Empire of Lehmark

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Empire of Lehmark
Flag of Lehmark.png

Gloria et Virtute
English: Power and Glory
Empire of Lehmark as at 29-8-19 - Numbers.png
1. Lehmark Capital State. 2. The Imperial State of Armstrong. 3. Kokoda State.
Capital cityLehmark City
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Secular
Short nameLehmark
- Emperor and Autocrat of LehmarkWilliam Lehman
Established19 April 2019
Area claimed312m2
CurrencyImperial Florin
GDP (nominal)$1086.76 2019
GDP Per Capita = $72.45
National sportPilates
National animalBlack cat
President of the Micronational Confederation

Official Website


Lehmark, officially known as the Empire of Lehmark is a Micronation located in Adelaide, South Australia, and commonly known as. Lehmark is made up of three States, Lehmark Capital State, Imperial State of Armstrong and Kokoda State.

Lehmark was founded by Imperial Decree on the orders of William Lehman. William then took the title Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark - an expression of Lehmark's imperial autocracy. Lehmark was founded to become the global beacon for just and legitimate governance, enlightenment and social progression[1].

A micronation is a political entity that claims to be a sovereign state but is not recognised as such by the wider international community. Micronations are treated as distinct from conventional unrecognised states, although there is no widespread consensus within micropatriology over what exactly constitutes a micronation or distinguishes it from other unrecognised states. Broadly speaking, micronations are created and developed as a hobby, with their claims to sovereignty considered trivial enough to be ignored by the conventional sovereign states whose territory they claim; micronations whose ultimate goal is to receive international recognition as sovereign states are termed secessionist, and micronations without this goal are termed simulationist.


The name Lehmark derives from the first part of the Emperor and Autocrat's surname 'Lehman' - 'Leh' and the ending of the maconational name of 'Denmark' - 'mark' and these two parts were merged to create Lehmark.

'Lehmarkian' is the official demonym when describing a citizen of the Empire of Lehmark.

Officially 'Lehmark' refers to the entire Empire, including the various States, Territories and Colonies that make up Lehmark, there is no legal distinction between the various territories as Lehmark is a unitary state.

Timeline of Major Events

On 19 April 2019, through Imperial Decree I founded Lehmark and this was followed up on 20 April 2019 the issuing of Imperial Decree II which make Lehmark's Constitution official and on 30 May 2019, Imperial Decree XIII was issued and gave Lehmark a Bill of Rights. This completed Lehmark's founding and begun the period in which the Constitution would spend 3 months going through continued development and change, this would come to a close on 14 June 2019. This reform resulted in completely changing the judicial branch, and its functionality, as well as closing holes in the Constitution and more clearly defining many aspects of its Articles.

On 12 May 2019, Lehmark founded the International Micronational Organisation of Cooperation. This was eventually reformed in September 2019 to the Micronational Confederation and again in December 2019 when a new Charter was adopted and inactive members were removed.

On 20 June 2019, it was announced by the Emperor and Autocrat that Lehmark had annexed territory in Darra, Queensland, Australia and again on 29 August 2019, Lehmark annexed the Imperial State of Armstrong in Victoria, Australia. This marked the beginning of Lehmark's territorial expansion outside of its main borders.

On 14 August 2019, the Imperial University of Lehmark announced it was accepting enrolments for Degrees in Imperial Law of Lehmark and Human Rights of Lehmark

During the month of September 2019, Lehmark undertook an extensive Banking Reform, which included:

  • Reduction of Imperial Florins in circulation to 1,000,000
  • Adjustment of Annual Wages, Taxes and Wages Compensation for Government Employees
  • Purchase of 1g of Gold and 8oz of Silver to provide the Imperial Florin with real world value - later the 1g bar of gold was sold and used to purchase more silver

By the end of January 2020 Lehmark will hold a total of 45oz of silver in physical bullion and another 16oz of silver bullion through an online account maintained by ABC Bullion.

On 6 November 2019, Lehmark had its third company registered - Lehmark Law & Associates. The firm was founded by Lehmark's first graduate from the Imperial University and marking Lehmark's first development of a professional business.

On 28 November 2019, Lehmark officially left the Grand Unified Micronational, and informed the Chair that the nations Observership would not be renewed. This was due due to a 2nd failed vote to allow Lehmark to become a full member, as well as other issues surrounding the Organisation and its members.

On 1 December 2019, the Emperor and Autocrat published Imperial Decree XLII which established Universal Basic Income, National Minimum and Maximum Wages, National Pension and Retirement, Banking Regulations and the Imperial Grant - by far the largest social development Lehmark had undertaken by this time. Following this the Banking System was entirely rebuilt and gave every citizen and business a bank account it involved hours of editing and account creation. Every citizen and business was issued a letter which gave them their account number, username and password, the letter also advised changing their username and password after logging in for the first time for the purposes of increased security.

On 30 January 2020, Lehmark registered its third company, Lehmark Bullion Trading. This company's sole purpose is to trade silver bullion.

Government and Imperial Departments

The Empire of Lehmark is an autocratic imperial hereditary monarchy, ruled by His Imperial Majesty, William Lehman, Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark. The Official Title would change to Empress and Autocrat upon the accession of a female Head of State[2].

Lehmark was founded upon the Principles of Absolutism, Autocracy and Social Progression[3].

The Principles of Absolutism and Autocracy are outlined in the wording of the Constitution in which the Emperor and Autocrat is called the source of law[4], as well as the various powers, rights and authority that are granted to the Emperor and Autocrat. The Supreme Court acts as a counter-measure to the Emperor and Autocrat's authority as so far to potentially block Constitutional Decree/Changes. However, the Emperor and Autocrat can overrule this veto if deemed necessary for the continuance of a functioning government at which time the Decree in question will become law[4].

In Lehmark there is no Parliament, or any sort of election, or political party[4]. In the Constitution there is no mention of a separate "Head of Government" implying that the Head of State is ultimately both. The Constitution also allows the Emperor and Autocrat to act as a Judge on any case brought before the Supreme Court, and to overrule or amend a Judge/Justice's judgement - giving him the ability to influence common law.[4]

Theoretically, it could be said that the Emperor and Autocrat is a constitutional monarch due to the Head of State's powers being described in a Constitution. However, most constitutional monarchies are linked with parliamentary democracies where the Monarch is only but a figurehead - something the Emperor and Autocrat is not.

The Emperor and Autocrat exercises legislative and executive powers through Imperial Decree and has access to 5 different Imperial Decrees[3]:

  • Ordinary Decree
    • Which is a Decree not covered by the others
  • Financial Decree
    • Which is related to Annual Budgets, Taxes, Tariffs etc
  • Treaty Decree
    • Which is related to such as alliances, war, peace, joining organisations etc
  • Title Decree
    • Granting, Revoking or Amending Titles of Nobility and associated lands
  • Constitutional Decree
    • A Decree which changes the Constitution

The Empire of Lehmark has a number of government departments ran by the Imperial Bureaucracy and they offer a array of services for each citizen, those wanting to join and foreign governments and businesses.

Government Departments:

Government Agencies:


It is a future goal of Lehmark to be able to develop a Criminal and Civil Law Code in order to better coordinate judicial sentencing and behaviour. For the meantime, the judicial system functions in accordance with common law - law of the judges[5].

At the founding of the Empire, Lehmark had an appellate court system outlined in the Constitution with provisions for Magistrate Courts, District Courts and the Supreme Court, and finally the Emperor and Autocrat as the final Court of Appeal. However, this proved too hard to staff and manage, and overall way too complicated for a micronation of that size. Therefore it was decided to review the Constitution and to reduce the complexity of the systems. After the Constitutional Reform - it established the Supreme Court as the only judicial court and the Emperor and Autocrat as a Court of Appeal.

Since Imperial Decree XXIX the Chief Justice, Justices' and Magistrates' must have appropriate legal qualification, from the Imperial University of Lehmark.

The Department of Justice contains the Agency of Chief Public Prosecutor, which is responsible for hiring of Public Prosecutors to undertake the task of prosecuting persons charged with a criminal offence and to act as the lawyers of the State in those matters.

The Supreme Court

Supreme Court Logo.

The Supreme Court of Lehmark shall first and foremost protect the rights and freedoms of the citizens of Lehmark - theoretically the Supreme Court is independent of the executive and legislative branches of Lehmark, however in reality there are heavy control measures and cannot be truly considered independent or without influence[4].

The Supreme Court of the Empire of Lehmark is one of the most important institutions of Lehmark, it is responsible for dispensing criminal, civil law and acting as a constitutional decree review board.

Membership in the Supreme Court is made up of the Judicial Board and consists of the Chief Justice, two Justices and eight Magistrates[4].

The Chief Justice and Justices' adjudicate the most severe of criminal matters, complex civil cases, and act as a board of appeal or a constitutional decree review board. Four Magistrates of the Supreme Court preside over general civil cases and the other four Magistrates of the Supreme Court preside over less severe criminal cases[4].

The Magistrates are appointed by the Chief Justice for a five year term based on advice from the Department of Justice. The Justices and Chief Justice are appointed by the Emperor and Autocrat based on advice from the Department of Justice. The Emperor and Autocrat has the power and authority to reappoint anyone during their term and is able to ignore the advice of the Department of Justice and can theoretically appoint anyone he or she likes, so long as they have the relevant qualifications[4].

Crime and civil disputes are non-existent in Lehmark at this time and no case has ever been brought before the Supreme Court.

Role as a Constitutional Review Board

The Head of State is able to change the Constitution of Lehmark by issuing an Imperial Decree of a constitutional nature. However, before that Decree can be accepted into law, the Supreme Court made up of the Chief Justice and Justices must review the Decree to ensure that its text is not unconstitutional, harmful to the State or a Citizen of Lehmark. Then the Chief Justice shall[4]:

  • Chief Justice will initiate a Veto Voting Session during which the Decree shall be voted on by all three Justices, which if unanimous then the Decree will be considered vetoed at which time the Decree will be returned to the Head of State for alteration and re-submission[4]:
    • This said veto can be overridden by the Head of State, if deemed necessary for the continuance of a functioning government at which time the Decree in question will become law.
    • If a unanimous vote cannot be reached after three attempts, then the Decree will be considered accepted by the Supreme Court.
    • The Supreme Court must hold the Constitutional Decree Review within 7 days of the Imperial Decree being issued to the Supreme Court or the Decree will be automatically accepted into law.


Physical Silver of the Imperial Treasury.

The Empire of Lehmark has been developing a small commodity and professional economy since late 2019. Currently Lehmark has managed to register a total of 4 companies.

The first company registered in Lehmark and was done so by Letters Patent issued on 11 July 2019. The company registered was Empire Holdings and Investments, a wholly owned company with the Emperor and Autocrat acting as CEO. As of 13 July 2019, the CEO and another Citizen had invested $1000AUD in shares. By September 2019 these shares were sold for a small loss due to volatile markets, in October 2019 new shares were purchased in Telstra Corporation and as of 27 December 2019 these shares are worth $1060AUD. Having gone up by $60AUD since their purchase[6].

The second company to be registered in Lehmark was Lehmark Law & Associates[7] this is a private company focused on providing legal services and is headed by the first graduate of the Imperial University, Sir Peter Gumley. LL&A is certified to provide services in the areas of:

  • Imperial Law (Constitutional Law)
  • Human Rights
  • Civil Law
  • Criminal Law

Lehmark Law & Associates represents a colossal leap forward for Lehmark in terms of currency as this business is the first professional business to be able to provide a service which has the option of payment by way of Imperial Florin[8].

Lehmark has a Imperial Gift Shop which was established as a government owned company and all profits are redirected into the State Treasury. So far the Company sold 1 mug and made $16.50AUD profit[9].

On 30 January 2020, Lehmark registered its third company, Lehmark Bullion Trading. In February 2020, a e-commerce website and Facebook page were launched so the company would have an easier time trading goods to the general public.

On 23 February 2020, just under a month since the launch of Lehmark Bullion Trading, Lehmark registered its fourth company, Micronational Web Services. This service has been set up to aid other micronations in the design and maintenance of their websites.

Banking and Currency

The Imperial Bank of Lehmark, while formally an Agency of the Department of Treasury, acts as the largest and only legally mandated financial institution in Lehmark. The bank is able to offer accounting services, loan services and currency exchange[10]. It has been set out in the Constitution that the Imperial Government formally owns the bank and it is impossible to sell off or privatise any aspect of the bank. This was done to ensure that the same banking situation as in Australia can never take place in Lehmark. In December 2019 Lehmark introduced a Imperial Decree on banking regulations. In summary, this Decree prevents the bank from charging any sort of fee, limits interest charged on loans and limits loan amounts. The Decree also set out the maximum amount a loan can be issued to a person based on their income, therefore preventing financial distress. A person on Universal Basic Income only is not eligible for a loan[10].

At the end of September, Lehmark purchased an amount of silver and gold in order to rebuild the banking system around a precious metal backed currency. So far Lehmark has accumulated over 220oz of Silver October 2019. The official currency is the Imperial Florin and the Australian Dollar is an official second currency.

Foreign Policy

Logo of the Department of Foreign Affairs.

In May 2019 Lehmark under the guidance of the Emperor and Autocrat founded the International Organisation of Micronational Cooperation as a way to get Micronations working together[11]. This was reformed into the Micronational Confederation in September of 2019, and granted a new Charter. In December 2019 the Micronational Confederation adopted a new Charter[12]. This new Charter provides the Micronational Confederation the authority to act as a supranational union. The Micronational Confederation also adopted a new flag and removed 8 inactive members. However at that same meeting 1 member state was accepted and this brought the total number of members states down to 5 from a high of 12[13].

The Micronational Confederation forms a major part of Lehmark's foreign policy, as a way for Lehmark to not only create new relations to also get other states working together. The Confederation also gives Lehmark an ability to build influence and reputation through independent means instead of through the regular channels, organisations and associations.

The Empire of Lehmark currently follows a policy of recognising all micronations as being legitimate countries and nation states. The Empire of Lehmark is currently open to accepting all Treaties of Mutual Recognition, Alliances and Economic Treaties which might be presented to the Department of Foreign Affairs[14].

Lehmark currently claims Lehmark Capital State, Kokoda State and the Imperial State of Armstrong as our constituent territory[15].

As for the matter of war, Lehmark views micronational wars to be completely pointless and contrary to the founding principles of Lehmark and therefore we will refuse to participate in any war, and will not recognise any war declared upon on Lehmark.[14]

Since leaving the GUM, Lehmark purposely tries to avoid associating with members of the Organisation as Lehmark views the majority of the Organisation and its members to be of a toxic environment due to a number of experiences suffered by Lehmark[14].


As a sovereign nation Lehmark belongs to a host of micronational organisations, namely:

  • Micronational Confederation[16]
    • Lehmark is the President of the MC
  • League of Professional Nations[16]
    • Lehmark is currently the Chief Justice

Established Formal Relations

List of official recognised states via Treaty of Mutual Recognition/Alliance[16].


Imperial University Logo.

The Department of Education is the newest government Department and was formed on 8 June 2019 during a period of Constitutional Reform[17].

Lehmark as expressed through the Bill of Rights believes that education is a fundamental service that every citizen should have access to, and therefore the Department of Education was created for that purpose[18].

The Department of Education is also charged with the following responsibilities[19]:

  • Ensuring a basic education is provided to the entirety of Lehmark's population.
  • Responsible for Lehmark's Educational Policy and providing education related legislative suggestions as well as educational reform suggestions to the Head of State.

The Imperial University of Lehmark

The Imperial University of Lehmark was officially opened on 14 August 2019 under the direction of the Department of Education and currently the University offers Degrees in[20]:

  • Imperial Law of Lehmark
  • Human Rights of Lehmark

Since its opening in August 2019 the University has had 1 graduate, who graduated in both Degrees which under Lehmark law means this person is a comprehensive lawyer and is legally allowed to practise law. This graduate went on to found Lehmark Law & Associates, Lehmark's first law firm[7].

In February 2020 the Imperial University launched the University Library with the intention of ensuring each student has access to enough information to complete their assignments found in the degrees.

Administrative Divisions

According to Imperial Decree XXXIII - On Land Administration and Governance, the Empire of Lehmark's States and Administration are set up as follows[21]:

  • Territory annexed into Lehmark with lands granted to a noble will be called “Imperial States”.
    • Current States holding this status:
      • Imperial State of Armstrong
  • Territory annexed into Lehmark with no noble lands, shall be called “States”.
    • Current States holding this status:
      • Town of Kokoda – which is now renamed Kokoda State
  • The Imperial Capital shall now be renamed Lehmark Capital State

Lehmark is a unitary state, meaning that no previous or future States will have any devolved powers of legislative or governing capacity. The Imperial Government maintains full power and authority to enforce laws, decrees and regulations throughout the Empire, as outlined in the Constitution.

Nobles and their lands present in Imperial States, will still have no governing, executive or judicial powers, as outlined in the Constitution.

Lands granted to the nobility are still legally in the possessed by the Empire of Lehmark, as outlined in the Constitution.

States of Lehmark

Name Pop. Area (m²) Establishment Ruler of State Sub-Region Noble of Sub-Region Capital of State State Map
Lehmark Capital State[15] 2 100 19 April 2019 William Lehman I, Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark N/A N/A
  • Lehmark City
Lehmark Capital State.png
Kokoda State[15] 2 117 20 June 2019 William Lehman I, Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark N/A N/A
  • Kokoda City
Kokoda State.png
Imperial State of Armstrong[15] 1 95 29 August 2019 William Lehman I, Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark County of Armstrong Peter Gumley, Count of Armstrong
  • Armstrong City
Imperial State of Armstrong.png
Imperial COA.

Lehmark Capital State

Lehmark Capital State is currently the Capital State of the Empire of Lehmark and is home to Lehmark City and the Imperial Palace which currently hosts the Emperor and Autocrat as well as the Imperial Family[22].

Kokoda State

Kokoda State is a state located in Darra, Queensland and was annexed on 20 June 2019. It is currently home to two citizens[22].

Imperial State of Armstrong

The Imperial State of Armstrong is a state located in Victoria, Australia and was annexed on 29 August 2019. Currently the Imperial State is divided between the Empire of Lehmark and the County of Armstrong, land controlled by the Count of Armstrong, Peter Gumley[22].

It is worth noting that the County of Armstrong is still land fully owned by Lehmark and could be revoked at any time. The Count of Armstrong holds no formal powers and cannot enact laws, taxes etc. It is purely an honorary title.


Disclaimer: All statistics were taken from the Annual Statistical Report August 2019 and Lehmark may have gained or lost citizens and demographics may have shifted.[23]

Lehmark currently has 21 citizens. 5 of whom currently live within the borders of Lehmark.


Out of those who responded to the 2019 Census. 5 reported 'No Religion'. 1 reported 'Atheist'. 2 reported 'Christian'. 1 reported 'Star Seed'. 1 reported 'Wicca'.[24]

No Religion – is the largest majority. However this simply explains that someone does not belong to an organised religion, this does not imply that someone doesn't believe in a deity.

Ultimately the Empire of Lehmark is currently a secular nation where full Freedom of Religion is guaranteed by the Constitution.


Out of those who responded to the 2019 Census. 6 reported 'Caucasian, English, Australian'. 1 reported 'Global'. 2 reported 'Greek'. 1 reported 'Irish-Scottish'.[24]

The Census revealed that Lehmark is dominated by predominately Caucasian persons.


Out of those who responded to the 2019 Census. 9 reported 'English'. 1 reported 'Vulgar'. 2 reported 'Greek'.[24]

English is the dominate language of Lehmark. English is the official language of Lehmark. As Greek is the largest minority language, Lehmark should move to make it a recognised minority language.


Imperial Gardens with Visible Plants of the Greenery Initiative.

Fossil fuels and gas plants are banned, Lehmark will get her electricity from renewable sources, with more emphasis placed on solar power as wind turbines tend to use large amounts of oil to sustain. Nuclear plants will not be allowed. Burning garbage as they do in Ethiopia (which produces very little CO2 and very little waste (as what waste is produced is turned into building materials)), is an option which is being explored as it will help reduce the amount of waste in the oceans[25].

The Emperor and Autocrat believes that the protection of the environment is one of the biggest issues facing humanity. That is why the Emperor and Autocrat has sent a letter to the President of Brazil, demanding action be taken regarding the amazon rainforest fires and asking for action to prevent the clearing and destruction of amazon tribes. He also sent a letter to the President of China demanding more action be taken against those illegally producing CFC gasses, which destroy the ozone layer[25].

Greenery Initiative

In June 2019 the Emperor announced the Greenery Initiative. Which is an initiative which shall bring in over 15 plants into Lehmark. They will be of a potted variety and shall be placed both inside and outside the Imperial Residence. The goal of the initiative is to help reduce carbon dioxide output and increase the amount of clean oxygen in the air. The Emperor and Autocrat hopes that the increased greenery will also aid in helping to decrease the stress and depression of Lehmark's citizens and thus help improve the citizens' health and mental well being[26].

As of 19 January 2020, all of the previously purchased plants of the Initiative, had died. However, the Emperor and Autocrat generously provided the funds in order to fund Greenery Initiative 2.0 and purchase 4 new plants. The Department of treasury was able to allocate enough funds to purchase new potting mix and new pots.

DOEP Bulletins

The Department of Environmental Protection (DOEP) has begun writing and distributing monthly Bulletins in order to raise awareness about the micronational environment of Lehmark and the macronational environment of continental Australia[27].

The Bulletins will be focused around:

  • Veggie Patches
  • Residential Waste Management
  • Plastics Waste
  • Pollution Issues

Citizens will automatically receive a Bulletin into their registered email address on the 11th of every month.


National Holidays/Events

Official Lehmark Calendar

  • 1 January - New Years Day
  • 19 April - Independence Day
  • 20 April - Constitution Day
  • 19 July - Lehmark Day
  • 20 August - The Imperial Cats Birthday
  • 31 August - The Emperor and Autocrat's Birthday.
  • 30 September - Coronation Day
  • 24 December - Christmas Eve
  • 25 December - Christmas Day
  • 31 December - New Years Eve

National Sport

The current national sport of Lehmark is Reformer Pilates. The Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark is currently undertaking an education in the Pilates Method to become a Qualified Reformer Instructor, and fully believes in the health benefits of the methods.

Traditional Pilates Reformer.

Brief Description - As Mentioned on Wikipedia

In his book Return to Life through Contrology, Joseph Pilates presents his method as the art of controlled movements, which should look and feel like a workout (not a therapy) when properly manifested. If practiced with consistency, Pilates improves flexibility, builds strength and develops control and endurance in the entire body. It puts emphasis on alignment, breathing, developing a strong core, and improving coordination and balance. The core, consisting of the muscles of the abdomen, low back, and hips, is often called the "powerhouse" and is thought to be the key to a person's stability. Pilates' system allows for different exercises to be modified in range of difficulty from beginner to advanced or to any other level, and also in terms of the instructor and practitioner's specific goals and/or limitations. Intensity can be increased over time as the body adapts itself to the exercises.

National Animal

Currently the national animal of Lehmark is the black cat. The Emperor and Autocrat owns a black cat by the name of Toby.

Typical black cat.


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