Government of New Capanesia

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All Government Of
New Capanesia
All government Emblem
Piya Daengja

since 1 August 2021
AppointerCouncil of the Union Assembly
Formation1 August 2021

Government Of New Capanesia It is a government agency to take steps. and manage the government to be in accordance with the constitution and to be a management system for self-sovereignty with a tradition of leadership with international and national rules The government has a good standing, there will be help abroad and Help in various fields within the country, within themselves and abroad. In order for that country to be able to implement government policies by issuing laws only and will proceed in various fields At the end signifies the relationship between the outside guests. all overall

History Government

Government Of New Capanesia Founded 1 August 2021 By Prime Minister Of New Capanesia Piya Daengja (Today Is Leader Union Of NC) At that time, he had settled the issue of self-government of unity and sovereignty. Shortly after the country was established, there were three coups. two events. After the government has skipped that problem until the government was able to endure until today.