Minister and Privy Council Regent of New Capanesia

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Minister and Privy Council Regent of New Capanesia
ราชอาณาจักรสังคมธิปไตย สหภาพนิวคาปานีเซีย Королевство Иэжбьиэьы Союэ Спкпрпнеэия
Address New Capanesia
The Capital (Great New Capanesia)
Agency overview
Formed 1 August 2021
Jurisdiction New Capanesia
Executive HM King Sun Saeng III
(Supreme Head of Privy Council)
Sir Piya Daengja
(Chairman Cabinet and Privy Councilor)
Sir Natthakorn Julyachok (Chairman Deputy Cabinet and Privy Councilor)
Vacant (Royal Secretary Cabinet and Privy Councilor)
Under agency
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Minister and Privy Council Regent of New Capanesia(Thai:รัฐมนตรีและองคมนตรีผู้สำเร็จราชการแทนพระองค์) Is an agency of the appointee of the government that is in the King's office and adding a cabinet to the royal body for ministers and privy councilors to be able to operate like no other in a foreign country Here is a group of privy councilors and ministers who are a little bit special. And the Government has paid attention to ensure that the administration in the country is stable throughout. and can perform various tasks Fluent and convenient in caring for and managing the country as a pattern in the way that the country is in the same direction.


Founded On 25 August 2021 because there is a privy council and The number of ministers is very limited. therefore still waiting for His Majesty's permission HM. Puripura I went to many meetings until he abdicated the throne Upon arrival the new king carried out the work as planned in preparation with the new council and ministers. during that time until today.