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New Molco flag.png
SAPT Emblem.png
Coat of arms
Motto: The life we have, to give knowledge to people 'till we died
Ethnic groups
Thais (100%)
Buddhism (de facto)
Demonym(s)Molcian (de facto)
• Regent
Zerorius Hiruko
Zerorius Hiruko
Nopporn Songsuksumphao
Thanakrit Daeng-ed
Zerorius Hiruko
• Standing Speaker
Zerorius Hiruko
LegislatureKnowledge for All's Legislative Function (de jure)
Rule by Decree from Consent of Quorum of Party (de facto)
Quorum of Party
Knowledge for All's Consultative Council
• Formation of Molcian Federation
4 July 2018
• Formation of Authoritarian Regime
12 April 2019
• Provisional Government of Knowledge for All
15 December 2019
• 2020 census
Time zoneGMT+7 (Official Time)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy

Prudentianopolis, or Philosopher Confederation of Prudentianopolis[1], or unofficially Molcian Confederation (Molco for short) is a non-territorial sui generis sovereign entity in Southeast Asia from 2019, ruled by Knowledge for All Party, only legalized and the ruling party in Prudentianopolis after the reformation of Molco on 15 December 2019. The current constitution is the Regency Command of Status of Knowledge for All[2] which provided this country becomes a constitutional sovereign entity with full sovereignty over the organization. The state's leadership was Quorum of Party, collective head of state, led by Regent of Quorum, Zerorius Hiruko from 15 December 2019 until 7 March 2021 when regent of Quorum announced the appointment of triumvirate for representing the Quorum of Party and Regent of Quorum.[3]


Prudentianopolis (Thai:พรูเดนเทียโนโปลิส) is a new mixed word from Prudential and -opolis, while the word "Prudential" stands for character of ideology and goal of Knowledge for All Party, who wants to create the freedom in knowledge accessibility and unite everyone with the same goal, -opolis is misunderstanding word from Greek word "polis" (polis, "city"), then the word Prudentianopolis is meaning Land of Freedom in Knowledge.


Predecessor from 2018-2019: 1st Molco State
Predecessor from 2019: 2nd Molco State

Republican Colonial Empire

As faction inside History Club

The History Club Discord Group was found by Piyawat Amornthatri and his friend from Facebook to propose of the members who interested in history can be joined and have a talking inside his group, when Zerorius joined as a member of the History Club, he ran his action first by starting the talking with masses until 6 November 2019, the 4 members from HC and Zerorius Hiruko decided to form the faction inside HC and try to expand the membership by asking to join and give an oral proposal. The faction was known as Knowledge for All Party, led by Zerorius Hiruko, elected regent of Quorum from the 1st Quorum Conference.

Deep state and Pseudo Cabinet of History Club

Founding fathers of Knowledge for All Party decided to helping the independent History Club and expanding membership. Then, the youngest member of KfA "Srattha Ruchirawimon" established the group as "Headquarter of Knowledge for All Party and Shadow Central Capital of History Club" on 15 December 2019, when the Provisional Government of Knowledge for All had been established under decision of 1st Extraordinary Session of Quorum and Consultative Conference.

Reestablishing of Molco

Zerorius Hiruko, one of the founders of Molco was reunited members in his party and declared "Provisional Government of Knowledge for All (Party)" and declared himself to "Minister of all Ministers" in the role of head of government and appointed 7 members of the party to become members of "Quorum of Party" serves the collective head of state and Zerorius becomes to Regent of Quorum of Party who serves the de facto head of state. His role as Chairman of Executive Office of Civilian and Military Affairs had an executive identity with Molcian characteristic, regarding the idea of collective leadership, separation of power to its officials, the legislative power of masses, and three power of the nation in one organization, then this title dissolved after his resignation from his working in Izoroku, the executive identity transferred to superseding government of Molco.

Compromising between History Club and Knowledge for All

History Club had 2 separated groups between the Facebook group and Discord group, when Thanakrit Daeng-ed became Prime Minister of Empire, chief executive of HC Discord Group, he has appointed the Commissioner of Quorum by Regent of Quorum for the purpose of the coup the HC Facebook Group's Executive Committee. When the HC Facebook Group has the incident from their failure of historical meme, the Quorum of Party declared proposal to Colony, head of 5th Gen of HC's Executive Committee and de jure chief executive of HC's Discord Group and then Colony accepted the proposal, Zerorius is later known as the head of 6th Gen of HC's Executive Committee and Prime Minister of Empire from 19 April 2020.

End of Friendship and Downfall of History Club Facebook Group

On 28 April 2020, after Zerorius-led Executive Committee in charge, Colony takes over the 6th Gen and dissolves the 6th Executive Committee in Facebook Group for the reason of he wants to rule over the group with himself, without third hand intervene him. When Zerorius saw Colony's action, then he declared the History Club Discord Group as the new headquarter of Knowledge for All, Colony and most of his Executive Committee members were fired by Zerorius Hiruko from HC Discord Group, Zerorius becomes chief executive of History Club Discord Group. The Facebook Group of HC went to downfall era after the social war between Quorum of Party, led by Piyawat Amornthatri, former head of 4th HC's Executive Committee, and Secretary-General of Provisional Government by approval from the Regent.

United Government's Formation and End of Republican Colonial Empire

After Zerorius Hiruko became chief executive of HC after the end of the social war between KfA-led History Club Discord Group and Colony-led History Club Facebook Group, he declared the oral command to unites the two independent governments under one leadership called "United Government of League of Knowledge for All" from the Provisional Government of Knowledge for All, their predecessor, while the HC's Discord Executive Committee has autonomy from central government, the UGLKfA shall not intervene except the Regent of Quorum declared a state of emergency. The Regent stopped his ambition to create the influence and started the new era "Strengthen Inside".

Strengthen Inside

Aftermath and Separation of Two Societies with One Leadership

After Zerorius Hiruko became chief executive of HC after the end of the social war, he reformed the HC Discord Group and establishes a new cabinet, the executive power transferred to Director-General of the Executive Bureau, leader of the Quorum-created Executive Bureau. Also after the 1st Anniversary of Knowledge for All Party on 15 December 2020, Zerorius appointed the chief of operation zones and responsible regions to overseeing members of Quorum and citizens in their own area with executive power from Regent.

Spirit of Last Palaiologos and the Flag

The regent is the only one in Quorum who interested in Byzantine when he started writing the novel, he praised the last Palaiologos emperor of Byzantine as the Bravest Emperor of Balkan, and he wanted to continue his last legacy on the new flag with an emblem of Palaiologos dynasty, the last ruling dynasty of Byzantine and he expanded more prerogatives of his regency likely as the Byzantine status of legitimate imperial enthronement.


United Government of League of Knowledge for All

Regent of Quorum with Chairman of Quorum Affairs Council and Standing Speaker of Consultative Council as presiding officer of three main power (head of the party as de facto head of state, head of government and speaker of a legislative body) declared the Oral Declaration of United Government of League of Knowledge for All after the annexation of a discord group and take over the presidency in a group.

Government of Molco

Main page: Government of Molco, Quorum Affairs Council, Presidium & Privy Council (PSK)

Diarchy of Molco (Within Quorum Affairs Council)

Government of History Club Discord Group

The Executive Committee of History Club is the executive body of History Club, the cyberspace constituency of Prudentianopolis, after the reformation of the structure by Zerorius Hiruko when he took the executive power in discord group from History Meme Zone Facebook Page's Executive Committee and he rebuilt and separation the power to the main body, Executive Committee of History Club (executive branch) and Standing Committee (deliberative body of the executive branch and advisory body of the head of the group). Piyawat, as Honorary Chairman, change the Standing Committee to House of Representatives and Executive Committee to Imperial Cabinet by command of General Secretary of the Imperial Cabinet and House of Representatives. (the current term of Executive Committee is all members in Imperial Cabinet and House of Representatives)

Diarchy of Molco (Within Executive Committee)

History Club's Executive Committee
No. Name Date in office Note
Honorary Chairman of Executive Committee
1 Piyawat Amornthatri 19 April 2020 - Incumbent Honorary office for founding father
General Secretary of Imperial Cabinet and House of Representatives (Captain of the Convention)
1 Zerorius Hiruko 9 March 2020 - 19 April 2020 He was the shadow head of the group until became the Prime Minister of Imperial Cabinet
2 19 April 2020 - Incumbent Presiding officer of Executive Committee (de facto head of the group), the ex-officio office of Regent of Quorum
Prime Minister of Empire
1 Piyawat Amornthatri 12 September 2019 - 9 March 2020 First Prime Minister of Empire
2 Thanakrit Daeng-ed 9 March 2020 - 19 April 2020 Second Prime Minister of Empire under Quorum of Party's Administration, last independent head of government
President of Imperial Cabinet and House of Representatives
3 Zerorius Hiruko 19 April 2020 - 25 May 2020 First president of both Imperial Cabinet and House of Representative, de jure head of the group


Piyawat Amornthatri 25 May 2020 - Incumbent Second president of both Imperial Cabinet and House of Representative, de jure head of the group
Director-General of Executive Bureau
1 Zerorius Hiruko 20 May 2020 - Incumbent Minister Plenipotentiary of Knowledge for All in History Club and head of the government
- Thanakrit Daeng-ed 4 November 2020 - 31 January 2021 Deputy and acting Minister Plenipotentiary
Phumraphee Lathiprasart
Alexander Vanisov

Government of Molco (United Government)

Head of State

The Regency Command of Status of Knowledge for All assigned the Quorum of Party to the collective head of state and Quorum of Party has been headed by Regent of Quorum. From 7 March 2021, the Presidium & Privy Council (PSK) has been collective head of state instead of Quorum of Party

Executive Branch

The Quorum Affairs Council (a.k.a. Cabinet) is the main executive body of Molco, the member of the cabinet is an ex-officio officer from the Quorum of Party who already took the oath (Plenipotentiary Members). The Head of government who leads the cabinet is Chairman of Quorum Affairs Council, appointed by Regent of Quorum by approval from members of Quorum.

Legislative Branch

The Quorum of Party is also the main legislative body of Molco and they have the advisory body between Quorum Conference is Knowledge for All's Consultative Council. The speaker of the advisory body is Standing Speaker of Knowledge for All's Consultative Council, the ex-officio office of Regent of Quorum.

Constitutional Construction

Legislative Body House Level Term Span Voting System Number of Seats Session Name
Quorum of Party Main legislative Until calling the ending session or end of the cabinet Ex-officio from members of Quorum of Party 12 Quorum Conference
Knowledge for All's Consultative Council Advisory Body
  1. Ex-officio from members of Quorum of Party
  2. Appointed by Chairman of Quorum Affairs Council
  3. Rightful Citizenship
  1. 12 (Quorum's members)
  2. 2 (Honorary members)
  3. 20 (Commons members)
Consultative Conference
House Speaker Level Term Span Voting System Number of Seats Officeholder
Quorum of Party Regent of Quorum Head of Quorum of Party For life or has been disqualified political rights by Supreme Court Ex-officio from members of Quorum of Party 1 Zerorius Hiruko
KfA's Consultative Council Standing Speaker Speaker Ex-officio of Regent of Quorum
Provisional Speaker Vice Speaker When the session call the ending Appoint by Standing Speaker Vacant (last held by Thanakrit Daeng-ed)

Judicial Branch

See Also: Supreme Court of Party

Administrative Divisions

Even the constitution did not provide right to own the lands, but the administrative area has been designed same with the branch of company or extraterritorial agency. The largest unit for Prudentianopolis's administrative division, in reality society, is the Operation Zone or equivalent (such as European Zone's Katepanate). Meanwhile the cyberspace society's largest administrative division had not provide, but de facto unit is a group in any social media platform.

Responsible Region

Responsible Region (Thai: เขตผู้รับผิดชอบ) is de facto largest administrative division, but do not have a power of executive, legislature or judicature. The rank of responsible region is likely same with viceroy in constituency area. Meanwhile the operation zone is de jure largest administrative division with power of executive, legislature and etc.

List of leaders of responsible regions

Head of Council of Responsible Region
Presidency of Council of Responsible Region Responsible Region Operation Zone Took Office
Zerorius Hiruko Grand Prudentianopolis Prudentianopolis 15 December 2020
Nopporn Songsuksumphao Uthai Thani
Srattha Ruchirawimon Phayap Chiang Mai
Raktakul Takulsunthornchai Korat
Thanakrit Daeng-ed Chumphon Krabi

List of leaders of operation zones

Chief of Operation Zone
Chief of Operation Zone Operation Zone Capital District Region Took Office
Zerorius Hiruko Operation Zone Prudentianopolis Prudentianopolis Grand Prudentianopolis 15 December 2020 (After the end of 1st Annual Meeting and Anniversary Ceremony)
Piyawat Amornthatri Operation Zone Inner Rattanakosin Bangkok (Phra Nakorn)
Phumraphee Lathiprasart Operation Zone Outer Rattanakosin Bangkok (Thonburi)
Nopporn Songsuksumphao Operation Zone Uthai Thani Uthai Thani Uthai Thani
Srattha Ruchirawimon Operation Zone Chiang Mai Chiang Mai Phayap
Raktakul Takulsunthornchai Operation Zone Korat Korat Korat
Alexander Vanisov Operation Zone Buriram, de facto Operation Zone Chumphon Chumphon (de facto) Krabi
Thanakrit Daeng-ed Operation Zone Krabi Krabi

Exarchates for European Zone

Exarchate is historical administration area from Roman Empire/Byzantine Empire, which empowered the exarch for overseeing the administration in assigned territory, Knowledge for All adapted the exarchates for European Zone, as extraterritorial agency, is equivalent the Responsible Regions in Asian Zone. While the deputy of the exarch is katepano, which ruled in assigned zone inside exarchate.

List of exarches

Exarch Exarchate Operation Zone Took Office
Zerorius Hiruko Byzantium and Bosporus Constantinople 8 June 2021

Foreign Relations

Huai Siao Empire

Establishes Foreign Relationship: 29 November 2020

Endorsement and Recognition: 29 November 2020

Kingdom of Queensland

Establishes Foreign Relationship: 29 November 2020

Endorsement and Recognition: 29 November 2020


Establishes Foreign Relationship: 2 March 2021

Endorsement and Recognition: 2 March 2021