Quorum of Party

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Quorum of Party
Quorum of Knowledge for All Party
AbbreviationQuorum of Party, QoP
PredecessorSupremacy Federation Council (as Constitutional body)
Formation6 November 2019 (as Party organ)
15 December 2019 (as Constitutional body)
TypeConstitutional body
Official languages
Thai, English
Zerorius Hiruko
Quorum of Party

4th Quorum Conference
Coat of arms or logo
Founded15 December 2019 (2019-12-15)
Regent of Quorum
Seats13 (Quorum of Party)
Quorum Molco.svg
Quorum of Party political groups
  •   Knowledge for All's Plenipotentiary Faction (13) (with presiding officer)
Quorum of Party voting system
Appointing by Regent (de facto oath taking and be automatically appointed)
Meeting place

Quorum of Party (Thai: องค์ประชุมแห่งคณะ) is the main constitutional body of Prudentianopolis, legislative body of Knowledge for All's Legislative Function, and supreme judicatory organ of state, that holds the most power in the country under Zerorius's regime. It is actually the central executive committee and highest decision-making body of Knowledge for All Party, also the board of directors of Knowledge for All organization before the amalgamation on 15 December 2019, by first five-members Quorum Conference, when the Molcian Provisional Government was formed at the same date. In various times, the quorum of party acts as privy council to regent of quorum on discussion many matters of state.

The Regency Command of Status of Knowledge for All has provided the role of QoP as collective leadership that originally from the oral conclusion after the 1st session on 15 December 2019. This organ member consists of the ministers who inaugurated the party's oath, which officially hold the title of "Praefectus Partium" (Latin word for Prefect of Party). The quorum leader is Regent of Quorum, the highest office of the state.


Quorum of Party has got influence from Supremacy Federation Council in 1st Molco State (Molco Federation), which governing designed the collective leadership in the executive body and legislative body, consisting of the civilian government and monarchist government. Zerorius Hiruko, who served as the head of state of Molco Federation and regime designer, designed the new regime for ease in governing.

Oath of Office

Oath of Knowledge for All (Thai:คำปฏิญาณของความรู้เพื่อมวลชน) is acceptance for Oath of Fives, former provisional constitution of Prudentianopolis and currently party's instrument. When the oath is already taken, the person who inaugurated automatically be the member of Quorum of Party without appointment from head of party but must inaugurated at front of the legitimate member from KfA already. The words in the oath are


I, in the name of a history learner, swear by the pledge with my truth. I hereby declare as I have the will to preserve and follow the assigned rules from the quorum member, who are already understood in their words and wrote down the rules and words. I declare the acceptance of the altogether rules.


ข้าพเจ้า ในนามของผู้ศึกษาประวัติศาสตร์ ขอถือสัตย์ปฏิญาณด้วยความสัตย์จริง และจะพึงกระทำตามกฎบัญญัติที่ได้ตราไว้เป็นลายลักษณ์อักษรและวาจาอันเป็นที่พึงชอบของบุคคลที่ได้รับทราบ ข้าพเจ้าขอยินยอมในตราบัญญัติเหล่านี้

Powers of the Quorum

Head of state

Oral Code of Party provided the prerogative of the quorum to constitute the country with the same rights by approval of everybody in the quorum, such as

  • The power to enact the act or bills
  • The power to call the Supreme Court Convocation
  • The power to call the Quorum Conference and Emergency Session of Quorum Conference
  • Representative of the state for the foreign visit (before the power consolidation)

But the only the office has the sole power to constitute the quorum and the country is the representative of quorum and leader of a quorum, Regent of Quorum. Later succeeded by Presidium and Privy Council (PSK) as the new head of state until 18 May 2022, when Regent of Quorum assumed the power of head of state as State Chief Executive.

Legislative Duty

Quorum of Party becomes main legislative body, followed by principal of constitution. The legislation function of Quorum of Party is represented by Knowledge for All's Legislative Function, which a constitutional supreme legislative authority, for managing the legislative power of Quorum of Party on the proper way.

Judicial Duty

The Supreme Court of Party (Chinese: 無名哲人黨大理院, lit: Court of Judicial Reviews of Unknown Philosophers Party) is the supreme judicial body, the committee of QoP, and court of last resorts of Prudentianopolis. De facto chaired by Regent of Quorum. The members of quorum are present in Supreme Court as the associated member of Supreme Court while the Supreme Court Convocation is not held.

A member of quorum can make the motion to vote the opening of Supreme Court Convocation. When the motion is passed, the power of chief judge would be transferred to a member who do make a motion, the regent will become the first associated judge of the court.

This court is also the arbitration court between members of quorum and non-citizen litigants when the lawsuits are present in Supreme Court.


Praefectus Partium (English: Prefect of Party) is the semi-honorary title for the full member of Quorum of Party, automatically granted by code of party after oath inauguration before the member(s) of Quorum of Party, as the witness of oath-taker. The power of party prefect was equally to Regent of Quorum as head of state, before the role of head of state will be transitioned to Presidium and Privy Council (PSK), and prefects can issue the law in the name of Quorum of Party. But de facto legislative power was given to Regent of Quorum, as the representative and chief operative officer, who also the prefect of party.

In the present time, prefects of party are able to give advice to the council and enjoy the rights of full member of Quorum of Party to open the Supreme Court of Party, judicial body and court of last resort of Prudentianopolis, to vote the regent in regency election and be the member of Quorum-compliant organization or body.


Executive Agency

Main page: Quorum Affairs Council

Chairman of Quorum Affairs Council

See: Chairman of Quorum Affairs Council

Executive Bureau of Cyberspace Society

Main page: Executive Bureau

Director General of Executive Bureau

Director General of Executive Bureau of History Club (Chinese: 歷史俱樂部行政司司長) is the senior officer of History Club Discord Group under the Knowledge for All's sphere of influence, this officer is the ex-officio of Regent of Quorum, head of Quorum of Party.

Intelligence Agency

Main page: Knowledge for All's Intelligence Service Commission

Supreme Commander-in-Chief

See: Supreme Commander (Prudentianopolis)

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Preceded by
President of Molco (de jure)
Chairman of Izoroku M.G. (de facto)
Head of State of Molco/Prudentianopolis
Succeeded by
Presidium and Privy Council (PSK)
Chancellor of Privy Council