Royal Palace of New Capanesia

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Royal Palace of
Capanesian House
The symbol of the royal full emblem royal house
General information
Architectural styleModern Royal
LocationNew Capanesia
Current tenantsThe Emperor owns
OwnerNew Capanesia

Royal Palace of New Capanesia or House Capanesian - Pinatthirat was the residence of the Kings and Queen & royal family Is the near large palace in the monarchy federal state and is a government center that works for civil servants and parliament. It is influenced by Thailand and Russia Empire by focusing on luxury and economy.

Royal Palace of New Capanesia Founded 1 August 2021 by Puripura I royal palace to complete beyond that deadline When the new capital was completed. therefore moving the old capital to the new capital new royal palace After that, the palace was reformed until now. Today King and Queen New Capanesia exiled at Nakhon Sawan Panyanukul in servant building Accommodation for housewives and butlers in their own school on Room 280/27.