Piya Daengja

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Piya Daengja
Leader of The Union of New Capanesia
จอมพลสูงสุด ปิยะ แดงจ๋า
Piya, pictured December 2022
Leader of The Union of New Capanesia
Assumed office
25 August 2021
MonarchsPuripura I
Sun Saeng III
Preceded byPosition created
Prime Minister of New Capanesia
In office
16 April 2021 – 25 August 2021
MonarchPuripura I
Succeeded byJohn Hopson
In office
22 March 2022 – 16 April 2022
MonarchsPuripara I
Sun Saeng III
Preceded byNirand Daengja
Succeeded byEra Maxska
Minister of Justice and Defense
Assumed office
5 October 2021
Preceded byMinistry established
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Assumed office
27 April 2023
Commander-in-chief of the New Capanesian Armed Forces
Assumed office
15 December 2021
Secretary-General Assembly of the General Assembly of the Thailand Micronations
Assumed office
7 May 2022
Acting until 18 March 2022
Lord HighAlbert
Personal details
Born23 October 2004 (2004-10-23) (age 19)
Nakhon Sawan , Thailand
Citizenship Thailand
 New Capanesia
ParentsSun Saeng III (father)
Patcharee (mother)
ResidencePrachaprati Supreme
Military service
Allegiance New Capanesia
Branch/service New Capanesia Armed Forces
Years of service2021-present

Battles/warsConflict on the Founding
Coup d'Etat New Capanesia
Dragon Fruit Cutting Conflict
Besto-Lanthai Conflict

Generalissimo Leader Piya Daengja (Thai: เจเนราลิสซีโม หรือ จอมพลสูงสุด ปิยะ แดงจ๋า) also nicknamed as Moodaeng is the founder leader of New Capanesia. He founded the nation on 1 August 2021 after its predecessor the Kingdom Social Union of Capanesia by illegitimately taken over by some dissidents. and they took the position of their comrades. has established a new cult called "Piyalism" so that he could create a stand from the past of Communism Became him opening the iron curtain through a more Democratic-Socialism way with his policy called "Leader of The Union Father of the Iron Curtain true Democratic-Socialism" so that their country is diverse in governance Including many different systems that they try to stand on that they love the monarchy Sun Saeng III their own father as a guideline of where their country was founded. But all turned to democratic socialism and there were no communists left. In the end, this country really has many systems. Makes the image of various problems in government look confused, but still a democracy with a monarchy as head of state combined with a federal government But he supplemented their constitutional content.

Early and personal life

Piya Daengja was born on 23 October 2004 at a hospital in Nakhon Sawan to his parents. He was brought up in Nakhon Sawan and attended the Somboon Kindergarten before moving to the Yuwbunditwittaya school, before again moving school to join the Nakhon Sawan Panyanukul school where he is currently studying at.

History Personal Micronational
After the development of the country for a while, in 2022, a major national development plan was undertaken that had never been done until 2023, becoming a country that was able to bring itself properly with the rightness of justice. until today. The main goal of this country is the operation of trade and services. The country is home to a leading company, Moodaeng Corporation. It is a large company in his country. owned by the government led by the founder Piya Daengja. The country expands and develops rapidly. into the social market until now.

Country Administration
him managed the country unlike the former Soviet Union. him focused on the development of the nation, religion, institutions. and the people for peace and happiness of the nation And is a person who develops faster than that with modern technology in today's global world. bring him to his country Out of obsolescence that way with the responsibility of managing the country in which it was intended Has always gone through his work to always go. To bring people and institutions in abundance in the development that is still filed.

Concerned about global warming
his is worried about global warming caused by PM2.5. making their world hotter than ever. his is very worried about this matter. Therefore let the used items be recycled. Reduce the scoop of food to eat enough to continue. There is no need to scoop up a lot and it's a pity that the leaves can be made to waste and his has always been concerned about global warming.

Micronational career

Piya Daengja first established the nation of Capanesia and wrote the nation's constitution based on the existing laws of the United States , Russia and Thailand which was completed in the end of 2021. After that, there was a dream career of actually leading a great leader of the union.
the implementation of his policies After that, he was the leader of the union, but was the leader of the secretary of the committee too. he must have a duty to develop the country so that the country can move forward peacefully and there will be no interruptions regarding the problems that everyone have seen. he also carried out various policies and laws that included the constitution. And he's like the military, the police and most of them.
That's why it's nicknamed "It's all internal affairs." After all, he had already developed the country, he could also in terms of operating his talents, such as art , ancient culture thai - russia - belarus , athletic ability , and many others with his abilities


Piya was inaugurated as the head of state of New Capanesia following the resignation of the Prime Minister on 24 August 2021. Following his inauguration, he was referred to as General Billion.

Second time. Piya was inaugurated as the Leader Union of New Capanesia following the in the process of change and transition in the country Following his inauguration, he was referred to as Generalissimo. Since then it's the second time. After he completed the last round of administration and development of the country.


National Honours
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