Empire of Lehmark

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Empire of Lehmark
Flag of Lehmark.png

Gloria et Virtute
English: Power and Glory
The Imperial Capital and Palace located in Adelaide and the Town of Kokoda located in Brisbane.
Capital city Imperial City
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Secular
Short name Lehmark
Demonym Lehmarkian
Government Monarchy
- Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark William Lehman
Established 19 April 2019
Area claimed 1km2
Population 15
Currency Imperial Florin
GDP (nominal) $1086.76 2019
GDP Per Capita = $72.45
Observer State of the Grand Unified Micronational
Chair of the International Organisation of Micronational Cooperation



The Empire of Lehmark is a Micronation located in Adelaide, South Australia. The Empire was founded by the Emperor and Autocrat William of Lehmark on 19 April 2019. The Empire was founded to become the global beacon for just and legitimate governance, enlightenment and social progression.


The Empire of Lehmark had humble beginnings, William Lehman had observed a documentary on YouTube regarding Micronations and some of the things that people were doing, how they went about it and why they wanted to build their own states. William, having a long interest in politics and wanting a political career of his own, but having lost total faith in the political system of his homeland of Australia, set out to build his own.

On 19 April 2019 William through Imperial Decree I founded the Empire and on 20 April 2019, Imperial Decree II established the Constitution. In the last month a total of 15 Imperial Decrees have been issued this has related to Constitutional changes, ratification of Treaties and Charters, the creation of a Knightly Order and granting of land.

After a week or so, and having no comments made as to Lehmark's claims and with Lehmark growing in influence (they had joined the GUM as an Observer State), William had decided to redefine the land claims and reduced it from Earth to Australia, very quickly people turned from interested to hostile, from there William defended his actions and that of Lehmark's. At the same time a rather negative story was being written in The Glastieven. William decided to redefine the claims a third time and only claim the Imperial Residence. William remained diplomatic and defended the Empire's actions vigorously to the Micronation Community, the GUM and The Glastieven. His actions have gained the Empire a certain level of respect from some Micronations and their leaders, and the issue seems to be solved

On 30 May 2019 Imperial Decree XIII was released and gave the Empire the most extensive Bill of Rights in the Micronational World and better than some macronations as well.

On 31 May 2019 Imperial Decree XIV announced that the Emperor was going to undertake a review of the entire Constitution and gave himself all the legal powers to do so. This has been done to clean up some of the grey areas in the Constitution and allow it to be slightly less complicated.

On 14 June 2019 the Constitutional Reform was completed. The Judiciary Branch of the government was completely rewritten to help reduce its complexity and allow it to grow as the Empire does. Many paragraphs were also redefined and rewritten to help close contradictions and potential grey areas.

On June 20, 2019 it was announce by the Emperor and Autocrat that the Empire of Lehmark had annexed territory in Darra, Queensland, Australia.

Purpose of the Empire

The Empire of Lehmark is a Micronation founded by His Imperial Majesty Emperor and Autocrat William Lehman of Lehmark on 19 April 2019. The Empire of Lehmark has a simple goal for our Empire to become the global beacon for just and legitimate governance, enlightenment and social progression.

We currently live in a world where conventional politicians only serve themselves and not their constituents, in a world where enormous corporations want to destroy nature in any way they possibly can, just to make a quick dollar, in a world where people are killed simply for being a member of the LGBTQ+ community, in a world where extremism and extreme conservatism are creating unsafe environments for minority communities to live and survive. We live in a world of oppression. The Empire of Lehmark envisions itself leading the way to a better world.

As part of our Imperial Program, to be a beacon of just governance and social progression, we have undertaken extensive research and have created the most extensive Bill of Rights out of any Micronation - in order to safeguard the Rights and Freedoms of everyone within the Empire. These are the 17 Basic Human Rights, that we believe every Human should be able to exercise:

  • The Right to Freedom of Conscience
  • The Right to Freedom of Press
  • The Right to Freedom of Religion
  • The Right to Freedom of Expression
  • The Right to Freedom of Speech
  • The Right to Freedom from Discrimination
  • The Right to Security and Liberty
  • The Right to Privacy
  • The Right to Equal Treatment Under the Law
  • The Right to Life
  • The Right to Own Property
  • The Right to Defend Oneself
  • The Right to Bodily Integrity
  • The Right to Equal Birth and Rights
  • The Right to Freedom of Movement
  • The Right to Freedom from Violence
  • The Right to Access Basic Services

The Empire has created more specialised protections and anti-discrimination laws for Women's Rights and those in the LGBTIQ+ Community; and specific Rights have also been established regarding the Internet and Privacy. More can be read on the Constitution Page.

A cornerstone of the Empire is our strive to be as meritocratic as possible and give everyone an equal chance to succeed. We promote people based upon their skills and not because of their lineage.

Our Empire will do everything we can to protect the environment and secure Earth for future generations by fighting to end plastic waste, promote green energy and ending dependence on fossil fuels and conventional pollutants. We want to create a world where nature is not destroyed and exploited but rather protected and nurtured.

Our economy will thrive through the efforts of our Citizens and the businesses that they own. Our goal is to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to make their way in the world. We have all seen the destruction that big capitalism has done to countries and the environment, and we will not let this happen to us.

We promise to provide a safe haven where ALL VOICES can be heard and where everyone has the RIGHT to feel safe and wanted - because this is a right not a privilege.

Please extend your full support to us today and help us secure a better tomorrow.

Government and Imperial Departments

The Empire of Lehmark is an Autocratic Imperial Hereditary Monarchy, ruled by His Imperial Majesty, William Lehman, Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark.

The Empire was founded upon the Principles of Absolutism. This practice has been followed through in the Legislative and Executive areas of Government where the Emperor and Autocrat is Supreme, however, there are control measures for Judges in the Judiciary branch of Government, however, as the Empire is also based on common law the Judges remain as free as possible to make all judgements and decisions.

In the Empire of Lehmark there is no Parliament, or any sort of election, or political party.

The Constitution of the Empire of Lehmark was written inline with the founding Principle of Absolutism and therefore much power is vested with the Emperor and Autocrat. Theoretically it could be said that the Emperor and Autocrat is a Constitutional Monarch due to his powers being so clearly outlined in a Constitution, however, most Constitutional Monarchies are linked with Parliamentary Democracies where the Monarch is only but a figurehead - something the Emperor and Autocrat is not.

The Supreme Court of Lehmark could theoretically have the authority to veto any Constitutional Decree (which is a Decree which would change the Constitution). The Supreme Court would only veto a Constitutional Decree if it finds the Decree to be unconstitutional, or harmful to the State or a Citizen of the Empire, in saying this the Emperor and Autocrat does have the authority to to override these veto's "if deemed necessary for the continuance of a functioning government".

The Empire of Lehmark has a number of Government Departments ran by the Imperial Bureaucracy and they offer a large array of services for each Citizen, those wanting to join and foreign governments and businesses.

The Department of Internal Affairs

The Department of Internal Affairs functions as the public service department of the Empire, and thus offers the following services, to current and potential Citizens:

  • Citizenship Enquiries
  • Passports Enquiries
  • Licensing Enquiries
  • The Offices of the Imperial Archives

The Department of Treasury

The Department of Treasury is the Department charged with the Imperial Budget, taxation and fiscal policy amongst others, and can provide the following services:

  • Salary Payments
  • Personal Taxation
  • Currency Exchange
  • The Imperial Bank of Lehmark
  • Lehmark Imperial Gift Shop

The Department of Foreign Affairs

The Department of Foreign Affairs is responsible for dealing with the Empire's foreign relations and alliances and therefore offers the following services to foreign micronations and foreign Heads of State.

  • Treaties of Mutual Recognition
  • Economic Treaties

The Department of Education

The Department of Education's primary purpose is to provide education to the population of the Empire, mainly done through the Imperial University of Lehmark. The University is expected to be fully functioning by the end of 2021.

The Department of Envrionmental Protection

The Department of Environmental Protection's goal is to secure the Earth for future generations and therefore is charged with our Environmental Protection Policy.

The Department of Armed Forces

The Department of Armed Forces is primarily charged with the Conscription of soldiers and maintenance and drilling of the Imperial Army.

Conscription is extended to everyone of sound body and mind and therefore if you feel that you are not of sound body and mind the Department can undertake a physical and mental examination of you and may find to recuse you from service.

The Department of Justice

The Department of Justice does not provide any services directly to Citizens but is responsible for the functioning of the Courts, Public Prosecutions and the legal system of the Empire.

More detailed information can be found on each Departments page. Much of the more detailed information is taken directly from the Constitution of the Empire, in order to provide a more direct idea of what each Department does.


Total Citizens

The Empire currently has 15 Citizens. 4 of whom currently live within the bounds of the Empire.


Out of those who responded to the 2019 Census. 5 reported 'No Religion'. 1 reported 'Atheist'. 2 reported 'Christian'. 1 reported 'Star Seed'. 1 reported 'Wicca'.

No Religion – is the largest majority. However this simply explains that someone does not belong to an organised religion, this does not imply that someone doesn't believe in a deity.


Out of those who responded to the 2019 Census. 6 reported 'Caucasian, English, Australian'. 1 reported 'Global'. 2 reported 'Greek'. 1 reported 'Irish-Scottish'.

The Census revealed that the Empire is dominated by predominately Caucasian persons. The Empire needs to make some efforts towards becoming more ethnically diverse. However, as the Empire is based on the continent of Australia, its not really a surprising result.


Out of those who responded to the 2019 Census. 9 reported 'English'. 1 reported 'Vulgar'. 2 reported 'Greek'.

Unsurprisingly English is the dominate language of the Empire. English is also the official language of the Empire. As Greek is the largest minority language, the Empire should move to make it a recognised minority language.


The economy of the Empire is currently based upon Citizenship Fees and purchases from the Imperial Gift Shop. While both aspect are rather slow currently, the Emperor is hopeful that in the future that this area of the Empire will be able to grow.

As for the Commerce and Business aspect the Empire prides herself on the fact that multi-national conglomerates and major companies are banned from the Empire. This has been done so as to make Lehmarkian businesses thrive and prosper in a fair and competitive environment and to ensure that every Citizen has the chance to be able to make their own fortune.

The Imperial Bank of Lehmark while formally an Agency of the Department of Treasury, it acts as the largest and only legally mandated financial institution in the Empire, offering accounting services and currency exchange. It has been set out in the Constitution that the Imperial Government formally owns the bank and it is impossible to sell off or privatise any aspect of the bank. This was done to ensure that the same banking situation as in Australia can never take place in Lehmark.

The official currency is the Imperial Florin

The first company registered in the Empire was done so by Letters Patent on 11 July 2019. The company registered was Empire Holdings and Investment, a wholly owned company with the Emperor and Autocrat as CEO. As of 13 July 2019, the CEO and another Citizen have invested $1000AUD in Shares and assets.

Current Fiscal/Economic/Taxation Policy as of 13 July 2019

The current Fiscal/Economic Policy of the Empire is to promote sales through the Lehmark Imperial Gift Shop and the assets of EHAI.

The Policy regarding the Gift Shop exists so we can continue to fund the website and advertisements on Social Media. This shall be done by increasing the products available in the Gift Shop and specifically targeting our advertising campaigns, and because the Gift Shop is a wholly owned business by the Empire any finances raised go towards sustaining the Empire.

The Policy regarding Citizenship's is so the Empire may continue to grow and expand as well as fill the employment openings so the Department's and Supreme Court can be slightly more functional.

The current Taxation Policy is a 10% income tax for each Citizen, except for the Emperor and Autocrat. Only if Citizens are making Imperial Florins and not outside of Empire currencies. Business tax currently sits at 20% of all profits.

Improve and expand income from the Imperial Development Scheme, aimed at increasing number of Opt Ins and reduction of PayPal fees.

The registering of Empire Holdings and Investments will provide additional tax and GDP growth.

Annual budgets are released every July.

Foreign Policy

The Empire of Lehmark was originally founded on a claim to the whole world, however, this caused issues for the Empire and gained some hostility from the Micronational Community. It was therefore decided by the Emperor that the Empire would renounce her claims over the world and limit them to the imperial residence in Australia and have the goal of expanding the claim to the State of South Australia in due time.

In May 2019 the Emperor and Autocrat announced the Founding of the International Organisation of Micronational Cooperation as a way to get Micronations working together.

The Official Foreign Policy as outlined on the website:

The Empire of Lehmark currently follows a Policy of recognising all Micronations as being legitimate countries and nation states.

The Empire currently claims the Imperial Capital and Palace, and Kokoda Town as our constituent territory. The Empire plans to make territorial expansions and ensure they are in accordance with the GUM Charter. We are open to renunciation of territorial claims if it would ensure peace and continued prosperity with our allies.

The Empire of Lehmark is currently open to accepting all Treaties of Mutual Recognition, Alliances and Economic Treaties which might be presented to the Department of Foreign Affairs.

As for the matter of war, the Empire views micronational wars to be completely pointless and contrary to the founding principles of the Empire and therefore we will refuse to participate in any war, and will not recognise any war declared upon us.

The Empire will not recognise any war made against her based upon the old claims, especially by the state of Feudal Kingdom of the Chuntaro Clan

On June 20, 2019 it was announce by the Emperor and Autocrat that the Empire of Lehmark had annexed territory in Darra, Queensland, Australia.

The Empire of Lehmark currently has established relations witht the following countries:


The Empire of Lehmark takes the protection of the Environment and Mother Nature very seriously.

All forms of plastic are banned and are illegal, and people are encouraged to use natural or bio-degradable materials instead, taking on Thailand;s idea of using banana leaves to wrap food.

Fossil Fuels and Gas Plants are also banned, The Empire will get her electricity from renewable sources, with more emphasis placed on solar power as wind turbines tend to use large amounts of oil to sustain. Nuclear Plants will not be allowed for obvious reasons and hydro plants won't be allowed either as they take precious water from the environment. Burning garbage as they do in Ethiopia (which produces very little CO2 and very little waste (as what waste is produced is turned into building materials)), is an option which is being explored as it will help reduce the amount of waste in the oceans.

In June 2019 the Emperor announced the Greenery Initiative. Which is an Initiative which shall bring in over 15 plants into the Empire. They will be of a potted variety and shall be placed both inside and outside the Imperial Residence. The goal of the Initiative is to help reduce carbon dioxide output and increase the amount of clean oxygen in the air. The Emperor and Autocrat hopes that the increased greenery will also aid in helping to decrease the stress and depression of the Empire's citizens and thus help improve the Citizens' health and mental well being.