Presidium and Privy Council (PSK)

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The Presidium and Privy Council for Protection of Symbol of Knowledge or Presidium & Privy Council (PSK) (Thai:สภาผู้บริหารและดูแลรักษาสัญลักษณ์แห่งความรู้) was the collective ceremony head of state, Quorum of Party's representative agency, and triumvirate of Prudentianopolis, the sovereign entity bases on Southeast Asia. The regent of Quorum, as chief executive officer of Prudentianopolis saw the future of Quorum of Party couldn't fulfill the duty as head of state if membership has been expanded, he decided to create the organization that can exercise as head of state which representing the Quorum of Party and Regent of Quorum, this council exercised the affairs not included in Quorum Affairs Council, the primary organ of Government of Prudentianopolis.


The Presidium and Privy Council (PSK) was governed by the Chancellor of Privy Council, a first-in-command officer of the organ, who had only power of countersign the regency command instead of Standing Speaker. Meanwhile the Left Assistant Chancellor, the second-in-command in charge of the civilian affairs of state, and Right Assistant Chancellor, the third-in-command in charge of the interior affairs of state.


This council shall exercise the power as head of state has been provided by Regency Command, can't appoint or withdraw any member from any organ but can give the advice to Regent of Quorum for an appointment the member from any organ.

Chancellor can dissolve the presidium or regent itself can use the power as a supreme officer to dissolve the council as well.

1st Presidium

1st Presidium has been appointed by Regency Command to exercise the organ. Headed by Chancellor of Privy Council.

Name Office Took Office End Office Notable Office
Zerorius Hiruko Chancellor of Privy Council 7 March 2021 18 May 2022
  • Regent of Quorum
Nopporn Songsuksumphao Left Assistant Chancellor of Privy Council
  • Lord Librarian of State
Thanakrit Daeng-ed Right Assistant Chancellor of Privy Council
  • Chief of Responsible Region Krabi
Preceded by
Quorum of Party
Head of State of Prudentianopolis
2021 - 2022
Succeeded by
Regent of Quorum