Lehmark Law & Associates

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Lehmark Law & Associates
PG LLA Logo.png
Established 4 Novemebr 2019
Headquarters Armstrong City
CEO Sir Peter Gumley, Count of Armstrong, GIOL
Website LL&A Website

Lehmark law & Associates is the first and only legal firm in the Empire of Lehmark and was created by Letters Patent issued by the Emperor and Autocrat on 6 November 2019 and is headed by Sir Peter Gumley, Count of Armstrong, GIOL - who graduated from the Imperial University of Lehmark in October 2019 with Degrees in Imperial Law and Human Rights of Lehmark.

He was also the first Graduate to come from the Imperial University as well as the Universities first Comprehensive Lawyer - which under current regulations allows Mr Gumley to practise law within the Empire.

Lehmark Law & Associates represents a colossal leap forward for Lehmark in terms of currency as this business is the first professional business to be able to provide a service which has the option of payment by way of Imperial Florin.

Services Provided at Lehmark Law & Associates

Lehmark Law & Associates is able to provide defence and litigation in the following areas:

  • Imperial Law (Constitutional Law)
  • Human Rights
  • Civil Law
  • Criminal Law

Lehmark Law & Associates is currently only able to offering litigation services to Citizens of the Empire.

Costs for Services

Lehmark Law & Associates we are able to utilise both the Imperial Florin and the Australian Dollar when conducting business.

Currently, Lehmark Law & Associates is only able to offer payment with the Imperial Florin to those who have employment within the Empire.

Australian Dollar:

  • $40AUD for Initial Consultation
  • $15AUD per hour of work done

Imperial Florin:

  • 20f for Initial Consultation
  • 5f per hour