Department of Internal Affairs (Lehmark)

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Department of Internal Affairs
Established 19 April 2019
Headquarters Lehmark Capital State
Minister of Internal Affairs William Lehman I, Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark
Director of National Security William Lehman I, Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark

The Department of Internal Affairs of the Empire of Lehmark is the an important Government Department that provides for much of the Empire's functioning. It is primarily responsible for many Citizenship related aspects of Lehmark including managing Applications for Citizenship and Passports and the hiring and management of employees of the Imperial Government. All Government documentation, forms and Register management is delegated to an Agency of the Department, namely the Office of the Imperial Archives.

Offices of The Imperial Archives

The Offices of the Imperial Archives is an Agency of the Department of Internal Affairs, which means that the Department of Internal Affairs has delegated our offices with the important tasks of:

  • Ensuring that all Documents, Forms, request Imperial Decrees are properly controlled and stored and ensuring that documents are readily available upon Approved Freedom of Information request
  • Maintain a Register of Births, Deaths and Marriages
  • Maintain the Citizens Register

Imperial Decree Library

  • A comprehensive collection of every Imperial Decree published in the Empire. Imperial Decree's form the legislative basis of Lehmark.

National Statistical Reports

  • Each year the Imperial Government releases a report on the demographic situation of the Empire. These are those reports.

National Form Registry

  • A registry which contains every application and form available to Citizens of the Empire. Including Citizenship Test and Application.

Lehmark Career Opportunity

Micronations such as the Empire of Lehmark are community projects, which are expanded by those that work to help build them. Therefore as Lehmark has expanded so has the requirement and need for additional Citizens to take up positions in the Imperial Government.

The positions available currently, relate to the Government Departments and their need for development, as well as some other positions to which have a smaller jurisdiction, such as the Postal Service, but still requirement assistance in their development, often infrastructure and services.

As Lehmark continues to expand so to will the need for additional Citizens and their support. Check back frequently to see if it has been updated.

Lehmark primarily seeks Citizens who want to make real efforts in their roles and to strive to make Lehmark bigger and better.

Agency of National Security

The Agency of National Security is a two fold Agency, charged with both law enforcement and defence of Lehmark. With the abolishment of the Department of Armed Forces as laid out in Imperial Decree LIV, most of that Department's responsibilities were transferred to the new Agency of National Security.

Crime in Lehmark and Civil Disputes are non-existent so there has been little need for a large amount of law enforcement agents.

Two of the Agency's most important responsibilities is ensuring the integrity and security of Lehmark’s borders during peace time and conducting the defence of Lehmark during times of conflict and maintaining civil law and order and security of the Citizens of Lehmark.

As the Imperial Guard of Lehmark double as a defence force during times of conflict the Agency, must ensure the training, drilling, ammunition control and weapon supply of the Imperial Guard of Lehmark. The Emepror and Autocrat of Lehmark remains the Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Guard of Lehmark.

The Imperial Guard of Lehmark are charged with law enforcement and national defence and therefore cannot be used to conduct offensive military actions.