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Micronational Web Services
MWS Logo.jpg
Established 23 February 2020
Headquarters Lehmark City
CEO William Lehman I, Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark
Website Micronational Web Services Website

Micronational Web Services is the premier web design and publishing service of the Empire of Lehmark. After working with the Imperial Government of Lehmark and the commissioning of 4 websites, we have decided to expand our amazing services to the micronational community as a whole.

Whether you are building a website for your entire nation, a government agency, or something else Micronational Web Services are here to help.

By providing us the information, articles and images that you wish to see your website, we will build you a professional and elegant website to suit your services. Hosted through our Google Drive, we use Google Websites to build you exactly what you want.

Check the image carousel below to see what we have done and an idea of what we can build for you.

We take pride in what we do and aim to ensure every client is happy with our services.

Contact us via email at MicronationalWebServices@gmail.com

Website Services We Provide

Website Styles

Smaller corporations typically only require a smaller "front page" websites, and they have been built to grow and expand as the businesses do. We have been able to create effective and professional websites. We will be able to create smaller sites for micronations which are a little younger and can expand with them as their micronation does as well.

Currently Managed "Smaller" Websites:

The Empire of Lehmark's website might look simple on the surface, it is actually a website constructed from nearly 60 pages! The surface of the website contains about 20 - 30 visible pages. The remainder of the pages are "hidden from navigation" and are only accessible through a button. These buttons tend to exist on pages where they are relevant. For example on the Department of Foreign Affairs page you will find a button that takes you to the "View Ratified Treaties", something only needed on that page.

These larger style website are perfect for advanced micronations who have a lot of information and documents which need to go on their website.

Current Managed "Large" Websites:

Custom Domains

We can add a custom domain to your website and build the page directory from that.

To do so is very simple, we can have a look at what Google offers and if your satisfied we can purchase that on your behalf.

This would be a cost added to your bill at the end of the initial services provided. There would be an annual charge to renew the domain, this cost could increase or decreased depending on the bill from Google.

How Does It Work?

Once you have commissioned us for a website, we shall begin to build a basic layout on our Google Drive and Website Builder. All the information, images documents and whatever else you supply us is kept safe on our Google Drive, with the password for the Drive being changed every 30 days.

Don't forget, we are a design and publishing service. So it is up to the client to ensure they provide us everything for their website, we don't rewrite or change anything you provide us. We will try to match up the information provided to the pages we create as best we can.

Once we are ready to present a draft website to you, we shall send you an email requesting you to share the draft website. From here you can see the website and suggest any changes. If required a Zoom voice call can be set up so the changes can be done in real time.

We don't charge hosting or storage fees, we only charge for services when you request us to.


Initial Fee

This is the initial fee charge to you at the Agreement to Commence Services. This is the price for agreeing to build your website and presenting that work to you. We aim to have a professional draft website to present to you in 4 weeks of commencement. The working days mentioned below are applied after the initial presentation of the draft.

  • We charge a flat rate of $25.00AUD to produce and present the initial website.

The Working Fee

If after the initial draft website is presented and further work is needed, then clients are able to buy additional working days. If there are minor changes such as spelling or punctuation there will be no charge. This fee also applies to any and all changes made in the future.

  • The Working Fee = $4.50AUD for each additional working day.

Custom Domain

If you choose to have a custom domain added to any of your websites, we will be happy to purchase it and add it to your website. This cost of course will be passed onto yourself. There is of cause an annual domain maintenance charge.

  • Custom Domain = $Whatever one you chose
  • Domain Maintenance Charge = $10.00AUD per annum.

Transfer Charges

If you decide to take your website out into the world with you at the helm we do unfortunately charge a transfer of ownership fee.

  • Transfer of Website = $15.00AUD
  • Transfer of Domain = $15.00AUD + Whatever charge Google asks

The Fine Print

  • The above is not inclusive of PayPal fees. Assuming an invoice issued by Micronational Web Services costs $37.50AUD the fees would be $1.43 therefore the total bill issued would be for $38.93AUD.
  • It is completely up to the client to provide Micronational Web Services with a basic idea of design, any information to go on the website, images and the like. We are a design and publishing service, we are not responsible for the information which is presented on the website and it is solely up to the client to produce any and all information, images and the like.

Micronational Web Services, does not charge hosting fees, storage fees or the like. We only charge for work done.

  • It is expected that the client pays the issued invoice for initial services within 21 days of receipt. If payment is not received within this time frame Micronational Web Services is under no obligation to commence work. This is also inclusive of the client supplying Micronational Web Services with any and all information or images to go on the website. It is expected that any invoice issued is paid before work commences.
  • If a client chooses for Micronational Web Services to purchase a domain on their behalf, the client must pay Micronational Web Services 2 years worth of domain fees, plus additionally mentioned fees.
  • Micronational Web Services reserves the right to sever any relationship with any micronation when deemed necessary, usually in the event of prolonged unresponsiveness. Micronational Web Services will keep any work done during said relationship, if the micronation in question wishes to re-commence the relationship they may do so, after paying a fee which will be decided by Micronational Web Services at the time.