Christian Laudani

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Christian Laudani
His Excellency

President of the Republic of Todia
Assumed office:
24 April 2022
Vice President Manggala Alif Prasetia

Esty Carpentieri

Predecessor Office established
Todian Positions
Minister of Television and Communications of the Todia
Assumed office:
24 April 2022
President Himself
Predecessor Office established
Ambassador of Todia to Italy
Assumed office:
25 April 2022
President Himself
Predecessor Office established
Vishwamitran positions
Member of the Lok Sabha of Vishwamitra
In office:
6 November 2022 - 7 October 2023
Constituency Gotanagar
Predecessor Liam Alexander
Honorary Ambassador of Vishwamitra to Italy
Assumed office:
26 July 2022
Rashtradhyaksh Varuna Sriraya
Predecessor Lorenzo Marquez
Other positions
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Logistics of the Gunakian Empire
Assumed office:
5 June 2022
1st Governor of the Republic of Christania
In office:
31 October 2019 – 31 December 2021
Predecessor Position established
Successor Position abolished
Personal Information
Born 21 October 2006 (2006-10-21) (age 17)
Citizenship Macronational:
Nationality Italian
Ethnicity Caucasian
Political party Independent (Todia), National People's Congress (Vishwamitra)
Profession Micronationalist
Religion Agnostic
Signature [[File:Signature of Christian Laudani|128px|alt=|Christian Laudani's signature]]

His Excellency Christian Laudani (Russian: Кристиан Лаудани, Armenian: Քրիստիան Լաուդանի, Kazakh: Krıstıan Laýdanı) (born 21 October 2006) is a Todian micronationalist. He founded the Republic of Todia in 2022 and he is the current president. He was the governor of the micronation of Christania from 31 October 2019 to the dissolution on 31 December 2021. He is a citizen of Vishwamitra, Sancratosia, Italy, Ukraine, Gunakian Empire, Kotland, Free Socialist State of Paloma and a former citizen of the Republic of Christania. On 29 June 2022 Christian Laudani became an honorary citizen of the Empire of Lehmark.


Christian is a car model collector and he own more than 500 car models (most of them are exposed in the Todian Car Model Museum). He likes playing videogames (he's a huge Nintendo and Animal Crossing fan) and he also likes collect retro Nintendo videogames from 2000s and 90s.

Christian discovered micronations in 2019, and on 31 October 2019 he decided to create his micronation, the Republic of Christania which was created on the same day and was dissolved on 31 December 2021. On 24 April 2022 the new micronation, the Republic of Todia was created as successor of Christania. In 2022 he became the Governor of the Lehmarkian Province of Saint George.

Personal life

Christian has an interest in learning languages and he's polyglot (he speaks Italian, Russian, English,Spanish and French and he's learning Catalan, Esperanto and Klingon). He loves travelling excpecially in Europe and hopes to visit and go to live in Japan or South Korea. He's an agnostic.

He defines himself as a centrist.


Christian Laudani, by right as President of the Republic of Todia, is given the highest class of all civilian and military decorations, namely:

National honors

Foreign honors