Republic of Macéyon

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The Republic of Macéyon
Flag The Republic of Macéyon.jpg The flag of The Republic of Macéyon

We Are Macéyon
We Are Macéyon
Australia, New South Wales
Capital cityTBD
Largest cityTBD
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Christian majority
Short nameMacéyon, Macéyona
DemonymMacéyonian, Macéyona
GovernmentDemocratic Republic
Established27 May 2019
Area claimed315 km²
CurrencyAustralian dollar (AUD)
Time zoneAEST/AEDT
National drinkWater
National animalKangaroo
Patron saintSt. Mary MacKillop
Founder of the International Micronational Mapping Org, however, the nation is not apart of any International organsiations

Government Website

The Republic of Macéyon is an sovereign state and a micronation in the New South Wales region of the Central Coast, established on the 27th of May 2019 by Dean Liddell. The Republic of Maceyon, currently lay claims to 1,632 km2 of area including water into the South Pacific Ocean. The current leader of the nation, by default is Dean Liddell and is open to having someone lead the nation and be the first elected head of state in the next coming few years. The country has been taken over and adopted by United islands of america .


The Government of the Republic of Macéyon is a democratic elected nation, however there has no elections has of yet. However, there is to be an elected body of 9 individuals, to be no political parties, in order for the government to be as unbiased as possible. The head of state shall be elected by the people along with an election by all the citizens, there is no dates as of yet for the election dates, nor how many years between each election as of yet.


The Constitution of the republic was published on their website with five articles, they are:

  • Government
  • Citizens Rights
  • Amendments to the constitution
  • Flag
  • Religion

The last update to the constitution was 28 May 2019.

Head of State

The current head of state, being Dean Liddell, declared the nation to represent the people of the Northern region of the Central Coast and parts of Lake Macquarie, in the Australian state of New South Wales. The Head of State is the Leader of the International Micronational Mapping Org


The office of the President is not currently being held by anyone.


Flag The Republic of Macéyon.jpg

The Flag of the Republic of Macéyon is split up into 4 sections, two green and two yellow, The green and yellow represent the Australian land and the inhabitant's passions to succeed in all that they do, the flame in the canton is red with a black outline meaning the fire of our souls to protect the nation and its people. The black, red and yellow represent the indigenous peoples. (according to its Constitution [1]

International Micronational Mapping Organisation

The International Micronational Mapping Org is a department of the Macéyon Government, to establish an up-to-date map of the Micronations of the world. The IMMO is a free service by the government, to establish peace in the Micronational community. The IMMO is doing its best to establish a full map of locations for all micronations.


1. All nations are requested to have a map using the My Map service by google.

2. All nations are to have an existing government and is active in running their nation.

3. All nations have existed for 30 days.

4. All nations are not currently in war unless they have existed for more than 2 year.

a. Please note, the claimed lands during war times will not be shown until such war(s) are finished, and it is agreed on by the parties involved.

RIGHTS OF THE ORGANIZATION The Organization reserves the right to:

1. Delete any nation that has not been conducting governmental business for 1 year.

2. Add any nation that meets the requirements above

3. Add to or take away the requirements above at its own will.

States Recgonised

United States Member states, Vatican City, Palestine, Kosovo, Taiwan, Cassiopeia Sovereign Empire, Empire of Lehmark, Rabbistan

Republic Holidays

Name Date Remarks
Freedom Day 27 May The day when the republic declared independence
Election Day First Saturday after Freedom Day All citizens vote for parliament
Christmas Day 25 December Celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

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