Kingdom Social Union of Capanesia

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Kingdom Sociallist Union Of Capanesia
Second Kingdom
Coat of arms
Motto: Labor and people can come back to save the nation again.
Anthem: "We Be Love National"
CapitalKrungsri Wichai
Official languagesThai , Russia
GovernmentMonarchy With a Constitutional Mixing system
• King
King Puripura I
• Prime Minister
Piya Daengja
LegislatureState Assembly
National Council
House of Representatives
• Establishment Change Regime For Republic Socialist of the Union of Capanesia
21 May 2021
• Golden Curtain
29 July 2021
• Capanesia Collapse
31 July 2021 (before official)
1 August 2021 (official)
Time zoneGMT+7
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Republic Socialist of the Union of Capanesia
New Capanesia

Kingdom Social Union Of Capanesia Or Capanesia Socialism And Kingdom Era Second Replaced For Republic Socialist of the Union of Capanesia By New King King Puripura I ascended to the throne On May 21, 2021 This country is a Micronation located in Muang District, Nakhon Sawan Province. Which is the land of the old land has been destroyed and completely destroyed on July 31, 2021, it is the last day before the old country has been completely destroyed, although there is not even a coat of arms, including the national flag, to seize the treasure of the country partially collapsed. government New Capanesia to remember the important day in the old land remembrance day Or Memorial Capanesia Day To commemorate important events that were still ongoing before the end of their term in the old land on July 31, 2021 The government has arranged an important day on July 31 of every year. a day Memorial Capanesia Day


When this country was established from April 16 2021 onwards. This country has only one governing change. Previously, it was a federal presidential regime. When the monarch is restored The presidential system was abolished. therefore have a new monarch is HM King Puripura I Coronation ceremonies were held in those areas. After that, the country was carried on for several months until it collapsed. On 31 July 2021 It is the closing temple of this country. and was seized by the ownership area in the area of this country as well. provided that the area was seized and relocated to a new location; New Capanesia In Today Although the said area was already conquered by ownership unknown name, it might be a legend.