Republic of Bartonia

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Republic of Bartonia EN
Republik Bartonien DE
Республика Бартония RUS
Rzeczpospolita Bartonia PL
Respubliko de Bartonia EO
Coat of arms
Motto: My zawsze stoimy razem
(We always stand together)
Anthem: "Bartonia nasza"
Largest cityOberwald (by area)
Bartonowo (by population)
Official languages
Recognised national languages
None (de-jure)
Christianity (de-facto)
GovernmentUnitary semi-presidential republic
• Doge
• Vice-Doge
Caoulou S.
LegislatureNational Council
Establishment27 May 2020
• Total
0.3 km2 (0.12 sq mi)
• (as of November 2023 census) census
CurrencyBartonian krono
Time zoneCET (Central European Time)
This micronation is a member of the United Micronational Alliance, the Union Against Micronational War, the League of Neutral States and the Austrian Micronational Union. Earlier it was also an observer in the Grand Unified Micronational.

Bartonia, officially the Republic of Bartonia, is a sovereign state, known as a micronation in Austria. It was founded on 27 May 2020 and claims a territory of 0.3 km2. All exclaves are landlocked by Austria. The capital city is Bartonowo, which has also the most population, the biggest city by area is Oberwald. The seat of government is in Bartonowo at the Green square. The economic system in Bartonia can be described as a planned economy.


After the collapse of the Grand Duchy of Rabenberg, the Republic of Bartonia was founded on the 27 May 2020 on an other territory than Rabenberg.

First Republic of Bartonia (27 May 2020 – 1 June 2020)

The first Republic of Bartonia was the time without a real government. There were only a few laws and no infrastructure. After the Ecologist Party won the election, it was turned into the first Ecologist Republic era.

First Ecologist Republic of Bartonia (1 June 2020 – 2 July 2020)

The Ecologists build up Bartonia and it's infrastructure after their principles of Ecologism. Many environmental laws were passed in this time. All things that were bad for the environment and climate were banned in this time; like driving cars, owning disposable plastic and many other things.

Monarcho-Republic of Bartonia and Haltlandia (2 July 2020 – 3 July 2020)

The Monarcho-Republic era was very short. It was caused by the state visit of Cal Sewa to Austria, were he stayed in a royal hotel. He decided to turn Bartonia step after step into a monarchy. but after just one day, he didn't believe in this transformation to a monarchy anymore and reestablished the Ecologist Republic of Bartonia.

2nd Ecologist Republic of Bartonia (3 July 2020 – 18 September 2021)

The second Ecologist Republic was formed after the dissolution of the monarcho-republic era. The Ecologist Party introduced further environmental laws. The demolished city of Oberwald was rebuild by the government and Bartonia got a partially-new state territory. Many houses and other buildings were build in this time. This era is also known as the "golden era" of Bartonia. New shops were opened, newspapers have been printed and the infrastructure was very good. New political parties have been founded. Prosperity was much higher than in the other eras. Bartonia got a new coat of arms and a new national anthem. Bartonia also joined the most influential intermicronational union, the Grand Unified Micronational as an observer member. After this era ended, some political scandals were uncovered – e.g. the Ecologists faked some electional results. And the people of Bartonia were supervised by the secret police OSD. After this informations have been leaked, the people just realised that the Ecologist Bartonia wasn't democratic at all. The MDI at the time of Ecologism in Bartonia was 7.2 – after it turned into a fully democratic nation it increased to 9.0 and then 9.2

2nd Republic of Bartonia (18 September 2021 – today)

On the 18 September the Ecologist Party of Bartonia went defunct on command by Cal Sewa, the leader of the party. He founded an other political party, the Democratic Left, later named Bartonian Socialist Party instead of the Ecologist Party. As Cal Sewa also was the Head of State of Bartonia at this time, he also renamed the Ecologist Republic of Bartonia into its first name, Republic of Bartonia. The constitution was rewritten, as the ruling claim of the Ecologists was given up. The flag remained, even if it also was made by the Ecologist government. As Bartonia turned into a democratic nation, the Micronational Democracy Index increased to 9 out of 10 points, later up to 9.2 points. Also, in this era the CGSC increased to 3.8. On 2 November 2021, Bartonia got a membership in the League of Neutral States. On May 8, 2022, a treaty was signed by both the head of state Cal Sewa and the vice-doge Ladi, wich said, that the flag would change on May 27, 2022, to its current version.


In Bartonia, there aren't any high mountains like in Austria, there are only some small hills. In the exclave Haltlandia there is a small beach, and also near the Rose-Lake in the main territory. In Bartonia, there are many forests.


  • Rose-Lake
West beach in exclave Haltlandia
  • West beach


  • Silver creek
  • Channel creek

Mountains and hills

  • Bird mountain
  • Over Hill
  • Ramenato mountain
  • Raven mountain


  • Raven forest
  • Esta forest
  • Unterdorf forest

Administrative divisions

The state territory with all the exclaves
English name (in bracket German) Since...
Main territory (Hauptgebiet) 27 May 2020
Waterrock (Haltlandia) 27 May 2020
Ostania (Ostanien) 4 January 2021

Cities and villages

Bartonowo (capital city, largest city by population, located in the main territory)
The BartoniaSign in Bartonowo; a symbol of Bartonian independence

Bartonowo is the political, cultural and economic centre of Bartonia. The seat of government is on the Green square, which is often visited by tourists. In Bartonowo there also is the small Bird mountain and the Rose-Lake.

Esta (city in Ostania)

Esta (formerly known as Greta-Thunberg-City in the ecologist era of Bartonia) was a planned city in Ostania, and is often visited by tourists. Esta was destroyed by strong gusts of wind, with the center being the center sustaining the most damage. It is no longer maintained because doing do was deemed not profitable. The big Karl Marx Monument is located in the city centre.

Großbaum (city in Ostania)

Großbaum is a small city with only two sights, but it is the most visited place in Bartonia because of its location near the border.

Unterdorf (small village in Ostania)

Unterdorf is a small village located on Bartonia's north-end in Ostania. The village-centre is well known for it's park.

Oberwald (biggest city by area, located in Ostania)
Biggest city by area, Oberwald
Wood storage site in Oberwald

Oberwald is the biggest city by area in Bartonia. It is the main centre of Ecological architecture in Bartonia.

Government and politics

The Micronational Democracy Index calls Bartonia a full democracy with 9.2 of 10 points. The Bartonian political system is build on the ideas of Democratic socialism. Capitalism and Fascism are two of many banned ideologies, because undemocratic ideas are banned in Bartonia.

Ranking in various indexes

Political parties


Bartonia is a unitary semi-presidential republic, despite this, its political system is unique, also being similar to the system of the Republic of Venice at first.


Before 2021 there was no constitution, but only a main law. In early 2021 the Doge wrote a constitution with 3 chapters. As of the dissolution of the Ecologist Party and its ruling claim, when Bartonia turned into a democracy, the constitution was rewritten by Cal Sewa on 18 September 2021 and again in 2022.

Foreign relations

The Bartonian government is always open to new foreign relationships, however applications from fascist states are not accepted.

Micronations allied with Bartonia

Micronations with formal relations to Bartonia

Micronations with a mutual recognition treaty with Bartonia

Recognized states; no diplomatic relations (selection)

Sanctioned states (selection)

Intermicronational organisation participation

Bartonia is member of 7 organisations. It is a member of the Austrian Micronational Union, an observer in the Grand Unified Micronational, the Union Against Micronational War, the World Micronations Football Federation, the League of Neutral States, the Union Cycliste Intermicronationale and the United Micronational Alliance.

Law and order

In Bartonia there is nearly no criminality.

The army of Bartonia is the People's Military. The leader of it is the Doge, the head of state.

Secret police OSD

Logo of the secret police "OSD"
June 2020 – September 2021

At the time of existence of the Ecologist Republic of Bartonia, the OSD had the right to control every citizen. It controlled mainly in the exclave Ostania and in the main territory. Just like nowadays, it had no uniform back then, so you couldn't recognize an agent. The secret police created files and personal profiles for wanted persons or persons "under surveillance", which were sent to the government and the mainly-ruling Ecologist Party.

Since September 2021

As Bartonia turned into a democratic nation, the OSD turned into a normal police and a secret service.

Human rights

Until September 2021

During the time of the reign of the authoritarian Ecologist Party, human rights were mostly respected, but not in every case.

Since September 2021

Nowadays, human rights are respected by the government at any time and with every action, which is also enshrined in the 2022 constitution.


The economy of Bartonia is very small, because of the small territory. It is supported financially by the conversion fees for the exchange of currencies to be able to pay in the store with Bartonian kronos. In Bartonia there is no capitalist free market, but the system of planned economy. In Winter 2021, the Doge Cal Sewa worked on a ecological economy plan for Bartonia, and presented it on the 5th of January 2021 in the National-council. The plan has given the Bartonian economy a small boost, that the government had expected. On the 23 January 2021, Cal Sewa presented an economical 2-year plan. For the most necessities of life, Bartonians have to go shopping in Austria.


The currency of Bartonia is the Bartonian krono. It is issued by the National Bank of Bartonia.


Since 26 October 2020 no one is taxable. This was also an factor for the Economic crisis in 2021.


In Bartonia there are only two restaurants and one shop. There are also some smaller companies, like in the movie industry sector.


Rabatto is the only shop in Bartonia, located in the capital city of Bartonowo. It sells shampoos, stickers, magazines, tooth brushes and other things, but only in certain situations food.

Traditional agriculture in Ostania with the sickle


There are five farmers in Bartonia. The most of the agricultural productions are exported to Austria, some things are also sold in Bartonowo. Only two of the farmers use tractors and other agricultural machines. The economy of Bartonia is based 60% of agricultural products. Cut grass is exported to 97% into Austria.


The most visited territories are (sorted by number of tourists) the exclave Ostania, the exclave Waterrock and the main territory. The most-visited city is Großbaum, because of the location. The most tourists come from Austria and Germany.

Living standards

The yearly reports of the statistics company <<1>> say, that the living standards in Bartonia are moderate. Most of the Bartonian people do not earn much money from work, but are happy anyway. 44% of the Bartonian population earn under 600 euros a month.


Bartonia's natural resources include water, eatable plants and fish. The most important mineral resource is ore. 80% of it is exported to Austria.

Ore mining

Ore is being mined in the garavin-gorge by hand. The mining place is overground, near the city centre of Oberwald. The workers are all volunteers and are not payed by the government or anyone else.

Economic crisis April 2021 – September 2021

The Economic crisis was mainly caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, but also by other factors, like there are no taxes at all. The only shop in Bartonia, Rabatto, had to close temporarily. Only newspapers were sold on the streets of Bartonowo.



The officially recognised languages include German, Polish, Russian and Esperanto.


The most polish-speaking people live in the capital city Bartonowo. The second biggest ethnic group are Austrians.There are also various other minorities like Canadians, Indian people, Greeks and Australians.

Year Population Citizens Change since last year
2020 19 26 Steady Steady
2021 14 34 Increased
2022 14 38 Increased
2023 14 38 Steady Steady
Kind of citizen Total number of citizens Number of citizens residents Electoral rights
Dogs 2 0 No
Cats 1 1 No
Other 1 1 No
Humans 38 14 Yes


There is one roman-catholic chapel in Oberwald, the Bergkapelle, and the Government also plans to build one in the capital city Bartonowo. In Bartonia there are no churches or other big religious buildings. The people must go to Austria, if they want to go to a church.

Year Roman-Catholicism Christ-f. Progressive Christianism None Unknown
2020 3-5 2-3 - 1 18
2021 3-7 2-5 1 1 26
2022 3-7 2-4 1 1 26
2023 3-7 2-4 1 1 26


Bartonia has a very strong culture; due to the variety of citizens nationalities, different traditions meet.


The national sports are Golf and Football-soccer. There is a very small golf-course and a Soccerfield.


Skiing is popular in Bartonia, especially for smaller kids. Even if there is only one small ski-resort, the Bartonians are very proud of it.


In Bartonia different genres of music are represented. As there are no bartonian radio stations, Bartonians mostly listen to austrian radio. The most played instruments in Bartonia are the piano and the accordion, represented in the musical genre of Bartonian People's Music.


There are some movies originating from Bartonia. Nevertheless, Hollywood productions remain most popular.

Cuisine and drink

The national dish is fish sticks and Dorolas (sweet wraps). The national drink is Abarto (a mix between apple juice and ice tea lemon). These national foods are eaten on the National independence day on 27 May.

National holidays

Note: There are also some holidays that are only celebrated by minorities and aren't in this table.


Bartonian media is free to publish almost any works because of a lack of censorship, but fines do exist for glorifying banned ideologies.

There are three media, TeleBarton and the Bartonian Paper are state-owned.

  • TeleBarton (TV station)


Electricity and water supplies are provided to Bartonia by the Republic of Austria.


Most people in Bartonia own a bicycle. It's the most-used vehicle. There is no train service in Bartonia, as it would not pay off due to the small land area, which is also a factor for no airports.

Buildings and architecture

A traditional housing in the city Oberwald

In Bartonia there are not many buildings. The most citizens live outside Bartonia, so only some buildings are inhabited. It is also normal, that some businesses are all located in one building.

The main architectural style is Ecological architecture, but Austrian landhouse architecture is also very popular. The main centre of Ecological buildings is in the city Oberwald in the exclave Ostania.


For more information: Bartonia#Businesses

The most businesses are located in the capital city Bartonowo. There are two restaurants and one shop, that sells shampoos, magazines, newspapers, stickers and more.


The Bartonian telecommunication system is mainly based on mobile telephones. Nearly every citizen has a mobile phone. There are no national telecommunication or internet providers, because of the small territory Austrian providers are obtained.


There are no health institutions like hospitals on the territory of Bartonia.

COVID-19 pandemic

Bartonia has been founded on the 27 May 2020, in the time of the pandemic. The borders have been closed by the government in late May, later they were opened. On the 4th of August, the borders have been closed again, but only to the main territory, were the capital city is. Mask requirement has been also introduced. Until the 25th July 2021 Bartonia hasn't recorded any cases of COVID-19, but on that day three persons were infected. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, 11 confirmed cases of a COVID-19 infection have been recorded by the government.

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