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Bartonia, officially the Ecologistic Republic of Bartonia, is a sovereign state, known as a micronation in Austria. It was founded on the 27th May 2020 after the collapse of Rabenberg. It claims a 0.4 km² small territory, which is not located on the former territory of Rabenberg. Bartonia is fully landlocked by Austria, the exclave Seagull island by Norway and B´Awesybenland by Niue. The capital city is Bartonowo, the biggest (by area) Greta Thunberg-City. The seat of government is in Bartonowo on the Green square. The largest political party is the Ecologistic Party of Bartonia, but it's not the only one.

Republic of Bartonia EN

Republik Bartonien DE
Reterpublicca Bartoniya BART
Республика Бартония RUS
Rzeczpospolita Bartonia PL

Poblachd Bartonia GLA

Bartonian Eco Flag.jpgBartonian Coat of Arms.jpg

Ekologiys A ideologiya A futuriya!
(Ecologism is the ideology of the future!)
Woy A Bartoniya

Capital cityBartonowo
Largest cityGreta Thunberg-City (by area)
Official language(s)German, Austrian, Polish, Bartonian, Russian, Letzembourgish, Scottish Gaelic
Official religion(s)Christianity
Short nameBartonia
GovernmentEcologistic unitary semi-presidental republic
- DogeCal Bartoń
- Vice-DogeLadi
LegislatureNational Council
- Type - unicameral
- Last election - 30.5.2020
Established27. 5. 2020
Area claimed0,4 km²
Population12 (as of July 2020 census)
CurrencyBartonian Krono
Time zoneCET (Central European Time)
National sportNetfootball, golf, soccer
National dishFish sticks
National drinkApple juice
National animalDog, Bird
Patron saintJohn Paul II
This micronation is a member of the European Union of Micronations, the Union Against Micronational War, the Austrian Micronational Union, the Micronational Greens and Ecologists and the World Micronations Football Federation and the Union Cycliste Intermicronationale

Official Government Website


After the collapse of the Grand Duchy of Rabenberg, the Republic of Bartonia was founded on the 27 May 2020 on an other territory than Rabenberg. On an uknown date after the 30 May 2020, Bartonia became an Ecologistic republic.



The currency of Bartonia is the "Bartonian Krono". This currency is issued by the government and the National Bank of Bartonia.


Rabatto is the only shop in Bartonia, located in the capital city of Bartonowo. It sells shampoos, stickers, tooth brushes and more.


Every citizen is taxable, except the Doge and Vice-Doge.



The state-language is Bartonian, but German, Austrian, Polish, Russian, Letzembourgish and Scottish Gaelic are also official languages.


Year Population Citizens
2020 5 11
Kind of citizen Total number of citizens Number of citizens residents Electoral rights
Dogs 2 0 Yes check.pngYes
Cats 1 1 X mark.pngNo
Other 1 1 Yes check.pngYes
Humans 8 3 Yes check.pngYes


Year Roman-catholicism Christ-f. None Unknown
2020 3-5 2-3 1 4


Bartonia has a very strong culture; due to the variety of citizens' nationalities, different traditions meet.

National day

The National day, in Bartonia known as Bartonacional-dai, is the biggest festival in the Bartonian event-year. It is celebrated on the 23 December and on the 27 May.


The national sports are Netfootball, Golf and Football-soccer. There is a very small golf-course and a Soccerfield. Bartonia has also an own Netfootball-team.

Swimming pool

In Summer there is also a small swimming pool near the only park.


The Rose-Lake is the smallest lake in the world and is the only lake in Bartonia. It is located in the capital city of Bartonowo.


The BartoniaSign

There is a small sign on the north-border to Austria. It is named BartoniaSign.


A Bartonian flag in a window.

There are many flags in Bartonia, that symbolize, that Bartonia is an own country.


Bartonian Passport.jpg

The Bartonian passport is unique, because it is handmade.


Main article: Politics of Bartonia

Political parties

Main article: Political parties in Bartonia


Bartonia is a ecologistic unitary semi-presidential republic. The Government of Bartonia is the National-council and the Doge.

Exclaves and federal states

English name (in bracket german) Federal state or exclave Macronation Since... Map
Bartoland (Bartolandia) Federal state Austria 28 May 2020 Bartonian main territory map .png
Terrassa (Terrassa) Federal state Austria 28 May 2020 Bartonian main territory map .png
Waterrock (Haltlandia) Exclave Austria 27 May 2020 Bartonian exclave- Waterrock (Map).png
Nolony (Nolonia) Exclave Austria 4 June 2020 Bartonian exclave- Nolony (Map).png
East-Hill (Osthügel) Exclave Austria 25 June 2020 Bartonian exclave- East Hill (Map) NEW V..png
Seagull island - Kalven (Möweninsel - Kalven) Exclave Norway 19 July 2020 Bartonian exclave- Seagull island- kalven (Map).jpg
Maurenatia (Maurenatien) Exclave Austria 27 July 2020 Bartonian exclave- Maurenatia (Map).jpg
B´Awesybenland (Be´Achtsiebenland) Exclave Niue 28 July 2020 Bartonian exclave- B`Awesybenland (Map).jpg

State-owned vehicles

Official state car: Volvo V90

State-owned vehicles: TecTake 2-seater (pedal car) and Hudora BigWheel 2020 (Kickscooter).

Foreign relations

Article: Recognized countries by Bartonia

Foreign relations

Mutual recognition

Classification of micronations

  • CGSC = 2.6/5 (medium)
  • Dustan Pek's leisure time system: 3/5
  • David's Micronational Potential Index: 3.2/5
  • Matthew's Democracy System of classification: 3.50/4
  • Freayth's System of Classification: 4.6/6
  • Linden's Revised System of Classification: 4/5

TV and other Media


The Militar Bartoniyy is the national military of Bartonia.