Chairman of Quorum Affairs Council

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Chairman of Quorum Affairs Council
SAPT Emblem.png
Official Emblem of Prudentianopolis
Official Portrait of Kaiczer.png
Zerorius Hiruko

since 3 February 2020
15 December 2019 - 3 February 2020 (as Minister of all Ministers)
Quorum Affairs Council
StyleHis Excellency
Your Superior Leadership / Mr.Supreme Leader (When regent is also the chairman)
TypeHead of Government
Head of Executive Agency
Member ofQuorum Affairs Council
Reports toRegent of Quorum
AppointerRegent of Quorum
Term lengthNo term limits
Constituting instrumentRegency Command of Status of Knowledge for All
PrecursorChairman of Executive Office of Military and Civilian Affairs (de facto)
Führer of Greater Serene Realm of Molco (de jure)
Formation15 December 2019
First holderZerorius Hiruko
Unofficial namesPremier
DeputySecretary-General of Quorum Affairs Council

The Chairman of Quorum Affairs Council[1] or unofficially the Premier-Chairman of Prudentianopolis[2] , formerly known as Minister of all Ministers[3] is the head of government of Prudentianopolis. This office heads the Quorum Affairs Council, which is the executive agency of Quorum of Party and supreme organ in central government. The chairman is de facto vice chief executive of state, second to Regent of Quorum, due the chairmanship in executive agency of Quorum of Party, and also heads the Foreign Affairs Commission.

This office must be appointed by Regent of Quorum by advice and consent of Quorum of Party.


  • Must be the member of Quorum of Party
  • Not must be the honorary member by the appointment of Regent.


  • Exercises and leads the meeting of Quorum Affairs Council
  • Reports to the legislative organ while the session still be held
  • May advise Regent to appoint or grant the honorary title
  • May responsible and advise all envoys and plenipotentiary ministers as leader of the executive branch and foreign affairs
  • May represent the collective head of state or Regent of Quorum in foreign visit


Secretary-General of Quorum Affairs Council[4] is the second-highest ranking office in Quorum Affairs Council and manages the writing affairs of the council. Whilst the Regent has assumed the role of Chairman, the Secretary-General shall directly report to Regent himself, taking this office the de facto deputy to Regent of Quorum. This office formerly known as Secretary-General of Provisional Government of Knowledge for All[5]. The current Secretary-General is Piyawat Amornthatri.


See: Leadership of Molco

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Took Office End Office Tenure Political Party Deputy Head of State Ministry
Prudentianopolis • Minister of all Ministers
Official Portrait of Kaiczer.png
Zerorius Hiruko
15 December 2019 3 February 2020 50 days Knowledge for All Party Piyawat Amornthatri

(as Secretary-General of Provisional Government of Knowledge for All)

Quorum of Party Provisional Cabinet
Prudentianopolis • Chairman of Quorum Affairs Council
Official Portrait of Kaiczer.png
Zerorius Hiruko
3 February 2020 Present 3 years, 120 days Knowledge for All Party Piyawat Amornthatri 1st-5th Cabinet
Piyawat Amornthatri 4 November 2020 31 January 2021 88 days Himself Regent Zerorius Hiruko (de jure, in medication)

Co-Deputy Regents of Quorum

  • Chananon Kongram

as acting collective head of state

5th Cabinet
  1. (Thai: ประธานสภากิจการองค์ประชุม, Chinese: 無名哲人黨法定人數整體事務委員會委員長)
  2. (Thai: ประธานมนตรีแห่งพรูเดนเทียโนโปลิส, Chinese: 拂菻總理兼總裁)
  3. (Thai: รัฐมนตรีแห่งรัฐมนตรีทั้งปวง, Chinese:全部部長委員會總理)
  4. (Thai: เลขานุการสภากิจการองค์ประชุม, Chinese: 無名哲人黨法定人數整體事務委員會 [錄尚書管; 秘書長])
  5. Title still used until 6 Apil 2020, while the United Government was formed in 7 March 2020