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Jan-Olav Spiekermann aka Consul Spiekermann (born 17 February 1991) is a German micronationalist, regionalist politician and security officer.

Personal life

Consul Spiekermann was born on 17 February 1991 in Germany and is engaged to an art teacher. He currently works as a security officer and is also a part-time student.

Political views

Consul Spiekermann is a Liberal, whose political philosophy is based on non-violence, constitutionalism, anti-authoritarianism and decentralization.

Macronational political career

He actively supports regionalist and decentralist forces. In 2024 he runs for a seat in the European Parliament as a candidate of the European political party ''European Free Alliance'' (EFA). In 2023 he candidated in the Schleswig-Holstein local elections and he ran as a parliamentary candidate in the 2022 Schleswig-Holstein state election, both times on the electoral ticket of the South Schleswig Voters' Association (Member Party of the European Free Alliance), a regionalist party of the Danish and Frisian minorities. The party won four seats in the state parliament, however he failed to win a seat. In 2023 Consul Spiekermann was elected as a Lay Judge.

Between 2013 and 2016 Consul Spiekermann sat as an independent in committees of the Parliament of the Hanseatic City of Lübeck, the capital of the Hanseatic League. The Hanseatic League was a medieval confederation of European city-states (12th century - 1669), revived in 1980.

Micronational career

Consul Spiekermann joined the micronational community in late 2019 after some weeks of web research on microstates, unrecognised countries and micronations. He currently serves as a diplomat of Vishwamitra, Užupis, Imvrassia, Duckionary and the Free Cities Foundation.

In the past, he was also a diplomat of Karnia-Ruthenia, Rino Island, Beremagne, Aerica and the Seasteading Institute.

In 2021 Consul Spiekermann, together with Californian author ("The Micronation Revolution") and inventor William Otey, established a micronational project named Ethos Island with the aim of establishing a crowdfunded floating city-state, inspired by the Principality of Sealand and the Republic of Rose Island.

Apart from that, he actively participates in the administration of Užupis, Obscurium, the Empire of Imvrassia and Vishwamitra. In Užupis, he serves as State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In Obscurium, he serves as the Supreme Judge, in the Empire of Imvrassia, he serves as the Prefect of the Praetorian Prefecture of Occidentis and Eponymous Archon of the Danish March, while in Vishwamitra, he was a member of the privy council, a position he left in 2023 to join the Congress Party and candidate for the 2023 Vishwamitran General Election. In Duckionary, he supports the development of the aspiring nation as an Advisor.

Titles, styles, and honours



  • Consul / Beremagne (2020 - 2022)
  • Magistros of Imvrassia (2021)
  • Baron of Sealand (2021)
  • Baron Acaali / Tooro Kingdom (2022)
  • Baron Spiekermann of Bad Oldesloe / Vishwamitra (2022)
  • Lord / Kingdom of Arkaland (2023)
  • Honorary Citizen of Græcia (2023)
  • Baron / United Kingdom of Navasse (2023)
  • Honorary Citizen of Arkaland (2024)


Former honours
State honours
  •  Obscurium:
    • Recipient of the Obscure Friendship Medal (4 January 2022)
    • Knight of the Most Illustrious Order of the Sleeping Dragon (20 June 2022)
    • Captain of the Most Excellent Order of the Dancing Dragons (25 December 2021)
    • Recipient of the Medal of the Obelisk (20 June 2022)
  •  Flandrensis:
  •  Duckionary
    • Recipient of the Order of Friendship and Diplomacy (3 March 2023)
    • Commander of the Order of the Golden Cockatoo (15 July 2023)
  • Užupis:
    • Ambassador of the Year (1 April 2023)
    • Recipient of the Silver Garlic Clove (15 July 2023)
  •  Kingdom of Arkaland
    • Master of the Order of Aristotle (4 April 2023)

Military ranks

  • w:Germany Germany: Private
  • Empire of Imvrassia Imvrassia: Domestikos
  •  Obscurium: Commander
  • Vishwamitra Vishwamitra: Commander
  • Molossia Molossia: Admiral
  •  Dracul: Cadet First Class
  •  Karnia-Ruthenia: Captain