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Free Anarchist State of Hugoland
Hugoland Flag.png

National Anthem of Hugoland
Location of Hugoland
Capital cityPlattenfels-Region
Largest city? (Name not known)
Official language(s)German, Austrian, Hugolandian
Official religion(s)All religions
Short nameHugoland
DemonymHugo, Hugolandian
GovernmentFree Anarchist State
Area claimed2km²
Time zoneCET (Central European Time)
National sportRelaxing
National animalAll animals
This nation is a member of the Union Against Micronational War and the Austrian Micronational Union.

The Free Anarchist State of Hugoland, more commonly known as Hugoland, is a micronation in Austria. It is located next to the river Tauglbach. Hugoland has no Head of state, but a small parliament with only three seats, that is the de-facto government, even if it's officially a anarchist state.