Knowledge for All Party

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Knowledge for All Party
AbbreviationKfA, KFA
PresidiumQuorum of Party
Governing bodyQuorum Affairs Council (Under QOP's administration)
Regent of QuorumZerorius Hiruko
FounderZerorius Hiruko
Founded6 November 2019
Registered6 November 2019 (As the Knowledge for All faction in History Club)
Legalised15 December 2019
HeadquartersKnowledge for All's Headquarter in Discord
Think tankKnowledge for All (organization)
Membership (2023)13
IdeologyThird Polarism
Thai De-centralisationism
Metaverse Self-Determination
Political positionCentrist
Colors  Orange
SloganWe shall bring the knowledges to the people shall we turn to ash (เราจะนำพาความรู้สู่มวลชนจนกว่าชีวีจะดับสูญ)
Legislative Function
13 / 13

Knowledge for All Party (Thai: คณะความรู้เพื่อมวลชน) is political branch agency of Knowledge for All organization and ruling party in Prudentianopolis. Founded by Zerorius Hiruko and its founders on 6 November 2019, after declared the principle to expand and provide people more accessibility to education and academic support. With the third polarism focus and principal of KfA, this party is a big-tent party of left and right-wing such as Monarchism, Liberal Conservative, Thai De-centralizations, Federalism, Digital Colonialism and left-wing ideology.


Zerorius Hiruko and the founding fathers of KfA decided to establish a group that gathering the people's interest in giving knowledge to people. The membership shall inaugurate the vows or Oath of Fives to declaring the faithful to knowledge and public mind. With no one is the highest leadership of the party and decentralization in the party, the founding fathers declared Quorum of Party as the highest governing-ship of the party and elect its head of Quorum to represents the Quorum. Zerorius Hiruko became the first nominated head of Quorum as Regent of Quorum in the Party Provisional Convocation on 5 November and elected by 4 members as the first elected Regent of Quorum on 6 November 2019.


Knowledge for All belief in pure democracy procedure and knowledge can help the people from ignorance and people from any ideology can compromise under the principle of democracy and awareness in private opinion. The party declared the status of principle or ideology is Third Polarism.


Main Article: Quorum of Party

There is no one is highest rank with the highest authority in party, but Quorum of Party acts the collective leadership of party with Regent of Quorum is chief operative officer and representative of Quorum.