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Cal Sewa was the 1st Doge of the Republic of Bartonia, Head of the Bartonian National Council and the Government since he was elected 30 May 2020 till 1 January 2024, when he did not particpate in the elections for the first time. Since 2021 he is also the official Commanding Officer of the Bartonian People's Army. Other notable offices include him being Secretary-General of the AtMU and Vice-Chairman of the LONS. He is also the First Secretary of the Bartonian Socialist Party.

1st Doge of the Republic of Bartonia
Cal Sewa
Doge of Bartonia
In office
30 May 2020 – 1 January 2024
Preceded byoffice established
Succeeded byLadi
First Secretary of the Central Commitee of the Bartonian Socialist Party
Assumed office
18 September 2021/10 April 2022
Preceded byoffice established
Secretary-General of the Austrian Micronational Union
Assumed office
Preceded byoffice established
Vice-Chairman of the League of Neutral States
Assumed office
9 April 2023
Preceded byoffice established
Personal details
Political partyBartonian Socialist Party (2021-present)
Ecologist Party of Bartonia (2020-2021)
Military service
Allegiance Bartonia
Branch/service Bartonian People's Army
Years of service2020-present
RankCommanding officer
Battles/wars1st Felsbrunnian War

Career as micronationalist politician


Cal Sewa was involved in the founding of his first micronation, Hugoland, back in 2017 and later in the foundation of the Kingdom of Thomaland on 10 January 2018. His position in this micronation was Deputy of the King. In the same year he also founded the Austrian Micronational Union. Later in 2018 Thomaland was dissolved, but a new state was founded on 19 February 2019, the Republic of Oberhügel. He served there as a president for some months.

Further micronational life

2019 he was also involved in founding the Grand Duchy of Rabenberg. He was a politcian of the Ecologist Party back then. On 27 May 2020 he founded the Republic of Bartonia, his longest lasting and most serious micronation. After being elected as Doge on 30 May 2020, he was elected back into office every half year, as he was a popular poltician. First being the leader of the Ecologist Party of Bartonia, he later dissolved it on 18 September 2021 and founded the Democratic Left, the party that is now called Bartonian Socialist Party. In the 8th Doge and National Council Elections he did not participate, as he said he "need[s] a rest" from being involved too much in politics.

Official state visits

  • United Kingdom (as Deputy of the King of Thomaland)
  • Germany (as Minister of State Affairs of Rabenberg)
  • Felsbrunn (as Minister of State Affairs of Rabenberg)
  • Felsbrunn (as Doge of Bartonia)
  • Germany (as Doge of Bartonia)
  • Felsbruck (as Doge of Bartonia)
  • Bulgaria (as Doge of Bartonia)
  • Poland (as Doge of Bartonia)
  • San Marino (as Doge of Bartonia)
  • Lithuania (as Doge of Bartonia)
  • Serbia (as Doge of Bartonia)

Offices held

National political offices held by Cal Sewa
Country Office Assumed office Resigned
Hugoland Politician 2017 2018 (?)
Kingdom of Thomaland Deputy of the King 10 January 2018 2018
Republic of Oberhügel President 19 February 2019 2019
Grand Duchy of Rabenberg Minister of State Affairs 19 September 2019 4 May 2020
Royal Principality of Felsbrunn Politician 13 August 2020 1 November 2020
Grand Empire of Amarettini Emperor 17 August 2020 22 August 2020
Millanic Confederation Politician 2020 2021 (?)
Republic of Bartonia Doge, Politician 30 May 2020 1 January 2024