Order of precedence (Queensland)

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The order of precedence is determined by various methods. The Precedence Act (which technically applies only to determine seating in the House of Lords Chamber) and the Acts of Union generally set precedence for members of the nobility. The statutes of the various Orders of Chivalry set precedence for their members. In other cases, precedence may be decided by the sovereign's order, by a Royal Warrant of Precedence, by letters patent, by Acts of Parliament, or by custom.


The following is the order of precedence in the Kingdom of Queensland as of February 2021. Separate orders exist for gentlemen and ladies.

Royal family

Rank Position Incumbent
The Sovereign Albert of Queensland (19 November 2022)
The Deputy Sovereign Princess Juliana, Duchess of Beauclerk (4 January 2024)
Rulers of the provinces
(in order of seniority of states)
  1. Prince Albert, Duke of Sembilan (3 January 2015)
  2. Princess Charlotte, Duchess of St. Andrews (3 January 2015)
  3. Princess Juliana, Duchess of Beauclerk (16 July 2015)
  4. Prince Frederick, Duke of Henrik (6 October 2020)
  5. Prince William, Duke of Ernest (25 March 2021)
Governors of the provinces
(in order of seniority of states)
  1. Albert John, 1st Duke of Horsens (18 January 2021)
  2. Dame Mary Sophie-Charlene (7 July 2021)
  3. Sir David Constantine Armstrong (23 September 2021)
  4. Armgard Margaret, 1st Countess of Anchovy (28 October 2022)
Regents of the provinces
Princess Armgard, 2nd Duchess of Strathearn and George (Carl Gustaf Province) (19 November 2022)

High Officers of State

Rank Position Incumbent
Prime Minister of Queensland
The Rt. Hon. Sir Paul Dominic Gordon (7 July 2022)
Lord Chancellor
The Rt. Hon. Sir Colin Thomas (2 March 2023)
The Speaker of the House of Commons
The Rt. Hon. Sir Folke B.H. Gustaf (16 April 2021)
The Speaker of the House of Lords
The Rt. Hon. Marquess of Hokitika (4 March 2023)
The President of the Supreme Court
The Rt. Hon. Burnett Maldon, Baron Maldon of Ioannina (4 March 2023)
Leader of the Opposition
The Hon. Sir Denis Bridgwater (7 July 2022)
The Lord Great Chamberlain
The Most Hon. Marquess of Cardiff (2 January 2019)
The Earl Marshal
His Grace Bernard B. Leopold, The Duke of Kaipara (16 March 2018)
The Chief of the Defence Force
General Sir Llewelyn Charles Anthony (1 December 2023)
Commanders of the tri-services
  1. Chief of the Ground Staff Lt. Gen. Sir Michael Francis Alan (20 January 2023)
  2. Chief of the Maritime and Cyber Staff Admiral Sir Carl Nick Olaf (19 January 2023)
  3. Chief of the Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Sir Michel José Armand (22 March 2022)

Supreme Court Justices

Rank Position Incumbent
The Deputy President of the Supreme Court
The Rt. Hon. Lord Crathorne of Kallang (4 March 2023)
Justices of the Supreme Court The Rt. Hon. Lord Jones of Dugdale (16 January 2020)
The Rt. Hon. Sir Townley B. Westbourne (16 May 2020)
The Rt. Hon. Lord Stuart of Punggol (15 June 2021)