Grand Duchy of Rabenberg

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The flag of the country

Rabenberg, officially the Red-Ecologistic Grand Duchy of Rabenberg, was a sovereign state, known as a micronation in the Republic of Austria. It was founded on the 19th November 2019 by the first and only Grand Duke, until it defunct on 27 May 2020. It claimed a 2 km² small territory in the Austrian Alps.

Grand Duchy of Rabenberg (eng)

Großherzogtum Rabenberg (de)

Tooherzogtiy Rabenbergus (bart)

Великое Герцогство Рабенберг (ru)

Prìomh Dhiùcachd Rabenberg (sc.-gaelic)

Wielkie Księstwo Rabenberg (pl)

ราชรัฐแห่ง Rabenberg (thai)

Gran duche de Rabenberg (haiti)

Grußherzogtoy Reybenbjörg (Rb. dialect)

National anthem: Berghymne von Rabenberg
Microcode RB
State ideology Red-Ecologism
Capital Oberwald
Largest city Neu-Grenzdorf
Official languages German, Austrian, Polish, Bartonian, Russian
Area 1 km²
Established 19.11.2019
National day 23 December
Government Absolute elective-monarchy
National sports Netfootball, Cycling
Currency Rabenberg Crowns
Time zone CET (Central European Time)
Citizens 8 (26.4.2020)
Member of European Union of Micronations

Austrian Micronational Union

Coat of Arms


The History of Rabenberg began on the 19th November 2019 in the Austrian Alps. Grand Duke Pascal I. declared independence from the Republic of Austria. (The full history can be read at the state archive of the Grand Duchy of Rabenberg)



The currency of the Grand Duchy of Rabenberg until the 1st of March was the European Cent, then it was the Rabenberg Euro, a smaller variation of the normal Euro and after that it was the Rabenberg Crown.


Until March 20, 2020 Rabenberg was tax-free. Since March 21, 2020 every citizen was taxable.



The Rabenbergian peoole spoke many languages:

German, Austrian= 51%

Polish= 47%

Russian, Bartonian= 2%


In Rabenberg some people also speak a dialect called Rabenbergian.


Population in Rabenberg
Year Population Citizens
December 2021 0 1-2
May 2020 4 8

Exclaves and federal states

English name (in bracket german) Federal state or exclave Enclave in... Since...
Rabenbergus (Rabenbergus) Federal state - 19.11.2019
Molandia (Melandia) Federal state - 2019 or 2020
Newbachia (Neubachien) Exclave Austria 2019 or 2020
Stonelandia (Steinlandia) Exclave Austria 2019 or 2020
Waterrock (Haltlandia) Exclave Austria 11 May 2020


Main Article: Rabenberg Amateur Sports Association


Rabenberg was a absolute elective-monarchy, ruled by the House of Rabenstein. The Government of Rabenberg is only the Grand Duke and the Minister-council.

Foreign relations

Mutual recognition

Classification of micronations

  • CGSC = 2.2/5 (medium)
  • David´s Micronational Potential Index = 2.4/5
  • Linden´s Revised System of classification = 3.6/5
  • Matthew´s Democracy system of classification = 3.25/4
  • Stùrd's Liberal System of Micronational Classification = 2.1/5
  • Dustan Pek´s System of Leisure time of classification = 3/5

TV and other Media

  • Rb.TV (TV Channel)
  • Rabenberger Blatt (Newspaper)
  • Radio HIT (Radio station)


The Great Army of the Grand Duchy of Rabenberg is in fact very small. There are only two people in this army without any weapons.