Monarchy of New Capanesia

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King of the New Capanesia
Sun Saeng III
since 20 March 2022
StyleHis Majesty
Heir apparentDuke of House Daengja
First monarchPuripura I
Formation16 April 2021 (Old Land)
1 August 2021 (New Land)
ResidenceRoyal New Capanesia House
Queen Consort of the New Capanesia
Queen Patcharee of Kari Siramathirat
since 20 March 2022
StyleHer Majesty
Heir apparentNot appointed
First monarchNot appointed yet Since 1 August 2021
Formation1 August 2021
(That time was still a vacant position.)
ResidenceRoyal New Capanesia House

Monarchy of New Capanesia is founded 16 April 2021, old land has temporarily collapsed because there was a country that did not have a flag to occupy the former land that had fallen for a long time. After that, in the current constitution The Monarchy of New Capanesia is the most qualified head of state in the country. In this country, there are the most qualified monarchs in the country who have always loved the monarchy until this day, because the people agreed with His Majesty's rule and had His Majesty elevated to the highest rank. to rule in the country and approve the constitution and the rights of the people.


Monarchy of New Capanesia has founded 16 April 2021 by King Puripura Of Capanesia, the founder of the Royal Institute this time was in an old land in Mueang Nakhon Sawan District, which the place of the old country used to be there From that moment on, the old country had collapsed for many days and months. Until now, the New Land In New Capanesia Right Now On Current. After King Puripura II of New Capanesia graciously gave up his possessions after that, there was a new monarch (HM The King Sun Saeng III) who was the head of state, making the government and loving the monarchy bring more dignity and faith in the nation Until today.

His Majesty the King The Sun Saeng Three KingPuripura I of New Capanesia
No. Portrait Royal Name Born - Death Reign
1 Puripura I of Capanesia 10 May 1979 - 1 May 2021 (43 years) 16th April - 1th May 2021
2 Puripura II of New Capanesia 10 July 1980 - 31 July 2022 (42 years) 24th May 2021 - 20th March 2022
3 Sun Saeng III 8 August 1974 (1974-08-08) (age 49) 20th March 2022 - Incumbent

Prince of Royal New Capanesia

Crown Prince of New Capanesia
Royal Emblem Prince of Royal New Capanesia
Prince Piya, Duke of Daengja

since 9 December 2023
StyleMost Excellent or Sir
Member ofRoyal Household , Royal Court
Reports toSun Saeng III
AppointerSun Saeng III
Term lengthLife tenure
Constituting instrumentConstitution of the New Capanesia 2023
Inaugural holderPrince Piya, Duke of Daengja
Formation1 August 2021 (2 years ago) (2021-08-01)
First holderPiya Daengja
(That time was still a vacant position.)

Prince of Royal New Capanesia Founded 1 August 2021 Because the position had been vacant for a very long time, there was no royal family. The last person to inherit this throne, but the new prince who is the current prince is Piya Daengja He was coronated as a prince for the first time since retiring from the position of Leader of the Union. After actually performing various duties on behalf of Father in operations and projects within various countries, etc. due to The country has successfully transitioned. But various controls and operations will be carried out by the Bureau of the Royal Household and the Royal Family in the future. Before Piya Daengja He has inherited the throne according to his own royal traditions.

Symbols of Monarchy

Royal Standard

Coats of Arms