Department of Environmental Protection (Lehmark)

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Department of Environmental Protection
Established 19 April 2019
Headquarters Lehmark Capital State
Minister of Environmental Protection Sir Peter Gumley, Count of Armstrong, GIOL

The activities of the Department of Environmental Protection plays a key role in are focused on completing some one of the Empire's founding purposes and that is to secure Earth for future generations.

The Department is primarily charged with creating and maintaining an Environmental Protection Policy

Current Environmental Policy

The current Environmental Policy is to begin reducing plastic waste with the bounds of the Empire, and to begin investing in small green energy projects.

The Empire will also begin focusing to reduce current carbon dioxide output and focus on increasing oxygen output. All while making the Empire a greener and healthier place to live. This goal shall be completed by the Greenery Initiative.

It is hoped by 2021/2022 the Empire will be larger, in terms of Citizens and revenue and the Department will be able to undertake larger projects such as solar panels and en mass recycling programs.

Greenery Initiative

The Greenery Initiative is a project under the commission of the Department of Environmental Protection.

Its aim is to add more plants and greenery to the Empire and thus help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that is put out by the Empire yearly. It is also expected that by adding more plants and greenery that we can make the Empire and greener and happier place to live.

Currently the goal is 15 plants by the end of December 2020. Many of these plants will be potted and will most likely be plants which can be placed inside the Imperial Residence.

The majority of the funding for the project will come directly from the Emperor and Autocrat to in order to not place excessive burden on the Imperial Budget for 2019 - 2020.

Greenery Initiative 2.0

Since April 2019, the Empire of Lehmark had been slowly investing in plants around Lehmark Capital State. However due to unfortunate and hostile weather all of those plans had unfortunately died.

Luckily the Emperor and Autocrat had donated 4 news plants, and the Department of Treasury had allocated monies for potting mix, and 4 new pots.

The original deadline of December 2020 is still very achievable and we believe that most of the plants can be purchased by that time.

However, due to the unfortunate need to replace all of the plants due to hostile weather over the last 3 months, the deadline might be extended to July 2021.

DOEP Bulletins

The Department of Environmental Protection (DOEP) has begun writing and distributing monthly Bulletins in order to raise awareness about the micronational environment of the Empire and the macronational environment of continental Australia.

The Bulletins will be focused around:

  • Veggie Patches
  • Residential Waste Management
  • Plastics Waste
  • Pollution Issues

Citizens will automatically receive a Bulletin into their registered email address on the 11th of every month.