Baustralian order of precedence

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The King
Duchess of Concord
The Duke of Kingston
Susan, Duchess of Kingston
The Duke of Cascadia
 Duchess of Cascadia
Sir Nick Sullivan
Sir Oliver Doig
Sir Charles Burgardt
Lady Ella Parker
Sir John Timpson
 Aidan McGrath
Sir Greg Watts
The Viscount of Englewood
The Baron Jenkinson of Worthing
The Duke of Tremur
The Duke of Northumbria
The Duke of London
The Duke of Wells
The Duke of Whyalla
The Marchioness Smith
The Marchioness of Flavora
The Marquess of Smithfield
The Marquess of Concord
The Marquess of Douro
 Marchioness of Douro
The Marquess of Ottawa
The Earl of Cornwall
The Earl of Greystone
The Earl of Middlesex
The Earl Simpson
The Earl of Westminster
The Earl of Twissex
 Earl of Holderton
 Countess of Holderton
The Viscount Mayjames
 The Viscount Timpson
The Viscount Walker
The Viscount of Atlas
The Viscount of Gruene
The Viscount of Wooler
 Viscountess of Gruene
The Baron Pasternak
 Baroness Pasternak
The Baron Zavos
The Baron of Kingston
The Baron of Marlborough
The Baron of Vienna
The Baron Wright
The Baron of Cannifton
 Baron Timpson
 Lady Amanda Smith
Lady Emily Day

Military units and marches


Standard of the Baustralian Monarch, flying.svg Standard of the Prince of Kingston, flying.svg Standard of the Princess of Wabasso, flying.svg Standard of members of the Baustralian Royal Family, flying.svg Flag of Baustralia, flying.svg Flag of Holderton, flying.svg Flag of Mild Pond, flying.svg Flag of Landspotter, flying.svg Flag of New Texas, flying.svg Flag of Newport, flying.svg Flag of Vienna, flying.svg Flag of Baustralian Armed Forces, flying.svg Flag of His Royal Navy, flying.svg Flag of Baustralian Army, flying.svg Red Ensign of Baustralia, flying.svg Civil Ensign of Baustralia, flying.svg