Ministry of Finance and Commerce (New Capanesia)

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Ministry of Finance and Commerce
Address New Capanesia
New Capanesia Capital The Great New Capanesia City
Agency overview
Formed 1 August 2021
Jurisdiction New Capanesia
Executive Queen Patcharee of Kari Siramathirat (Minister)
-(Deputy Minister)
-(Permanent Secretary)
Under agency Bank of New Capanesia
The Fiscal Policy Office
The Treasury Department
The Comptroller General Department
The Customs Department
The Excise Department
The Public Debt Management Office
The State Enterprise Policy Office

Ministry of Finance and Commerce (Thai:กระทรวงการคลังและการพาณิชย์)is a central government agency of the Ministry of New Capanesia. Has a duty to take care of Finance and financial transactions inside and outside In Nation


The Ministry was founded on 1 August 2021, By Government founding Minister. Current
Her Royal Highness Princess Patcharee being a minister in the current duties Before elected a new minister from the ministry