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The Executive Bureau, or Executive Bureau of Imperial Society of History Club, (Chinese: 歷史俱樂部行政司, History Club Executive Bureau) is central supreme advisory body and Quorum of Party/Quorum Affairs Council's joint plenipotentiary office of both digital confederated subject of Prudentianopolis and History Club. It was formed on 19 April 2020, after the Zerorius, third prime minister and first president of executive committee, assumed to the office. This body exercises the duty of organizing, managing the discord groups and other online platform communities under jurisdiction of Knowledge for All and Prudentianopolis. Also exercises the matters in Imperial Society of History Club, as de facto supreme political organ. The leader of Executive Bureau is Director General (alternatively Director-General), ex-officio of Regent of Quorum.


Name Took Office End Office Assumed Office
Zerorius Hiruko 19 April 2020 Incumbent
  • Director General (Alternatively Director-General)
Raktakul Takulsunthornchai
  • Deputy Director General of Interior Affairs
  • Deputy Director General of Overseas Affairs
Chananon Kongram
Nai Daeng
Piyawat Amornthatri
Nopporn Songsuksumphao
  • Deputy Director General of Interior Affairs
Tachit Wangtan