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Commonwealth of New Capanesia

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15°42′33″N 100°04′12″E / 15.70925°N 100.0700°E / 15.70925; 100.0700

Commonwealth of New Capanesia
เครือรัฐแห่งนิวคาปานีเซีย (Thai)
Flag of New Capanesia
Motto: "ชัยชนะทุกสิ่งย่อมสำเร็จ"
"Every victory is achieved."
Anthem: "Hymn New Capanesia"
CapitalLamoon Narai City
Official languages
Recognised national languages
Other languagesEnglish
Catholic Church
Chinese folk religion
Secular state
State atheism and Other.
GovernmentUnitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
• HM King
Sun Saeng III
• HM Queen
Queen Patcharee
Duke of Daengja
Siwat Phongsai
LegislatureUnion Assembly
Federal Parliament
House of Representatives
• Establishment
1 August 2021
15 October 2021
• Constitution 2021-2022 (Current)
1 November 2021
22 July 2023
(Last amendments)
• Transition for "Kingdom Socialism" Post - 3 Year Founding Day
9 December 2023
• 2023 census
18 (In Thailand: 10; elsewhere: 8)
CurrencyCapanesian ruble (official currency)
Thai baht (฿)
(reserved currency) (RUNC, THB)
Time zoneUTC+7 (ICT)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideleft
Calling code+66
Preceded by
Kingdom Socialism Union of New Capanesia

New Capanesia, officially the Commonwealth of New Capanesia is a micronation founded on 1 August 2021 by King Puripura I and Piya Daengja in Thailand. And established since August 1 2021, but just revived on December 9 2023 After announcing the 3rd anniversary Founding for New Capanesia Place of Establishment is located In Nakhon Sawan Province The condition is an area in Nakhon Sawan Panyanukul School Is a temporary area And the country is prepared to move various areas within Nakhon Sawan Province If necessary and within the province dating back to the Current.

History Name (Past-Current)

  • Kingdom Sociallist Union of Capanesia (16 April - 2 May 2021)
  • Republic Socialist of the Union of Capanesia (2 May - 21 May 2021)
  • Kingdom Social Union of Capanesia (21 May - 1 August 2021)
  • Kingdom Socialism Union of New Capanesia (1 August 2021 - 9 December 2023)
  • Commonwealth of New Capanesia (9 December 2023 - Current)


King Puripura II and Piya Daengja Established the country in the area of Nong Pling District, City District, Nakhon Sawan Province, where the origin of the founding country of New Capanesia After the country of the same name wants to change its own regime, it was made on December 9, 2023 Because many countries want to demolish the "Socialist Kingdom" went out because the king and socialism were not together, causing the problems of his country's regime to change Because after that This country has revived and started new operations in government operations, including matters that reflect government work.

His country mainly uses a sufficient economy to live enough, eat enough, and be self-sufficient, and in accordance with savings and savings in content that reflects a sufficient economy In order for the country to progress and prepare for various pre-set situations, current or future situations, we can manage by taking these sufficiency economies to the best of their people.


New Capaensian is developing countries are advancing to new potential in this new era. May face with modern technology that makes this country advance by leaps and bounds and has the ability to work in the office. The working system in the country is getting better. good management. The treasury was administered by the king and the government. and every new challenge that arises Many more that the future has already set and the time has not yet arrived. And there are many new challenges that we need. and new challenges in the future. take us to the real goal and fair and reliable.[clarification needed]

Military And Police

The performance of military duties will be the Russian - Thai style. But the military system is in the control of the New Capanesia Armed Forces . It depends on the situation of the present or the future that is predicted and the events occurring spontaneously. On the military side with full potential and attack and in the use of flask grenades in this attack to show military potential and perform the duties of a military unit. In this country, a country that is especially protected against external threats, only declares an emergency to attack different areas, so we do not have significant weapons preparations. and prevent attacks and attacks in various related ways including cyber which the police are the founders for the cyber police soldiers Go in and verify the information whether it is true or not. Will thoroughly investigate and acknowledge and accept the request to make such corrections. The country's police are responsible for the protection, peace and security and other measures that the police are responsible for, as the Ministry of Defense and Justice has issued such an order. Give according to the traditions of Thailand and our country. so that the police can carry out any work on the subject of various cases, including internal affairs.

Culture and Traditions

New Capa is influenced by Buddhism and Thai culture, both respecting the elders and being friendly to one another, helping one another, and loyal to the Thai monarchy. Today, Thai and Capa cultural expressions are becoming more integrated and applied in various activities.
People tend to have the same habits as Thai people. Thai people strongly promote and value external appropriateness to maintain relationships. Paying homage is a form of greeting and reverence of the little ones towards the adults, (Both thinking of seniority and qualifications) according to traditions and strict rituals. Thai people respect hierarchical relationships; When they encounter a stranger, they will immediately try to put them in the hierarchy to know how they should act. Often by asking questions that other cultures see as extremely personal questions. Their status is their clothing, general appearance, age, occupation, education, surname and social connections determine the relationship. It also appears in the royal form, a term used by people of different classes.
Entertainment is an essential element of Thai people's daily life. Thai people have a sense of humour in almost every situation. Some see fun as an expression of selfhood in a highly followed society. It is also a distraction from serious matters in life such as vanity and responsibility.

People will have to pay respect to friends, mothers, brothers and sisters in the Thai way. In New Capa, the Thai culture is fully obtained today.

Political Parties

Name Logo Founded Ideology Leader
Glorious Capa Party 1/8/2021 Piyalism
Socialist Democracy
Cultural conservatism
National conservatism
Piya Daengja
Capa Democratic Party 1/8/2021 Democracy
Social liberalism
Economic liberalism
Social democracy
Social justice
Liberal democracy
Political egalitarianism
Green New Capanesia Party 17/8/2021 Progressiveness
Liberal conservatism
Conservative liberalism
Siwat Phongsai


Diplomatic Relations

As announced at website [1] You will see a micronations flag in front of you in the website.

Diplomatic Relations Only on Microwiki pages (Mutual Recognition)

Nation Date
 Socialist Republic of Kanazia 23th January 2022
Republic of Chrisland 23th February 2022
 Socialist Republic of Tailanseland 21th March 2022
 Empire of Huai Siao 29th March 2022
Vistelian Federation 7th April 2023
Socialist Republic of Lucentia 21th April 2023
Federal Republic of Georgienstine 27th April 2023
Second Republic of Mabruenia 3th August 2023
 Kingdom of Irish 3th August 2023
Imperial State of Chai 29th September 2023
Commonwealth of Novo-Erecteutolectrocia 11th October 2023
Federative Kingdom of Latiland 18th November 2023

Former Countries that New Capanesia has Diplomatic Relations

Name Diplomatic Relations Started Date Diplomatic Relations End Date Reason
 Kingdom of Queensland 8th April 2022 10th February 2024 Relationship collasping announcement

Nations Recognized (Non-Mutual)


If there is a contact or coordination to do, you can access the server at the link below. [2] [3]

Royal and Public Holidays

Date Name Type
1 January New Year's Day Public holiday
5 January or 15 January Children's Day Public holiday
20 January Teachers Day Ordinary holiday
20 March National Wildlife Protection Day
World Forest and Water Protection Day
Foundation Insignia and Medals Day
Ordinary holiday
1 April Civil Service Day Public holiday
13 - 15 April Songkran Day Public holiday
16 April New Capanesia National Day
(Capanesia Founded Day)
(National Army Day)
(Veterans Day)
Public holiday
1 May Memorial Day and National Labor Day
(King's Puripura Day or Phra Sade Sudthanathorn Day)
Public holiday
9 May or 12 June Victory Day over Germany
(Russian way of celebrating*)
Public holiday
20 May National Arts Day Ordinary holiday
31 May World No Smoking Day Ordinary holiday
1 June World Milk Day Ordinary holiday
16 June World Environment Day Ordinary holiday
26 June Sunthorn Phu Day
Anti Drug Day
Ordinary holiday
25 July Victory Courage Day Ordinary holiday
29 July Thai and Russian Capanesian Language Day Ordinary holiday
31 July Honor Guard Day
(Memorial Capanesia Day)
(King's Puripura I Day or Puripura Nusarawong Bedawong Day)
Public holiday
1 August New Capanesia Founded Day Public holiday
8 August King Sun Saeng III Birthday
(Father's Day)
(Royal His Majesty's Day)
(World Soil and Water Day)
Public holiday
18 August National Science Day
Advance Technology Day
Ordinary holiday
25 August Union Assembly Day
(Federal Union Day)
(Constitutional Court Day)
Ordinary holiday
21 September Queen Mother Day
(HM Queen Mother Patcharee of Kari Siramathirat)
(Mother's Day)
(Water and Electricity Bills Day)
(National Treasury Day)
Public holiday
7 October Honor Day
National Police Day
National Justice Day
Ordinary holiday
23 October Leader Union Birthday
Declaration of Unity Day
Self Sovereignty Day
National Youth Society Day
Public holiday
November, Full-moon day of

the twelfth lunar month

Loi Krathong Day Public holiday
10 December National Sports Day Ordinary holiday
20 December Establishing Constitution Day (Constitution Day) Public holiday
24-25 December Christmas Day Public holiday
30-31 December New Year's Eve Day Public holiday


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