Baudouin of Queensland

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King and Supreme Head of Nation
Head of the Queenslandian Commonwealth of Independent Nations
Grand Ruler of Carl Gustaf Province
Official portrait of Albert in 2024
1st, 3rd, 5th, 9th and 11th Supreme Head of the Nation
First reign13 January 2016 – 7 October 2017
PredecessorElizabeth II, Queen of Queensland
SuccessorVictoria II
Second reign10 December 2017 – 29 April 2020
PredecessorVictoria II
SuccessorCharlotte IV
Prime MinisterDame Patsy L. Victoria
Dame Victoria E. Malta
Sir Albert John
Sir Smith A. Arthur
Charlotte E. Victoria
Sir Albert John
Third reign16 July – 20 October 2020
PredecessorCharlotte IV
SuccessorFrederick VI
Prime MinisterSir Albert John
Fourth reign12 February 2021 – 12 February 2022
PredecessorFrederick VI
SuccessorBenedikte X
Prime MinistersSir Gustaf Ingrid
Dame Armgard Margaret
Sir David Malta (caretaker)
Dame Armgard Margaret
Fifth reign19 November 2022 – present
PredecessorBenedikte X
Prime MinistersSir Paul Gordon
Sir David Malta (caretaker)
Sir Paul Gordon
Grand Ruler of Carl Gustaf Province
Reign3 January 2015 – present
Other offices held
Governor-General of Queensland
In office
3 January 2015 – 13 January 2016
MonarchElizabeth II
Preceded byPosition created
Succeeded bySir David Malta
President of the Supreme Court of Queensland
In office
29 October 2020 – 7 January 2021
MonarchsFrederick VI
Catherine VII
Juliana VIII
Prime MinisterSir Gustaf Ingrid
Secretary of State of Christoph Chao City
Assumed office
16 July 2020
MonarchsJoseph Thanawachiraporn
1st Lord High General Assembly of the Thailand Micronations
In office
31 May 2021 – 8 January 2022
DeputyJoseph Thanawachiraporn
Preceded byPosition created
Succeeded byPatchena Namtri
Born28 November 2003 (2003-11-28) (age 20)
Rayong, Thailand
Albert George Philip
SignatureBaudouin's signature

Baudouin of Queensland, also known as Baudouin Albert Philip, was the first, 3rd, 5th, 9th and 11th king of Queensland.


He was born at a hospital in Rayong. After 9 days of birth, his mother brought him to a party with his grandfather and grandmother in Ubon Ratchathani. In which he grew up and studied in Ubon Ratchathani Currently, he is at the secondary school in Ubon Ratchathani.

Creation of a nation

He was the first person to create a nation. Formerly known as “Queensland” and laid the foundation for the constitution. Created a national flag and coat of arms And is the person who developed the nation to have, eat and use According to the philosophy of the sufficiency economy of Thailand. Initially, he enacted 15 laws (currently 132 laws).

Governor-General of Queensland

He decided to make Queen Elizabeth II the head of state of Queensland, and he was elected Governor-General of Queensland, where he served as Queen Elizabeth II's representative for the signing of the constitution and foreign laws of the country and represented in As commander-in-chief of Royal Queensland Armed Forces

The Monarchy of the Queensland

The First time as the King of Queensland (2016-2017)

After the National Assembly announced that it had decided to remove Queen Elizabeth II from the title of Queen of Queensland and elected him as the official Queensland monarch. He was sworn in as King on January 3, 2016, the one-year anniversary of the founding of the country. He was the first monarch to restore an absolute monarchy in Queensland, exercising absolute power over the administration and controlling the affairs of the state. He continued to lay the foundations for a new, more modern form of government, modernizing the bureaucracy that had become sluggish. He intended to abdicate in which His Majesty made a call through the radio with the message and on 7 October 2017, he sign in abdication At George Palace.

The second time as the King of Queensland (2017-2020)

After Albert abdicated for only 2 months, his sister, Queen Victoria, announced her abdication, stating that she was not ready to govern seriously. She also wanted to enter politics and she did not have an heir to the throne. As a result, Albert had to return to the throne under the reign name "George III". He became the second monarch under the monarchy. Throughout his reign, he was called a monarch who did not use power to interfere in the administration and also laid the foundation of the monarchy's order of democracy. He also agreed to many new administrative arrangements, such as general elections and more people's voice in parliament.

He was also the first monarch to be elected as "Supreme Head of the Queenslandian Nation" by the Conference of Rulers after the parliament voted to amend the new constitution from the original rule that had to be succeeded by an heir to being elected by the Grand Rulers of the 3 provinces. (There are currently 5 Grand Rulers in total.)

He announced his abdication on 29 April 2020, prompting the Conference of Rulers to announce the selection of a new Supreme Head of the Queenslandian Nation.

The third time as the King of Queensland (July-October 2020)

Albert was elected King after Charlotte's abdication, he became the most frequently crowned monarch in Queensland's history. During his time, he increasingly joined hands with foreigners, such as Christoph Chao City, the Empire of Huai Siao, and Vishwamitra.

In August, Albert signed the Gender Equality Act, which further strengthened Queensland's position on gender equality and diversity. He also allowed members of the royal family to marry and have the right to be members of the royal family. On August 26, Albert lost his grandfather, Prince Albert, 1st Duke of Strathearn and George, who he described as "the best father in my life". He has also declared his grandfather the "Father of the Nation" for his contributions to the development and sustainability of the nation.

In September, he announced his intention to step down again as Supreme Head of the Queenslandian Nation. He abdicated on October 20, 2020.

Titles and styles

Royal Cypher

State titles

  • 13 January 2016 - 7 October 2017: His Royal Highness Prince Albert, Duke of Elizabeth, the Royal State Grand Rules of George Province
  • 7 October 2017 - 26 July 2020: His Majesty Prince Albert, the King Emeritus of Queensland, Duke of Sembilan, the Royal State Grand Rules of George Province
  • 26 July 2020 - 24 January 2022: His Royal Highness Prince Albert, Duke of Sembilan, the Grand Rulers of George Province
  • 24 January 2022 - 19 April 2024: His Royal Highness Prince Albert, Duke of Sembilan, the Grand Rulers of Carl Gustaf Province
  • 19 April 2024 - Present: His Royal Highness Prince Baudouin, Duke of Sembilan, the Grand Rulers of Carl Gustaf Province

Federal titles

  • 13 January 2016 - 7 October 2017: His Majesty King George the First of Queensland
  • 10 December 2017 - 29 April 2020: His Majesty King George the Third of Queensland
  • 16 July 2020- 20 October 2020: His Majesty King Albert the fifth of Queensland
  • 12 February 2021 - 12 February 2022: His Majesty King Edward the ninth of Queensland
  • 19 November 2022 - 19 April 2024: His Majesty King Albert of Queensland
  • 19 April 2024 - Present: His Majesty King Baudouin of Queensland

The full name according to the present official document is:

Baudouin by the Grace of God, the King and Supreme Head of the Queenslandian Nation and His other Realms and Territories, Head of the Queenslandian Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith.

Coat of arms

Coat of Arms as King Baudouin
(Order of the Gardenia)
Coat of Arms as the Duke of Sembilan
(Order of the Gardenia)
Personal shield (as the Duke of Sembilan)
Coat of Arms (variant) as Grand Cordon of the Supreme Order of the Hibiscus