyone has equal rights, in principle, there is a feudal system in general, even in the imperial palace area.


The name "Huai Siao" allegedly means "their region", nodding to the influence of the former Qing Dynasty of China. The word Huai Siao in Thaican be written as ห้วยเสี้ยว By in the sense that It is surrounded by nature and also has a beautiful landscape.


King David, founder of Huai Siao

Kingdom of Huai Siao (2017-2018)

  • ธงจักรวรรดิห้วยเสี้ยว.jpg

The Kingdom of Huai Siao was founded on 14 July 2017 by King David, who chose as his regal name "Aphichat Sripichai Aninya Mahadi". The Kingdom was plagued with numerous problems, such as a bloated bureaucracy.

Empire of Huai Siao (2018-present)

  • Flag Huai siao.png

Following the abdication of King David and constitutional reform, Pao was made Emperor of Huai Siao on 28 October 2018, under the regency of Prince Eun Jo.

Politics and government

Huai Siao is ruled by an Emperor as per its constitution, and follows feudalism. The current constitution stipulates that all peoples shall have the right to elect and shall have the freedom of peaceful assembly, and the freedom to create companies.


The administrative system of Huai Siao can be divided into executive, legislative, and judicial. With the government managing the civil service for the benefit of the people And the emperor will not interfere with politics if it is not necessary. Any actions that the emperor deems to be to blame will send a blame letter to the cabinet.

Goverment positions

  • House of Representatives(40)
  • Senate(40)
  • Constitutional Court
  • Criminal Court
  • Civil Court
  • Court of Appeals
  • Provincial Court
  • District Court


Royal Family of Phongphachara
V · T · E

The Emperor of Huai Siao is the head of state of Huai Siao, and represents the people of Huai Siao domestically and internationally. According to the Constitution, no one can prosecute the Emperor, as he is to be revered[citation needed].

The current Emperor of Huai Siao is Emperor Pao, who has reigned since the abdication of King David in 2018.

Rights of the Emperor

  • Royal Commission on Appointing Officials
  • Royal power to dismiss officials
  • Royal power to prerogative
  • Royal power legal approval
  • Royal power to veto the law
  • Royal power to dissolve parliament
  • Royal power to confer titles and/or decorations


The Minister or Chancellor has assisted in the administration of the government according to the law. For the benefit of the people. With the following powers.
1.Has the power to issue an Emergency Decree
2.Has the power to manage the civil service
3.Has the power to approve basic laws
4.Having the power to respond to the royal decree
List of current cabinet members

Royal ceremony

Pictures of the celebrations of Emperor Pao. and civil servants in 2019

Despite the change of government into democracy But in the present ceremony It is very important, for example, in 2018, Emperor Pao. performed the first coronation ceremony for the first time in order to be legally crowned. Royal ceremonies often appear in the royal palace regularly. And there are still many ceremonies, such as in 2019, there is an appointment of senior military officials. And conferred decorations And royal ceremonies, constitutional concessions and various law approvals.

  • Basic information about the palace

The Royal Palace is a large government center of Huai Siew. To allow civil servants to use them as offices and perform various ceremonies Including various royal palaces Different for the royal family. The palace is also where ceremonies are performed, for example, in the year 2020, a military service is appointed. And also a place to accommodate ambassadors and organize various events Which is reserved for the royal family in 2020, the royal palace has been further improved and has a semi-Chinese architecture and more Thai culture has been added. At present, the royal palace can be divided into. The Royal Palace is considered a large point of the Huai Siew government center. Even the Parliament House is in the Royal Palace Including the Office of the Prime Minister The nature of the palace is a Thai and semi-Chinese house Thus making this palace in shape that is more beautiful than the general public house.

  • Overall summary
  • There are many government offices.
  • As the residence of the royal family.
  • Is the place where the royal ceremonies are performed.
  • Is a support for the ambassadors.
  • As the command center of the army.

Administrative Regions

There are currently 6 provinces in the Empire.

Map depicting Huai Siao, created in 2019.
Name Flag Governor Chief Commissioner
Capital Region Flag Huai siao.png Vacant Vacant
Guangzhou Province Flag Huai siao.png Prince Eun Jo Prince Eun Jo
Guangzhou County Flag Huai siao.png Vacant Vacant
Zhou Uighur County Flag Huai siao.png Prince Eun Jo Prince Eun Jo
Jiangsu Nanjing Flag Huai siao.png Vacant Vacant
Shanxi Flag Huai siao.png Vacant Vacant

Country Policy

"Ob Khan" Name Location Popular tourist public.

The policy of the court of foreign affairs is as follows.

  • Approach a partner
  • Increase diplomatic relations

Responsible person is Foreign Minister For the development of good relations for the peace of the people For good partners.

Foreign Affairs


Diplomatic Relations

Nations recognized


Sample passport.

Passport will be issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs only. And have access to the country Please remember that foreign passports enter only certain countries. If the passport holder violates the purpose of the passport, the passport must be withdrawn. Therefore must maintain the regulations and objectives of the passport at all times The holder must have the following qualifications

  • Must be 10 years old or more
  • Must not have a court order to seize a passport
  • Must have a Hmong nationality
  • Must behave appropriately
  • There must be no case.

Passport withdrawal

  • Court order suspension of passport
  • Misconduct
  • Have a case
  • Being a lost person

Passport request

  • Submit the form to the foreign ministry.
  • Submit a copy of official documents
  • Traveled to a foreign country to take a picture
  • Pay fees
  • Pick up passport By post or travel to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

When the passport is lost

  • To contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs immediately

National holiday

Date Holiday Because of the holidays
1 January New Year's Day Beginning of new year.
March/April Good Friday
March/April Easter Monday
1 May Labour Day
12 August Join the International Day Join Date Organization Asia-Pacific Alliance
28 October Day celebration of the royal treasures Day reign as emperor Emperor Pao.
24 December Christmas Eve Celebration of Christmas.
25 December Christmas Day
26. December Second Christmas Day

Culture and tradition

Empire Huai SiaoIt is influenced by Buddhism and Thai culture, both respecting the elders and being friendly to one another, helping one another, and loyalty to the Thai monarchy.Today, Thai and Hmong cultural expressions are becoming more and more integrated and applied in various activities.

Respecting tradition of royalty and nobility

The Emperor shall be treated with royalty or nobility and will be paid a flying forearm. This is a form of Manchu, and called "Tai Chien." The official process of doing this is:

  1. Look to the right knee.
  2. Leave right arm hanging.

This is done because it prevents harm to the Emperor and dignitaries from around a possible assassination.


Empire Huai Siao There are moutains around the kingdom, in summer it is very hot and dry. Rats are faced with these porblems.When the rainy will be heavyrains causing many times to flood the front of the palace.