Raj Bhushan

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Raj Bhushan
(Ornament of the Nation)
राज भूषण
Awarded by the monarch of Vishwamitra
TypeSecond-highest civilian honorific
Awarded forsignificant contributions towards the nation in the highest esteem
StatusCurrently awarded
Established19 July 2021
First awardedMichal Nowacki
Last awardedArturo Lara
Total awarded12
Next (higher)Raj Ratna
Next (lower)None (lowest)

Raj Bhushan (Hindi: राज भूषण) meaning Ornament of the Nation is the second highest civilian honorific title of the State of Vishwamitra. It was constituted on 19 July 2021 by Rashtradhyaksh Dhrubajyoti Roy through ROYAL DECREE No. - 193/2021: in order to recognize the highest and significant contributions made by individuals towards the nation. The honorific title of Raj Bhushan ranks below Raj Ratna. Both the titles can be conferred on citizens as well as foreigners but can not be conferred on a member of the national royal families.

The grant of the title made on foreigners is accompanied by the grant of honorary citizenship of the nation. Despite being the highest title, it is not included in the honours system and does not grant any special privilege, rank or status on the recipients and does not accompany any monetary benefits. The title of "Raj Bhushan" can also be compared to the former civilian awards of Padma Ratna and Bhushan Ratna.


The title of Raj Bhushan has been granted on twelve distinguished individuals since its constitution.

No. Name Date granted Known as
1 Lieutenant General Michal Nowacki
1st Duke of Stettin

(born 2003)
19 July 2021
2 Colonel Farhaz Hazarika
1st Duke of Pragjyotisha

(born 2003)
19 July 2021
3 Major Chris Miller (Retd.)
1st Duke of Miller

(born 2004)
19 July 2021
4 Colonel Jayden Dagsa
1st Duke of Karad

(born 2008)
19 July 2021
5 Phillip Joseph Pillin
1st Count of Youngstown

(born 1996)
19 July 2021
6 Air Chief Marshal Abrams Wiucki-Dunswed
1st Duke of Portanhel

(born 2006)
19 July 2021
7 Air Chief Marshal Matthew Griffin
1st Count of Essex

(born 2003)
19 July 2021
8 Lieutenant General Rory McPhail
1st Count of Griffith

(born 2007)
1 August 2021
9 Admiral Sander Koff (Retd.)
1st Count of Harrien

(born 2008)
1 August 2021
10 Charles Burgardt
1st Count of Suffolk

(born 2002)
11 January 2022
11 Tyler Mullins
1st Count of Mullins

(born 1997)
11 January 2022
12 General Arturo Lara
1st Count of Granville

(born 1998)
11 January 2022
  • Minister of State (I/c), Civil Service and Administrative Reforms
  • Minister of State (I/c), Nature, Health, and Swachhta Mission
  • Minister of State for Defence

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