Phillip Joseph Pillin

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Prince Phillip Joseph Pillin
His Highness, Prince of Pibocip
His Grace, Duke Pillin
Portrait of Prince Phillip Joseph Pillin
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Pibocip
Assumed office
12 July 2000
Prime Minister of Vishwamitra
In office
21 October 2021 – 22 November 2021
MonarchsDhrubajyoti Roy
Preceded byFarhaz Hazarika
Succeeded byFarhaz Hazarika
President of the Privy Council of Vishwamitra
Assumed office
7 April 2023
Acting until 7 May 2023
MonarchDhrubajyoti Roy
Vice PresidentSelf
William Cooper
Preceded byShiro Mephistopheles
Other offices in Vishwamitra
Vice President of the Privy Council
In office
25 August 2021 – 21 October 2021
PresidentChris Ramsay
In office
28 April 2022 – 7 May 2023
PresidentJayden Dagsa
Shiro Mephistopheles
Self (acting)
Succeeded byWilliam Cooper
Minister of Finance, National Development, Culture, Planning, Personnel, and Public Grievances
In office
21 October 2021 – 22 November 2021
Prime MinisterSelf
Honorary Ambassador to the United States of America
Assumed office
29 December 2020
MonarchDhrubajyoti Roy
Prime MinisterPrincess Anoushkaa
Ștefan Marius Snagoveanu
Casper Naverović
Ștefan Marius Snagoveanu
Farhaz Hazarika
Farhaz Hazarika
Born13 July 1996 (1996-07-13) (age 27)
Ohio, United States
Phillip Joseph Pillin
FatherCrown Prince Phillip
MotherCrown Princess Kim
OccupationFaculty Instructor of Theology

His Highness Prince Phillip Joseph Pillin (born 13 July 1996) is the founder of the Kingdom of Pibocip and a member of the Pibocian Royal Family. He is the son of Crown Prince Phillip Pillin and grandson of King Philip Joseph Pillin. He currently serves as the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom. He currently also serves as an Associate Judge in the Cupertino Alliance and was appointed to the position on 22 August 2021.

Birth and personal life

Prince Phillip Joseph Pillin was born on 13 July 1996 in Ohio, United States to the future Crown Prince Philip and Crown Princess Kim of Pibocip. He is a grandson of the current King of Pibocip, Philip Joseph Pillin.

Micronational career


Phillip founded the Kingdom of Pibocip on 12 July 2000 as a childhood hobby a day before his 4th birthday. He appointed his great-grandmother Anita as the first Monarch of the nation who reigned until her demise in 2005. She was later succeeded by her son-in-law and the current King Philip Joseph Pillin in 2005. He has been serving as the nation's Minister of Foreign Affairs and has overtaken various ceremonial and official duties in the capacity on behalf of the King along with his father, the Crown Prince.


Phillip's initial encounter with the State of Vishwamitra dates back to 2019 when the nation was known as the Commonwealth of Friends Society and its leader, Dhrubajyoti Roy had reached to Phillip with the proposal of establishing formal relations. However, due to internal affairs of the nation, the process of establishing formal relations were delayed till June 2020 when Pibocip and Vishwamitra established formal relations. Due to regular communication between him and Roy, they grew close to each other and became good friends. Following Dhrubajyoti Roy's ascension to the throne of Vishwamitra in August 2020, he offered Phillip to be a member of his privy council which was graciously accepted by Phillip. He was formally appointed to the council on 14 August 2020 and has been a member since then. With growing relations between the two, Phillip was again offered the position of Vishwamitra's inaugural Ambassador to the United States of America in December 2020, which he too accepted and was formally appointed on 29 December 2020.

Phillip has been a recipient of several Vishwamitran orders and decorations most prominent being a Grand Cross of the Royal Order of the Crown of Vishwamitra and the Order of the Vishwamitra and also being a member of the National Service Medal. On the occasion of his 25th birthday on 13 July 2021, the Rashtradhyaksh of Vishwamitra created the special noble title of the "Count of Youngstown" and bestowed it upon him for his remarkable services and contributions towards Vishwamitra. He has also been bestowed with the highest honorific titles of Raj Bhushan and Paramdeshabandhu in Vishwamitra.

Phillip accepted the offer of Rashtradhyaksh Dhrubajyoti Roy to serve as the caretaker Prime Minister of Vishwamitra ahead of the November 2021 general election and formally took over on 21 October 2021 and remained until the election of Farhaz Hazarika on 22 November 2021. Following his stepping down as caretaker Prime Minister, he was nominated as the Chair of the Honours Forfeiture Committee. On 27 December 2021, he was nominated as a member of the House of Councillors and formally assumed office on 1 January 2022. He was also conferred with the Grand Cordon of the Order of the Vishwamitra, an honour reserved for former prime ministers.

Cupertino Alliance

On the occasion of the first anniversary of diplomatic relations between Vishwamitra and Pibocip, Phillip was invited to join the Grand Unified Micronational and the Cupertino Alliance by the Rashtradhyaksh of Vishwamitra, Dhrubajyoti Roy, who has been a member of both organizations for a long time. Finally, Pibocip was admitted as a member in the Cupertino Alliance on 3 August 2021. Phillip played an important part in the Roy-Mullins Campaign for the Cupertino Alliance Chair election, August 2021 and formally endorsed the candidacy of Dhrubajyoti Roy and Tyler Mullins for the election as Chair and Lieutenant Chair respectively. Following the election of Dhrubajyoti Roy and Tyler Mullins, Phillip was nominated to be an Associate Judge by the newly appointed Superior Judge Carson Snyder.

Titles, styles and honors

Styles of
Prince Phillip Joseph Pillin
Reference styleHis Highness
Spoken styleYour Highness
Alternative styleSir
Styles of
Phillip Joseph Pillin,
Duke of Youngstown
Reference styleThe Most Excellent
Spoken styleThe Most Excelent
Alternative styleSir

Styles and titles

  • 13 July 2000 – present: His Highness Prince Phillip Joseph Pillin of Pibocip

Noble and honorific titles


Pibocian honors

Vishwamitran and its states

Coat of arms as Grand Cordon of the Order of the Foxtail Orchid in Vishwamitra (2022 – ).
Former honours
States honours
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