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Philosopher Confederation of Prudentianopolis
Philosophorum Confoederatio Prudentianopolisia
Συνομοσπονδία Ακαδημίας των Προὐδεντιανοπολις
New Molco flag.png
SAPT Emblem.png
Coat of arms
Motto: The will of people be not demolished though the heaven falls
(แม้นภาจะร่วงลงสู่เบื้องเกศา แรงปรารถนาของประชาจะไม่สั่นคลอน)
Anthem: I Vow to Thee, My Country (instrumental orchestra version, de facto)[1]
Active operational regions shows by countries
Active operational regions shows by countries
Ethnic groups (2021)Thais (100%)
ReligionBuddhism (de facto)
DemonymMolcian (de facto)
TypeMultiversal-International Confederal Autocratic Organizational Sovereign Entity
GovernmentPseudo-decentralised confederacy one-party state, dual government under the autocratic regency
Zerorius Hiruko
• President of Cyberspace Society
Piyawat Amornthatri
LegislatureKnowledge for All's Legislative Function (de jure)
Rule by decree from consent of Quorum of Party (de facto)
Quorum of Party
• Formation of Molcian Federation
4 July 2018
• Formation of Authoritarian Regime
12 April 2019
• Provisional Government of Knowledge for All
15 December 2019
• Cybercombine Day
7 March 2020
• New constitution
4 February 2021
• 2020 census
Time zoneGMT+7 (Official Time)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy

Prudentianopolis, officially the Philosopher Confederation of Prudentianopolis[2][3][4] is a non-territorial sui generis sovereign entity generally in Southeast Asia. It's a confederation between e-governmental entity and real-world governmental entity, making the Prudentianopolis the non-Westphalian sovereignty nation in the region. The country consists 2 semi-independent entities. The national capital is Prudentianopolis, located at residence of Regent of Quorum, supreme leader of nation.

The current constitution is the Regency Command of Status of Knowledge for All[5] which provided this country becomes a constitutional sovereign entity with full sovereignty over the organization.


Prudentianopolis (Thai:พรูเดนเทียโนโปลิส) is a Greek-Latin loan word from Prudentia and -polis, while the Latin word "Prudentia" stands for character of ideology and goal of Knowledge for All Party, creation the freedom in knowledge accessibility and unite everyone with the same goal, -opolis is a word from Greek word "polis" (polis, "city"), then the word Prudentianopolis is meaning Land of Freedom in Knowledge.

The Chinese short term of Prudentianopolis is 拂菻 (Fulin) directly derived from the old official name of Byzantine Empire, called by Imperial China era, which transcribed from Greek word "polis" in Sogdian language, referred to Constantinopolis, former capital of Byzantine Empire.


Prudentianopolis is considered as non-territorial with sui generis status, or the unique law by its own kind from context of constitution. Although Prudentianopolis has own no land in authority to be governed. But with the function of sui generis loaw, they still has the power in their own citizen.

Also the Prudentianopolis has the subjects in both directly and indirectly control, in the law of Prudentianoplis called it the subjects, or primary level of constituency, a Confederated Subject. The Reality and Cyberspace Society are the primary constituent entities of Prudentianopolis, the Reality Society has been sharing the same government with Government of Prudentianopolis, the main common government of confederation with the same sovereign, while the Cyberspace Society has been decentralized by the function of asymmatrical federalism, they can either use the same sovereign with common government, or the Knowledge for All-compliant separated sovereign.

While English term of type of nation is the Confederation, but the actual term can be determined as Eidgenossenschaft, the German term of type of nation that used in Switzerland, can be translated as "Oath commonwealth". Because the nation was formed by the Oath of Five, the former and provisional constitution of Prudentianopolis and the first party constitution of Knowledge for All Party, that be pledged by citizen whom wanted to join the party and to protect the principals and promises of the party.

The source of power functions are using the Roman model with one-party state, as the absolute power of nation which hold by citizen is bestowed to Quorum of Party, and the Quorum of Party gives the power to Regent of Quorum, the leader of party and administrator of absolute power, can't be determined neither monarch, nor president.


Predecessor from 2018-2019: 1st Molcian State
Predecessor from 2019: 2nd Molcian State

Republican Colonial Empire / Provisional Government Era


A History Club Discord Group had found by Piyawat Amornthatri and his facebook fanpage's colleague, the fanpage's followers can be joined and had the conversation about world history. Zerorius Hiruko joined this server and formed the group of his friend as a small talking group, until 6 November 2019 when he and his friend decided to form the faction to assist the discord moderators, known as Knowledge for All Party. And the party provisional convention elected him as leader of party with the title "Regent of Quorum". He started the plan to be a moderator in discord with his party members.

Then, a youngest member of KfA, Srattha Ruchirawimon established the group called "Headquarter of Knowledge for All Party and Shadow Capital of History Club" on 15 December 2019, meanwhile the Provisional Government of Knowledge for All had been formed after the proposal from 1st Quorum Conference was passed.

After that, Zerorius declared himself a Minister of all Ministers, the role of head of provisional government and had an appointment of 7 members to be the member of his cabinet, at the same time, Molco had been reestablished. Then the party's executive committee, the Quorum of Party, became the collective head of state with Zerorius became a Regent of Quorum of Party, which serves as a head of quorum.


The History Club had 2 separated groups, between the Facebook group and Discord group. When Thanakrit Daeng-ed became Prime Minister of Empire, chief executive of HC Discord Group, he has appointed a Commissioner of Quorum by Regent of Quorum to prepare a staged coup a HC Facebook Group's Executive Committee.

After the HC Facebook Group has the incident from their failure of historical meme, the Quorum of Party sent proposal to History Club fanpage's leader, Colony, he was a head of 5th HC's Executive Committee and de jure chief executive of HC's Discord Group. Then Colony accepted this proposal, Zerorius is later known as the head of 6th HC's Executive Committee and Prime Minister of Empire from 19 April 2020.

On 28 April 2020, after Zerorius-led Executive Committee in charge, Colony takes over the 6th Gen and dissolves the 6th Executive Committee in Facebook Group for the reason of he wants to rule over the group with himself, without third hand intervene him. When Zerorius saw Colony's action, then he declared the History Club Discord Group as the new headquarter of Knowledge for All, Colony and most of his Executive Committee members were fired by Zerorius Hiruko from HC Discord Group, Zerorius becomes chief executive of History Club Discord Group. The Facebook Group of HC went to downfall era after the social war between Quorum of Party, led by Piyawat Amornthatri, former head of 4th HC's Executive Committee, and Secretary-General of Provisional Government by approval from the Regent.

United Government Era

After Zerorius Hiruko became chief executive of History Club at the end of the social civil war between Molco-led History Club Discord Group and Colony-led History Club Facebook Group, he declared the oral command to unite the two independent governments under one leadership called "United Government of League of Knowledge for All", succeeded the Provisional Government of Knowledge for All, while the History Club's Executive Committee has own autonomy from central government. The new central government shall not intervene except the Regent of Quorum declared a state of emergency. The Regent stopped his ambition to create the influence and started the new era "Strengthen Inside".

Also he reformed the History Club and formed the new cabinet, a half of executive power transferred to Director-General of the Executive Bureau, leader of the Quorum-created Executive Bureau, the advisory organ to Executive Committee. Also after the 1st Anniversary of Knowledge for All Party on 15 December 2020, Zerorius appointed the chief of operation zones and responsible regions to overseeing members of Quorum and citizens in their own area with executive power from Regent.


Adaptation the Byzantine Symbols

The regent is the only one in Quorum who interested in Byzantine when he started writing the novel, he praised the last Palaiologos emperor of Byzantine as the Bravest Emperor of Balkan, and he wanted to continue his last legacy on the new flag with an emblem of Palaiologos dynasty, the last ruling dynasty of Byzantine and he expanded more prerogatives of his regency likely as the Byzantine status of legitimate imperial enthronement.


United Government of League of Knowledge for All

The United Government of League of Knowledge for All is the government of Prudentianopolis, formed in 2019 after the unification of History Club Discord Group and Provisional Government of Molco under the leadership of Zerorius Hiruko.The UGLKFA is consisting of UGLKFA (or Government of Molco in common) itself and Government of History Club, they shared the same leadership (Knowledge for All Party) and establish the self-governing entity separately, which later called Secondairism of Administration (Diarchy with Same Supreme Authority), that resembled from Austria-Hungary's system.

Politics of Prudentianopolis

Main page: Government of Molco, Quorum Affairs Council, Presidium & Privy Council (PSK)

Foreign Relations

Nation Signed Treaty Date Legitimacy Recognization Country Endorsement Status
 Huai Siao 29 November 2020 Recognized Yes Active
 Queensland 29 November 2020 Recognized Yes
Illandria 2 March 2021 Recognized Yes Suspended


  2. (PCP; Thai: สมาพันธรัฐนักปราชญ์แห่งพรูเดนเทียโนโปลิส)
  3. or unofficially Molcian Confederation (Molco for short)
  4. Regency Command of Philosopher Confederation
  5. Regency Command of Status of Knowledge for All

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