Arsal Abbas Mirza

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Arsal Abbas Mirza
ارسل عباس مرزا
ਅਰਸਲ ਅੱਬਾਸ ਮਿਰਜ਼ਾ
Portrait of Arsal Abbas Mirza
Supreme Leader of Arsalania
Assumed office
11 May 2019
Preceded byPosition created
Speaker of the Lok Sabha of Vishwamitra
Assumed office
13 October 2023
MonarchVaruna Sriraya
Prime MinisterFarhaz Hazarika
DeputyChandrachur Basu
Preceded byTyler Mullins
Vishwamitran Minister of National Defence
In office
12 August 2023 – 9 October 2023
Prime MinisterFarhaz Hazarika
DeputyJayden Dagsa
Preceded byFarhaz Hazarika
Honorary Ambassador of Vishwamitra in Pakistan
Assumed office
23 December 2020
(regular until 8 May 2023)
MonarchVaruna Sriraya
Member of the Lok Sabha of Vishwamitra
Assumed office
8 October 2023
In office
10 November 2022 – 8 September 2023
Other Vishwamitran positions
Minister of Education
In office
31 July 2022 – 12 August 2023
(Minister of State, I/C until 11 November 2022)
Prime MinisterFarhaz Hazarika
Preceded byCharles Burgardt
Succeeded byMinistry abolished
Minister of Finance
In office
12 November 2022 – 18 March 2023
Prime MinisterFarhaz Hazarika
Preceded byRory Leonard
Succeeded byRafe Burfield
Minister of Law and Justice
In office
18 March 2023 – 9 October 2023
Prime MinisterFarhaz Hazarika
Preceded byArthur Lacey-Scott-FitzLacia
Succeeded byMatthew Tonna
Personal details
Born31 March 2006 (2006-03-31) (age 18)
Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Citizenship Pakistan
ReligionTwelver Shia Islam

Tan Sri Dato Sri Utama Arsal Abbas Mirza (born 31 March 2006) is a Pakistani micronationalist who is the founder and current Supreme Leader of the People's Republic of Arsalania since the nation's foundation in 2019.

As both the namesake founder of Arsalania and the very pillar that keeps it standing to his contributions to other micronational states. He has fulfilled several roles throughout his career in other micronations, serving as an ambassador, privy councillor, minister of state, etc.

He has over the course of his career, founded several Political parties, the Socialist Party of Arsalania and the Kiraelian Unity Party being the most significant.

Early life and education

Arsal Abbas Mirza was born on 31 March 2006 at Fatimah Memorial Hospital in Lahore to a Twelver Shia family. Much of his early life was spent close to both his first relations as well as his maternal family.

He began his preliminary education very early on in his life with his parents being his first tutors who would teach him English, Numeracy as well other subjects before he would begin formal schooling at the age of 3 leading to a firm grasp on the English language and intellectual pursuits later on in life. He completed his primary school in 2019 and high school in 2022.

Micronational career


Arsal Abbas started his micronational career at the age of 11 with a group of friends. It was then that a 'rough idea' of Arsalania was formulated and Arsalania would exist in an informal state. During this time, he was deeply involved in various early activities such as the creation of the 'Arsalanian script' for the English language which is now lost to time.

Slowly over the years however Arsalania entered an era of relative dormancy until 2019.

In May 2019, Arsal personally drafted the Arsalanian Constitution, now known as the '2019 Constitution' the first draft of which was finished on 11 May. On 14 May 2019, the People's Republic of Arsalania was founded and the recently drafted Constitution was adopted as the Supreme law of the land, the very same day he founded the Socialist Party of Arsalania (SPA) which is the only legal party in Arsalania's single party system (although Arsalania's legislature is non-partisan).

He would be the main driving force behind Arsalania's early development and diplomatic efforts after the foundation of the People's Republic. However his efforts would be brought to a halt soon after due to a catastrophic hardware failure which left Arsalania cut off from the knowledge required for further development, a lack of motivation to continue consistently also contributed to a crisis which culminated in Arsalania's descent into another age of dormancy.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic he would befriend Yi an Su, who he later discovered to be a fellow micronationalist. Said friendship would lead to Mr Su helping guide Arsalania out of diplomatic isolation. It was then that Arsalania began to properly decide it's ideological leanings and formulate state policies (including the adoption of an 'unwritten foreign policy' to help guide Arsalania's diplomatic affairs).

Being a hardcore leftist at the time with tendencies leaning towards both Orthodox Marxism as well as various elements of Trotskyism. As such, he would adopt an ideology known as 'Arsalanian Trotskyism' as the State Ideology of Arsalania and personally undertook the process of redesign of various state symbols to better fit Arsalania's ideology.

He spearheaded Arsalanian diplomatic efforts which led to establishment of relations with various nations as well as Arsalania's involvement in several diplomatic organizations such as the foundation of the NMI of whose Central Council he remained a member of until it's dissolution and effectively represented Arsalania.

In late 2020 he met Indian micronationalist and Vishwamitran Monarch Varuna Sriraya, a friendship with whom led to Arsalania's establishment of relations with both Vishwamitra and the Micronation of the AVR as well as Arsalania's joining of the Association of South Asian Micronations or 'ASAM' of which he would attended several summits and was later elected Chairman.

By early 2021 however he made a key realization that Arsalania's ideology, Arsalanian Trotskyism had largely failed to gain popularity within Arsalania. Such was a key hurdle preventing Arsalania's development as a stable state and an obstacle preventing any major projects or activity.

After much efforts, on 21 March 2021 the first proper Parliamentary session was held in Arsal City during which the 21 March Resolution was presented which proposed large-scale reforms to bring the character and ideology of the state in line of the people while preserving some elements of Arsalanian Trotskyism such as direct democracy and working on enhancing them further.

The 6 point Resolution was adopted unanimously which led to him spearheading Arsalania's transition process well into the next year which culminated in the passing of the First Constitutional Amendment on 2 April 2022 which essentially implemented all changes mandated by the 21 March resolution into law and transformed Arsalanian policy as a whole. Part of the resolution was the adoption of a new ideology, named 'Arsalanian Socialism' which is being developed by Arsal Abbas Mirza and is described as a mixture of 'Islamic Socialism, Direct Democracy, Islamic Democracy alongside other key elements derived from Islam itself'

Much of the factors that allowed for the 21 March resolution to become a reality was a shift of Arsal's own ideological tendencies as well as a heightened spiritual condition which also contributed.

In terms of policies pertaining to the Macronational affairs, he steered Arsalania towards neutrality in conflicts such as the Russo-Ukrainian conflict (in contrast to generally common policies of the time prevalent within the micronational world) while establishing a Pro-Palestine stance in lieu of the Israeli occupation.

Throughout the course of his three years as Supreme Leader he has personally took part in countless projects and regularly engages with the people of Arsalania and would help spearhead a major programme of territorial integration after several individuals were granted citizenship which warranted establishment of new territorial claims.

Arsal has maintained a strong role in Arsalanian politics as the paramount leader of the country, being both the central theorist of the Arsalanian Socialist ideology and the executive branch of the Federal Government of the People's Republic.


Despite the existing strained Indo-Pak relations, Arsal has actively engaged himself with Vishwamitra, a micronation located in India. His first interaction with Vishwamitra was through Erkki, the Chancellor of Kirael who also served as the Vishwamitran ambassador to Finland. Upon the request of Varuna Sriraya, the Rashtradhyaksh of Vishwamitra, he accepted the offer to serve as the inaugural ambassador to Pakistan and was subsequently appointed on 23 December 2020. His tenure as ambassador has one of the most remarkable of all. In accordance of being an ambassador, he was entitled to be an honorary citizen, however he chose to become a full overseas citizen in March 2021 upon the insisting of then Home Minister Farhaz Hazarika, who also promised to appoint him on some top position after he becomes a full citizen.

For months, he continued to tender his most valuable services to the nation as the ambassador to Pakistan and in December 2021, he was appointed as the dean of the diplomatic corps after the sitting dean William Cooper was elected to the parliament. He also outranked Eun Jo, the ambassador to Thailand to become the dean. In early April 2022, he was conferred the rank equivalent to a minister of state in the government alongside Matthew Hubbard, who was the representative of Vishwamitra and vice president of the Micronational Olympic Federation. On 28 April 2022, the privy council was re-established with Mirza being nominated as a privy councilor.

After serving for a few months as a Privy Councilor, at the advice of the Rashtradhyaksh he tendered his resignation on 27 July 2022 and was later appointed as Minister of State (for Education with an independent charge, Minister of State in the Ministry of External Affairs and a Minister of State within the Ministry of Finance) on 31 July 2022. He was also appointed to be part of a committee formed to debate the prospect of reinstating political parties in Vishwamitra.

In October 2022 he was elected as a member of the Lok Sabha, having run as an independent candidate from the constituency of Dadara in Kamrupa province. He has declared his support for the formation of a government by the National People's Congress afterwards while remaining independent. On 12 November 2022, he was inducted to the Fourth Farhaz Hazarika ministry as a cabinet minister holding the portfolios of education and finance. Later on, he was also appointed the Minister of Law and Justice on 18 March 2023. In another cabinet reshuffle, the education ministry was merged with other ministries to form the Ministry of National Development, as a result of which, he lost his charge of the ministry and was appointed as the Minister of National Defence.

He contested the 2023 general election as an independent candidate from the Rajpur constituency of Purvanchal with the support of the National People's Congress party and was elected to Lok Sabha defeating opposition candidate Therence Raphael Pagsisihan. Following the constitution of the 16th Lok Sabha, he was elected as its speaker on 13 October 2023.


Although his involvement with Kirael had largely been due to Arsalania's diplomatic relations, on 15 March 2021 he was appointed a member of the State Assembly of Kirael. Although appointed to such high office, he felt that he could not undertake his duties properly due to divided attention and after failing to properly schedule a session of the State Assembly (for which Chancellor Erkki tasked him with) he presented his resignation within the State Assembly on 4 April 2021 which was rejected by all members.

On 31 December 2021 voting for the election of a Minister of Foreign Affairs began in which Arsal was one of the two candidates. Although originally intended to end on 4 January, the result of the voting was announced on 14 January 2022 with Arsal Abbas Mirza elected as the State Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Although he would serve in his post over the course of the next few months, in May 2022 the Republic of Kirael became an autonomous dependency of the Duchy of Corollia and his role in the nation remains ambiguous (particularly regards to his post as Foreign Minister) although he remains a member of the State Assembly which has been largely inactive.

After the institution of political parties in the Autonomous State of Kirael on 2 September 2022, he founded the 'Kiraelian Unity Party' on 5 September 2022 which is a big tent party focused on local representation and promotes a centrist outlook to unify the diverse ideological tendencies of Kirael itself. The KUP has quickly gained popularity and is now the largest political party in Kirael.

For almost half a year, the Unity Party has been the only active force in Kirael since her autonomous status.

On 4 September 2023, The Grand Duke of Corollia (of which Kirael is now a Substate), awarded Arsal the 'Gold Medal of Gratitude' for " long and honest service to the former Republic of Kirael and current Autonomous State of Kirael." Arsal is the first awardee of the medal and the only non-Corollian to receive an honour from the Grand Duke.

Karno-Ruthenian Empire

Apart from being an acquaintance of the Karno-Ruthenian Emperor, on 3 August 2022, by decree of HIM the Emperor of Karnia-Ruthenia he was granted the rank of Honorary Colonel of the Imperial and Royal Regiment of Cuirassiers.

Personal life

Arsal identifies himself as a Shi'a Muslim, Islamic Socialist and a staunch supporter of the Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf Party and a prominent critic of other Pakistani parties which now form the PDM which he calls 'an alliance of crooks'. A supporter of the Iranian-led Axis of Resistance he considers the Israeli occupation of Palestine to be illegal and supports the overthrow of all Monarchies within the Islamic world, particularly Saudi Arabia.

He is tri-lingual and can speak English, Urdu, and Punjabi but also holds significant familiarity with the Persian Language as well as others such as German, Arabic and Russian. He is described by many friends as being 'passionate about everything' (once called a 'classical polymath' by a foreign acquaintance) and is a dedicated history enthusiast, 'military buff' and amateur gardener among other interests.

A writer and poet, he has been among Arsalania's first literary figures and has helped contribute to presently unfinished works such as 'Aqwal e Mesu' and has been involved in activism in the macronational world, participating in various protests and penned several articles. As a poet he has adopted the Takhallus ("pen name") 'MĪRZĀ' (مِرؔزا) and has penned countless poems in Urdu and Punjabi utilizing it (as well as in English although the use of his Takhallus was avoided in such cases). Arsal is also an avid literary translator and frequently engages in the task of rendering his own and other literary works into other languages (especially Persian or English)

Titles, styles, and honours

Titles and styles

In Vishwamitra


Vishwamitra and its states

Former honours

Foreign honours


  • (Only non-Corollian) Recipient of the Gold Medal for Gratitude

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