Austrian Micronational Union

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The Austrian Micronational Union (AtMU) is an economic and political union of 6 member states. Originally it was founded by the Kingdom of Thomaland in 2018. It was refounded by the Government of Rabenberg on the 24 April 2020.

Austrian Micronational Union (AtMU)

Logo AtMU.jpg

Motto: One country, many nations
Language: Austrian German, English
Headquarters: Bartonowo, Bartonia
Date founded: 2018
Status: Active

Number of active nations: 5

Secretary-General: Cal Sewa

Legislature and executive
Congress: 5 members (heads of states)
Meeting place: Discord:

Who can join?

Every micronation which is founded in Austria or claims land here can join. (Please add your micronation to the list, if you want to be a member and also join the Discord server:

But the AtMU can also kick out Micronations, if they don't follow the rules below.

What we do (Rules)

  • We invite other Austrian Micronations or micronations which claim land in Austria to join the AtMU.
  • We prevent war between micronations.
  • We watch on our environment
  • We outlaw child labor.
  • We establish human rights, civil rights and freedom of press.
  • We connect micronations to each other.

Member states

Status Flag State Full name of state Established Joined Population Currency Capital Official language Location Head of state
Defunct Thomaland Kingdom of Thomaland 10 January 2018 ? 7 Tore Thornhof Austrian, Thomian dialect Styria King Franz I
Defunct Oberhügel Republic of Oberhügel 19 February 2019 ? 10 Blatt Großbaum Austrian, German Styria President Leon G.
Defunct Rabenberg Flag.svg Rabenberg Red-Ecologist Grand Duchy of Rabenberg 19 November 2019 24 April 2020 9 (April 2020) Rabenberg Crown Oberwald Austrian, German, Polish, Russian, Bartonian Styria Grand Duke Norikan I.
Defunct Flag of Felsbrunn.jpg Felsbrunn Royal Principality of Felsbrunn 16 May 2020 19 May 2020 3 Euro Bruck am Bach Austrian Styria Royal Prince of Felsbrunn Leon I.
Active Bartonian Eco Flag.jpg Bartonia Republic of Bartonia 27 May 2020 27 May 2020 34 Bartonian krono Bartonowo Austrian, German, Polish, Russian, Esperanto Styria Doge Cal Sewa
Active Flag of Zubey.png Zubey Kingdom of Zubey 14 May 1985

(as Mudor)

6 May

2015 (as Zubey)

25 June 2020 12 Ire Teus Austrian Lower Austria Archduke Colin I.
Active Hugoland Flag.png Hugoland Free Anarchist State of Hugoland 2017 ? ~500? Stone None (de-jure) Austrian, German, Hugolandian Salzburg None (Anarchist state)
Active Submit.png Leopoldinsel Federal Republic of Leopoldinsel 19 July 2021 3 August 2021 51 Euro, Hungarian Forint St. Veit an der Donau German, English, Hungarian. Upper Austria, Vienna Ioannis Papadopoulou