Empire of Lehmark

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Empire of Lehmark
Flag of Lehmark.svg
Imperial CoA.jpg
Coat of arms
Motto: Gloria et Virtute
English: Power and Glory
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
William Lehman
Establishment19 April 2019
• Census
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
$10,336.45 2020
CurrencyLehmark Digital Token, Imperial Florin
Preceded by

Lehmark, officially known as the Empire of Lehmark, was a micronation with claims on the four States that made up the Empire, and had a population of 36 citizens as of 21 April 2022. The Lehmark Capital State was located in the suburbs of the city of Adelaide, South Australia. Commonly known as Lehmark, the micronation was founded by Imperial Decree on 19 April 2019, when William Lehman assumed the title of Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark and became Head of State. The Constitution of Lehmark was introduced on 20 April 2019, the day following independence.

Lehmark was a leader in Australian micronationalism and boasted a strong Citizenship number, and had inter-micronational ties with over 50 other micronations via signed Treaties of Mutual Recognition. Lehmark was known for its well organised and structured government as well as their university, cryptocurrency banking system, silver backed physical currency, and a growing economy attaining a GDP of $10,336.45 AUD in 2020.

  • On Roscoe's Scale of Micronational Seriousness, Lehmark scored a 4.60/5.
  • On Categoric-Gradial System of Classification, Lehmark scored a 4.60/5.
  • On Freayth's System of Classification, Lehmark scored a 5.3/6.
  • On Economic Potential Index, Lehmark scored a 2.22/5.Steady
  • On Linden's Revised System of Classification, Lehmark scored a 4.60/5.
  • On Usian Bureaucratic Scale, Lehmark scored a 4.6/8Steady


The name Lehmark derives from the first part of the Emperor and Autocrat's surname 'Lehman' - 'Leh' and the ending of the macronational name of 'Denmark' - 'mark' and these two parts were merged to create Lehmark.

'Lehmarkian' was the official demonym when describing a citizen of the Empire of Lehmark.

Officially 'Lehmark' refered to the entire Empire, including the various States, Territories and Colonies that made up Lehmark, there was no legal distinction between the various territories as Lehmark was a unitary state.


The Empire of Lehmark was founded by His Imperial Majesty William, Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark on 19 April 2019 by way of Imperial Decree and made initial claims on the Lehmark Capital State. A letter was sent to the Office of the Prime Minister of Australia declaring independence - no responses were ever received. On 20 April 2019 the Constitution of the Empire was adopted, this formed the foundation of Lehmark's governmental functionality. The Constitution would spend the next six months undergoing constant Reform, change and re-writing to both make it uniquely Lehmark's (as large section had been "borrowed"), to eliminate grey areas and to more clearly define governmental functionality. It was during this period the Constitution also had the Bill of Rights added; which to this day is still one of the most advanced Bill of Rights in the world.[dead link]

Throughout 2019 Lehmark expanded rapidly, gaining over a dozen new Citizens and annexing land in June 2019 in Darra, Queensland, Australia and in August 2019 in Armstrong, Victoria, Australia, forming the State of Kokoda and the State of Armstrong respectively. The State of Saint George, located in France, would be annexed in July 2020. Later in August 2020 the County of Armstrong would go on to annex the Lord Barony of Raasay in the UK.

Lehmark founded the International Micronational Organisation of Cooperation on 12 May 2019, and in September 2019 reformed into the Micronational Confederation. The primary purpose of the Confederation was to maintain peace and security between the various member states, and would take preventative measures to remove threats which would threaten this peace and security. The Confederation had gone through several bouts of rise and fall in its short existence, mainly owed to the issue of member activity levels. The Confederation would eventually be dissolved.[1]

The Empire founded the Imperial University on 14 August 2019. The university's purpose is to provide education to all Citizens of Lehmark. The university currently offers Degrees in Imperial Law and Hangul and in 2021 education from the university was made free to all Citizens.[2]

Banking and Currency were initially a primary focus of Lehmark's policies and development. This focus was centered around creating a sound currency which could be used for real transactions. The Imperial Government successfully developed the Silver Standard for the Imperial Florin and between October 2019 and February 2020 the Imperial, a total of 228.6 troy oz of silver bullion bars and this allows Lehmark to currently peg the value of 1 Florin to 0.00711g of silver.[3]

On 1 December 2019, the Emperor and Autocrat published Imperial Decree XLII which established Universal Basic Income, National Minimum and Maximum Wages, National Pension and Retirement, Banking Regulations and the Imperial Grant - by far the largest social development Lehmark had undertaken by this time. Following the publishing of this Decree the Imperial Bank of Lehmark, had to create bank accounts for nearly 30 people, and provide each person individually with notification this creation and when they would receive their first Universal Basic Income payment. In July 2020, the Universal Basic Income was abolished in exchange for a cash payment to new Citizens. The reason behind this move was cited as "not only the increasing costs but the fact none of the money invested into the UBI was ever used by Citizens and sat dormant in the Imperial Bank of Lehmark".

The Empire of Lehmark has registered a total of 5 company's within the Empire. 1 is privately owned by a Citizen, 1 by the Emperor and Autocrat, and 3 are government-owned. The registration of these companies has been a clear sign of Lehmark's strong economic potential and shows that Lehmark has business-positive policies aimed at promoting commercial expansion.[4]

On 8 August 2020 Imperial Decree LIV was published, formally abolishing the Department of Armed Forces, and the Imperial Army of Lehmark/conscription. The department was replaced with the Department of Culture. This move was welcomed and celebrated by the Citizens of Lehmark. National Security was taken over by the Agency of National Security, whose job it is to train the Imperial Guard of Lehmark to act as officers of the law and a defence force during times of conflict. The Department of Culture has since expanded to include the Ministries of Sports, Science, Culture and Arts and Community.

In November 2020, Lehmark introduced 12 Monthly Departmental Development Plans to coordinate and better instruct Ministers and Agency Leaders in expectations and responsibilities. The Primary Plans for each Department and Agency provide goals and achievements which need to be met within the 12-month period. Ministers and Agency Leaders of the Imperial Government were consulted over a 2-week period to determine the suitability of the proposed plans and to ensure they were attainable. All Ministers and Agency Leaders had agreed to the Primary Plans. Most of the Development Plans were achieved by the end of 2021, with the Imperial Government agreeing to a new Memorandum on National Development for 2022.

Most of 2021 saw continued Citizen expansion and a number of territories would be annexed in Greece, United States and Taiwan. In October 2021 the Empire would undertake an audit whereby Citizens had to confirm their activity and desire to contribute or face revocation of Citizenship, a total of 51 out of 86 Citizens had their Citizenship revoked and the State of Kokoda would be dissolved. The Emperor cited that activity and dedication was a major issue for the Empire and the Empire only had room for those who were genuine and had a strong desire to build the Empire. The Empire has been focused on ensuring activity from its Citizens and has made massive strides in this area.

In November 2021 an incident involving a Citizen and anti-Muslim comment saw the dissolution of the State of Athens. The Emperor was praised for his handling of the situation and the swiftness of his action, with one Citizen saying that the Emperor had a strong desire to build a truly inclusive Empire.

On April 19th, 2023, Lehmark celebrated 4 years of independence. The next day, on April 20th, 2023, William I had announced on Lehmark's Discord server that he would be dissolving the Empire. William I stated that he felt he was no longer equipped or healthy enough to continue running the project - Lehmark had taken a severe toll on William's mental and physical health. The micronation's social media and Discord server were then deleted the following day. His Imperial Majesty had also made it clear that no successor states would be recognised or accepted.

Government and imperial departments

The Empire of Lehmark was a constitutional imperial autocracy whose head of state and government are the Emperor and Autocrat respectively. They solely exercises executive and legislative authority via Imperial Decree as per the Constitution of the Empire. The Imperial Senate forms an important semi-appointed advisory body to the Emperor and Autocrat and serves in part as Council of State. The purpose of the Imperial Senate is to provide advice to the Emperor and Autocrat when requested; the Emperor is not bound by the advice. Imperial Proconsuls are appointed to ensure state compliance with imperial law and to represent their state to the Imperial Senate. Imperial Proconsuls are appointed twice annually on 1 January and 1 June. Only peers of Lehmark can be appointed as an Imperial Proconsul. The Emperor and Autocrat exercise legislative and executive powers through Imperial Decree and has access to five different Imperial Decrees:[5]

  • Ordinary Decree
    • Which is a Decree not covered by the others
  • Financial Decree
    • Which is related to Annual Budgets, Taxes, Tariffs etc.
  • Treaty Decree
    • Which is related to such as alliances, war, peace, joining organisations etc.
  • Title Decree
    • Granting, Revoking or Amending Titles of Nobility and associated lands
  • Constitutional Decree
    • A Decree which changes the Constitution

The Empire of Lehmark has a number of government departments ran by the Imperial Bureaucracy and they offer an array of services for each citizen, those wanting to join and foreign governments and businesses.

Government Departments:

Government Agencies:


In early February 2020, Lehmark developed a Criminal Law Code in line with what a micronation would be capable of enforcing. The Criminal Law Code and the Constitution provide the foundation for the dispensing of Justice within the Empire. In the future, Lehmark will be developing a Civil Law Code in order to help provide judgement for civil disputes.[6]

When Lehmark was founded in April 2019 the Constitution had provided for an appellate court structure which included, Magistrate, District and a Supreme Court. The Court of Appeal was that of the Emperor and Autocrat. This structure proved too hard and complicated for a new micronation. A total of three constitutional changes took place, which redesigned the structure of the Court system entirely. Two Courts now existed the Supreme Court and the Emperor and Autocrat as the Final Court of Appeal. Since Imperial Decree XXIX the Chief Justice, Justices' and Magistrates' must have an appropriate legal qualification, from either the Imperial University of Lehmark or relevant experience or qualifications from another University.

The Department of Justice contains the Agency of Chief Public Prosecutor, who is responsible for the hiring of Public Prosecutors to undertake the task of prosecuting persons charged with a criminal offence and to act as the lawyers of the State in those matters.

The Supreme Court

Supreme Court Logo.

The Supreme Court of Lehmark shall first and foremost protect the rights and freedoms of the citizens of Lehmark - theoretically, the Supreme Court is independent of the executive and legislative branches of Lehmark, however, in reality, there are heavy control measures and cannot be truly considered independent or without influence.

The Supreme Court of the Empire of Lehmark is one of the most important institutions of Lehmark, it is responsible for dispensing criminal, civil law and acting as a constitutional decree review board.

Membership in the Supreme Court is made up of the Judicial Board and consists of the Chief Justice, two Justices and eight Magistrates.

The Chief Justice and Justices' adjudicate the most severe of criminal matters, complex civil cases, and act as a board of appeal or a constitutional decree review board. Four Magistrates of the Supreme Court preside over general civil cases and the other four Magistrates of the Supreme Court preside over less severe criminal cases.

The Magistrates are appointed by the Chief Justice for a five-year term based on advice from the Department of Justice. The Justices and Chief Justice are appointed by the Emperor and Autocrat based on advice from the Department of Justice. The Emperor and Autocrat has the power and authority to reappoint anyone during their term and is able to ignore the advice of the Department of Justice and can theoretically appoint anyone he or she likes, so long as they have the relevant qualifications.

Crime and civil disputes are non-existent in Lehmark at this time and no case has ever been brought before the Supreme Court.

Role as a Constitutional Review Board

The Head of State is able to change the Constitution of Lehmark by issuing an Imperial Decree of a constitutional nature. However, before that Decree can be accepted into law, the Supreme Court made up of the Chief Justice and Justices must review the Decree to ensure that its text is not unconstitutional, harmful to the State or a Citizen of Lehmark.[7] Then the Chief Justice shall:

  • Chief Justice will initiate a Veto Voting Session during which the Decree shall be voted on by all three Justices, which if unanimous then the Decree will be considered vetoed at which time the Decree will be returned to the Head of State for alteration and re-submission
    • This said veto can be overridden by the Head of State if deemed necessary for the continuance of a functioning government at which time the Decree in question will become law.
    • If a unanimous vote cannot be reached after three attempts, then the Decree will be considered accepted by the Supreme Court.
    • The Supreme Court must hold the Constitutional Decree Review within 7 days of the Imperial Decree being issued to the Supreme Court or the Decree will be automatically accepted into law.


Physical Silver of the Imperial Treasury.

The Empire of Lehmark has a small free-market economy, promoted around the importation and exportation of physical products and the sale of low-cost services. Lehmark has managed to register a total of 5 companies. 1 privately owned by a Citizen, 2 by the Emperor and Autocrat and the final 2 are government-owned. These companies have produced a profitable irregular flow of income into the Empire, and are slowly becoming busier overtime thus allowing expansion of the Economy of Lehmark. Commerce within Lehmark is currently defined by these companies.

Lehmark has three currencies in use - Lehmark Digital Token, Imperial Florin and the Australian Dollar. The Lehmark Digital Token (LDT) is a cryptocurrency created in 2022 and is the most widely used currency in Lehmark. Lehmarkians who are under the age of 18 or who live in a macronation where cryptocurrency is illegal or inaccessible can still use the Discord Banking Bot, which offers Payment, Deposit, Withdrawal, and Balance services. The advantage of this Bot is that Lehmarkians do not need a crypto wallet to use it.

The Imperial Florin is primarily used for transactions taking place within the Empire and the Australian Dollar is used for business conducted outside the borders of Lehmark. To aid with the expansion of the currency Lehmark has had physical notes printed and made available for currency conversion via the Lehmark Foreign Exchange, the Imperial Government is currently looking into ways to allow Citizens to convert their Imperial Florins into Australian Dollars.

The company registered in Lehmark was Empire Holdings and Investments in July 2019 via Letters Patent, a wholly-owned company with the Emperor and Autocrat acting as CEO. EHAI has gone through a number of changes since its original founding, as EHAI has tried to find its way through investing a micronational world. Currently, it has settled on micro-investing through RAIZ, peer-to-peer lending through RateSetter and a Silver Saver Account through Lehmark Bullion Trading. On 16 May 2020, Empire Holdings and Investment and Lehmark Bullion Trading merged into Lehmark Investment Corporation, uniting the financial investment sector into one corporation.[8]

After the founding of the Imperial University, a student who graduated the university founded Lehmark's second company Lehmark, Lehmark Law & Associates[9] this is a private company focused on providing legal services and is headed by the first graduate of the Imperial University, Sir Peter Gumley. Lehmark Law & Associates represents a colossal leap forward for Lehmark in terms of currency as this business is the first professional business to be able to provide a service which has the option of payment by way of Imperial Florin.

The Lehmark Store was established as a government-owned company and all profits are redirected into the State Treasury.

As Lehmark has developed a Silver Standard Currency, it also developed a bullion trade company, Lehmark Bullion Trading. The company specialises in the purchase and sale of 1oz coins and bars of 0.999 - 0.9999 fine silver. The company has also launched an e-commerce site and Facebook page. If clients register their email with Lehmark Bullion Trading they receive regular updates, sales and promotional offers. So far the company has made a sale, however, it has great potential. Analytical tracking of website data shows incredible traffic nearly 10 - 20 individual users visiting the site per day. Lehmark Bullion trading represents a chance for Lehmark to develop business contacts with external providers and offer re-sale in Lehmark itself of these products, creating the chance for a market economy.[10]

On 23 February 2020, just under a month since the launch of Lehmark Bullion Trading, Lehmark registered its fifth company, Micronational Web Services. This service has been set up to aid other micronations in the design, maintenance and publishing of their websites. Surprisingly micronational web services is a decently sized gap in the wider micronational economy, and Lehmark has sought to fill that gap.

Banking and currency

The Imperial Bank of Lehmark, while formally an Agency of the Department of Treasury, acts as the largest and only legally mandated financial institution in Lehmark. The bank is able to offer accounting services, loan services and currency exchange. It has been set out in the Constitution that the Imperial Government formally owns the bank and it is impossible to sell off or privatise any aspect of the bank. This was done to ensure that the same banking situation as in Australia can never take place in Lehmark. In December 2019 Lehmark introduced an Imperial Decree on banking regulations. In summary, this Decree prevents the bank from charging any sort of fee, limits interest charged on loans and limits loan amounts. The Decree also set out the maximum amount a loan can be issued to a person based on their income, therefore preventing financial distress. A person on Universal Basic Income only is not eligible for a loan.[11]

At the end of September, Lehmark purchased an amount of silver and gold in order to rebuild the banking system around a precious metal-backed currency. So far Lehmark has accumulated over 220oz of Silver October 2019.

The Lehmark Foreign Exchange was developed as part of the Imperial Bank's role in currency management. This allows Citizens and members of the public to actively converted their macronational currency into Imperial Florins. In March 2020 the Imperial Bank produced 4,224f of physical notes or 48 of each denomination, it is expected that the bank will triple the amount of physically held currency by the end of 2020 to nearly 15,000f.

Foreign relations

Logo of the Department of Foreign Affairs.

The Empire of Lehmark currently follows a Policy of recognising all Micronations as being legitimate countries and nation states. The Empire of Lehmark is currently open to accepting all Treaties of Mutual Recognition, Alliances and Economic Treaties which might be presented to the Department of Foreign Affairs.

The Empire currently claims Lehmark Capital State, Kokoda State, Imperial State of Armstrong and Imperial State of Saint George as our constituent territory and Lehmark has no territorial aspirations other than that of voluntary annexation of territory relating to actual Lehmark citizens. With the dissolution of the Micronational Confederation, the Empire of Lehmark will become non-aligned neutral and does not participate in conflict between micronations.[12]

Micronational Confederation

The Micronational Confederation formed a large part of Lehmark's foreign policy since its creation as the International Organisation of Micronational Cooperation. For over 12 months Lehmark tried to develop the Confederation into a strong union of micronations, however, after several rises and falls in participation the Imperial Government of Lehmark decided on 22 September 2020 to dissolve the Confederation, the following day the Emperor and Autocrat issued a public statement via LEHMARKNEWS1 and formally dissolved the Confederation and abdicating the position of President of the Micronational Confederation.

Established formal relations

List of official recognised states via Treaty of Mutual Recognition/Alliance.[13]


Imperial University Logo.

The Department of Education was founded on 8 June 2019 as part of a Constitutional Reform. The primary function of the department is to develop educational infrastructure and institutions within the Empire of Lehmark, this was to be done via the Imperial University.

Besides the founding and running of the university, the department is also responsible for the Empire's Educational Policy and providing education related legislative suggestions as well as Education Reform suggestions to the Emperor and Autocrat.

The Imperial University of Lehmark was officially opened on 14 August 2019 and begun offering Degrees in Imperial Law of Lehmark. Later that month the university was able to offer Degrees in Human Rights of Lehmark.

Since its founding the Department of Education has lead the way for many changes within the university, including now the acceptance of the Imperial Florin as a payment option, thus opening educational opportunity even further. This also has the secondary bonus of providing another service in which the Imperial Florin is accepted as a payment option.[16]

Imperial University of Lehmark

The Imperial University of Lehmark was founded on 14 August 2019 via Imperial Decree published by His Imperial Majesty William the first, Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark and was done so in accordance with Basic Right 17 - The Right to Access Basic Services. It is a firm belief of the Empire and His Imperial Majesty that education is one of the if not the most important institution and service a country or nation can make available to her people.[17]

Legal Studies are the main education currently provided, and this will ensure that Lehmark has a cadre of well-educated lawyers, magistrates' and professionals which can serve the Empire and the Imperial Government.

Since its opening in August 2019, the university has had 1 graduate, who graduated in both Degrees which under Lehmark law means this person is a comprehensive lawyer and is legally allowed to practise law. This graduate went on to found Lehmark Law & Associates, Lehmark's first law firm.

The University Library has been designed so that students of the Imperial University of Lehmark have access to greater amounts of information and other resources so that they can complete their studies in their chosen fields. The University Library is currently only open to students of the university, who are provided with a link to the Library once their enrolment is completed.[18]

Administrative divisions

The Empire of Lehmark is made up of four States, Lehmark Capital State, Kokoda State, Imperial State of Armstrong and Imperial State of Saint George.

Imperial Decree XXXIII - On Land Administration and Governance, provided the legal foundation for administrative principles that had already been established. The most important legal principle this Decree established was that Lehmark is a unitary state, and thus any and all Imperial Decrees, Policies and Regulations of Lehmark are to be evenly enforced throughout the Empire.

The Decree also more clearly defined the relationship between the States of the Empire and the central administration. This was primarily done by reiterating statements already present in the Constitution.

In Lehmark title of nobility are Constitutionally recognised, however, nobility in the Empire have no power or authority, and they exist purely as an honorary title. The titles recognised are namely:

  • Duke/Duchess
  • Count/Countess
  • Baron/Baroness
Name Pop. Area (ha) Establishment Imperial Proconsul Nobility & Estates Landed Noble Capital Map
Lehmark Capital State[19] 2 0.033 19 April 2019 William Lehman I, Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark N/A N/A Lehmarkia Lehmark Capital State - Map2.png
State of Armstrong[20] 1 0.047 (BoR 1.59) 29 August 2019 Mohamed Adhan, Baron of the Empire of Lehmark County of Armstrong, Lord Barony of Raasay. Peter Gumley, Count of Armstrong and Lord Baron of Raasay. Town of Armstrong Imperial State of Armstrong - Map.png
State of Saint George[21] 1 0.067 29 July 2020 Yannick Beuvelet, Count of Saint George County of Saint George Yannick Beuvelet, Count of Saint George Town of Saint George Overhead.png
State of Salop[22] 1 0.020 25 April 2021 Matthew Edwards, Baron of the Empire of Lehmark County of Salop Ann Crowhurst, Countess of Salop Town of Salop State of Salop.png
Imperial COA.

Lehmark Capital State

Lehmark Capital State was the initial territory claimed by the Empire of Lehmark. Lehmark Capital State is located in Northfield, South Australia and is currently home to the Emperor and Autocrat and the Imperial Family.

Because Lehmark Capital State is the capital of the Empire of Lehmark it is also home to the entirety of the Imperial Bureaucracy, and thus is responsible for providing the majority of the functionality of the Empire.

Besides being an important administrative centre, Lehmark Capital State is also home to the Imperial Gardens, an important pot plant development spearheaded by the Emperor and Autocrat and maintained by the Department of Environmental Protection.

Lehmark Capital State is the only State to not have Elections.

State of Armstrong

State of Armstrong was annexed into the Empire of Lehmark by way of Treaty between the Citizen of the Residence and the Government of Lehmark on 29 August 2019. State of Armstrong is located in Armstrong Creek, Victoria and is home to the Count of Armstrong.

The Count of Armstrong is known for his planting and vegetation development and has installed many vegetable boxes in the county. Vegetables grown include: beans, peas, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, capsicums and cabbage.

The county also boasts a number of pot plants, mostly herbs and self sufficient geraniums.

Besides vegetable works the Count of Armstrong prides himself on his Freemasonry and tries to live by those beliefs and principles, namely, truth, brotherly love and charity.

The Lord Barony of Raasay forms a sub-state of Armstrong, and is located in Scotland, United Kingdom.

State of Saint George

The State of Saint George was annexed into the Empire of Lehmark by way of Treaty between the Citizen of the Residence and the Government of Lehmark on 29 July 2020.

State of Saint George is located in Haguenau, France and is home to the Count of Saint George. The State contains the Noble Lands of the County of Saint George and Imperial Lands of the Empire.

The Count of Saint George is first Post-Master General of the Lehmark Postal Service.

State of Salop

The State of Salop was annexed into the Empire of Lehmark by way of Treaty between the Citizen of the Residence and the Government of Lehmark on 25 April 2021.

State of Salop is located in Staffordshire, United Kingdom and is home to the Countess of Salop. The State contains the Noble Lands of the County of Salop and Imperial Lands of the Empire.

The Countess of Salop is the first Minister of Sports and Science of the Empire.

The State of Salop, shares borders with the United Kingdom and the residents of the State have been known to utilize the open spaces which surround the State for activities and walks.


Disclaimer: All statistics were taken from the Annual Statistical Report August 2020 and Lehmark may have gained or lost citizens and demographics may have shifted.[23]

Lehmark currently has 33 citizens. 6 of whom currently live within the borders of Lehmark.


Empire of Lehmark is a secular nation where full Freedom of Religion is guaranteed by the Constitution, and Lehmark has very good religious diversification. With no one religion being too strong or influential. Christianity does make up the largest group, however, this is a collective group and most put in this group belong to a sect of Christianity with Catholicism making up the largest.


Lehmark is predominately made up of white males, which the Department of Internal Affairs recognised in its Statistics 2020 Report that "ethnic diversity is a concern and Lehmark should strive for more diverse policies".


Please note some people speak two languages and the total equals 34.

English is the dominant and the official language of Lehmark.

Country of residence/origin

This statistic shows where Lehmark's Citizens currently reside or where they came from. Lehmark has a large global reach.


Imperial Gardens with Visible Plants of the Greenery Initiative.

Fossil fuels and gas plants are banned, Lehmark will get her electricity from renewable sources, with more emphasis placed on solar power as wind turbines tend to use large amounts of oil to sustain. Nuclear plants will not be allowed. Burning garbage as they do in Ethiopia (which produces very little CO2 and very little waste (as what waste is produced is turned into building materials)), is an option which is being explored as it will help reduce the amount of waste in the oceans.[24]

The Emperor and Autocrat believes that the protection of the environment is one of the biggest issues facing humanity. That is why the Emperor and Autocrat has sent a letter to the President of Brazil, demanding action be taken regarding the amazon rainforest fires and asking for action to prevent the clearing and destruction of amazon tribes. He also sent a letter to the President of China demanding more action be taken against those illegally producing CFC gasses, which destroy the ozone layer.[25]

Greenery Initiative

In June 2019 the Emperor announced the Greenery Initiative, which is an initiative which shall bring in over 15 plants into Lehmark. They will be of a potted variety and shall be placed both inside and outside the Imperial Residence. The goal of the initiative is to help reduce carbon dioxide output and increase the amount of clean oxygen in the air. The Emperor and Autocrat hopes that the increased greenery will also aid in helping to decrease the stress and depression of Lehmark's citizens and thus help improve the citizens' health and mental well-being.[26]

As of 19 January 2020, all of the previously purchased plants of the Initiative, had died. However, the Emperor and Autocrat generously provided the funds in order to fund Greenery Initiative 2.0 and purchase 4 new plants. The Department of treasury was able to allocate enough funds to purchase new potting mix and new pots.

DOEP Bulletins

The Department of Environmental Protection (DOEP) has begun writing and distributing monthly Bulletins in order to raise awareness about the micronational environment of Lehmark and the macronational environment of continental Australia.[27]

The Bulletins will be focused around:

  • Veggie Patches
  • Residential Waste Management
  • Plastics Waste
  • Pollution Issues

Citizens will automatically receive a Bulletin into their registered email address on the 11th of every month.


National holidays

Official Lehmark Calendar

  • 1 January - New Years Day
  • 19 April - Independence Day
  • 20 April - Constitution Day
  • 19 July - Lehmark Day
  • 20 August - The Imperial Cats Birthday
  • 31 August - The Emperor and Autocrat's Birthday.
  • 30 September - Coronation Day
  • 24 December - Christmas Eve
  • 25 December - Christmas Day
  • 31 December - New Year's Eve

National sport

The original sport of the Empire of Lehmark was Reformer Pilates. However, realising that this no longer reflected Lehmark the Emperor and Autocrat put a vote upon the Lehmark Facebook page to decide a new national sport, between soccer and Australian football. Soccer won in a landslide, and become the new national sport on 6 August 2020.

National animal

The national animal of Lehmark was the black cat. The former Emperor and Autocrat owns a black cat by the name of Toby.