Empire Huai Siao

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Empire Huai Siao

2017 — present

Coat of Arms

Highest government badge
Capital city Capital
Largest city Deer County
Official language(s) Thai Language
Short name Huai Siao
Demonym Huai Siao
Government Emperor under the Constitution
- Emperor Emperor Pao
- chancellor Somdej Goathai An Ong
Legislature Council land
- Type - Advisory body
- Number of seats - 10
Established 22 October 2017
Population 62
Currency Tael
Time zone UTC +7


The Empire Huai Siao (2017–present) is a state founded by teenager Hmong. The name "Huai Siao" essentially refers to "their region," which has been the influence of the ruling Qing Dynasty in Imperial China. The Empire was started by a teenager with autism, therefore Hmong called David to lead this country. Later, the architects would consider themselves as kings / dynasties and set up their own family and the aristocracy. On October 24, 2017, during King David's reign, David took possession of the capital, the governor of São Paulo, since the king's palace was disgusting and the king is a close relative. Jo and Her Majesty has a Jena A regent for the king, who has lent his little bump. The regent was dedicated to the constitution, which the people had lent little to the International Commission for beauty and the Constitution, therefore raising the status of an imperial empire in 2019 to stabilize the regime. This new plan made everyone mandatory to follow royal tradition that was practiced long and noble country, including administering it to respect the sovereign and buffoons. (This article used google to translate English to apologize if a mistake.)


The country before was named the "United Empire." Furthermore, the name before that was "Empire Creek Crescent." The name was changed to "Empire Huai Siao" due to constitution changes.


The history of this nation can be divided up into 2 parts.

Kingdom Huai Siao (2017-2018)

Kingdom Huai Siao existed from 2017 to 2018. The beginnings were though, and due to bloated bureaucracy, the "funk" were defrauded. Adding on to the problems, the stratification system is not effective enough. The emergence of the rule of law were high, but King David built many statues during his reign.

Empire Huai Siao (2018-present)

The name was changed into "Empire Huai Siao" due to a new constitution. During Pao's reign, he plans to create laws for citizens, and rights for his people.

The government

Empire Huai Siao was ruled by the imperial regime under the constitution. The feudal system and the floor, but all people are entitled. The current constitution stipulates that all peoples shall have the right to elect and shall have the right to march, protests, participate in public associations, and create enterprises. The constitution also protects any royalty to worry about getting elected.

administrative Region

Map depicting Huai Siao 2019.
Name Flag Governor Chief Commissioner
Capital ธงจักรวรรดิห้วยเสี้ยว.jpg Somdej Goathai An Ong Not selected
Guangzhou province ธงจักรวรรดิห้วยเสี้ยว.jpg Somdej Goathai An Ong Not selected
County Guangzhou ธงจักรวรรดิห้วยเสี้ยว.jpg Not selected Not selected
Zhou Uighur County ธงจักรวรรดิห้วยเสี้ยว.jpg Not selected Not selected
Jiangsu Nanjing ธงจักรวรรดิห้วยเสี้ยว.jpg Not selected Not selected
Shanxi ธงจักรวรรดิห้วยเสี้ยว.jpg Not selected Not selected
Sichuan ธงจักรวรรดิห้วยเสี้ยว.jpg Not selected Not selected

Country policy

Drawings, virtual Emperor Pao

Emperor Bao Majesty opened the country to improve relations by getting the support of the nobles in the conference hall on May 18, 2019, he said. The opening will be known in the eyes of the world, more or less. Currently, we are participating organization OAM. But for the show sockets before then. After the war, the foreign heavily twice. Learned that everything that comes from the outside world away. Cho made Sunmi harsh policy of closing the country. There are only two narrow, Cho socket before contact with the outside world is through trade with China and Japan with Hiroshima City Island. When the Europeans came by itself, so it's like having an alien invasion, it does not matter. Western science, but it permeates the realm iron fence on this one. Through trade with China When God sent His son, Joe, in his second visit to China as hostages. Both sons were exposed to technological advances in western China. Including the missionaries who spread Christianity publication 2288 BC Prince Associates hyun Cho came to the Center. China has brought its concept into the West. Puts in conflict with God's. He was slain in the end.

Asia-Pacific Alliance

  • We have joined the organization in the Asia-Pacific Alliance on August 12, 2019.

National holiday

Holidays, according to the advisory council passed a resolution assuming the approval of the Emperor (since 03/12/2019) follows.

  • Established in (On July 24,) Stop 2
  • King's Day (Not sure) Stop one day
  • coronation day (October 28) Stop one day

Government sets

Drawings, virtual dress commissioner.

We are divided by a series of government dignitaries composed of people with a favorable pattern will be divided into the belly of the series, titled Act 2018 provided for a peerage divided into 9 stages and hats with feathers, peacock lords must.

  • Divided into 9 stages
  • Salaries differ
  • Traditionally, it's different
  • Beads is different

Culture and tradition

In Empire Huai Sio, you must respect adults and to their parents.

Respecting tradition of royalty and nobility

The Emperor shall be treated with royalty or nobility and will be paid a flying forearm. This is a from of Manchu, and called "Tai Chien." To do this, look to the right knee. Leave right arm hanging Because of the need to shake off the arm before it. Is to prevent harm to the emperor and dignitaries from around the killer hiding murder. Which are often hidden weapon sleeve.


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