Ministry of Foreign Affairs (New Capanesia)

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs
New Capanesia Capital The Great New Capanesia City
Agency overview
Formed 1 August 2021
New Capanesia
Executive Piya Daengja (Minister)
-(Deputy Minister)
-(Permanent Secretary)
Under agency Department of Consular Affairs
European Department
Department Affairs Russia

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Of New Capanesia
(Thai:กระทรวงการต่างประเทศ) Responsible for embassy or diplomatic matters and the matter of meeting with international diplomatic relations The government is responsible for diplomatic relations between ready to exercise diplomatic contract rights During international diplomatic relations there is also a high responsibility and highest confidentiality. Governments have strict international and domestic responsibilities and situations that are consistent with all the things people do every day. including sending greetings to that country as well


Founded on 1 August 2021 The government has established this ministry. Current Piya Daengja