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Goldenstein officially Principality of Goldenstein is an micronation located within Sweden. Goldenstein declared independence from Sweden 30 january 2019.

Principality of Goldenstein
Flag of the principality of Goldenstein
Civil flag
The lower coat of arm for the Principality of Goldenstein
Coat of arms
Largest cityLillyby
Official languagesEnglish
Recognised regional languagesJamtska
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy Elective monarchy
• Prince
Wilson II
LegislatureGoldensteins Storting
Independence from Sweden
• Declaration of Independence
30 January 2019
• The establishment of the principality
1 december 2023
• Total
0.006 km2 (0.0023 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• Estimate
CurrencyEuro and Goldensteinska kronor (SRM)
Time zoneUTC +1 (CET)
• Summer (DST)
Date formatyyyy//mm/dd
Calling code+46


The name Goldenstein are litteraly translated to Golden Stone and come from a composition of the German words Golden (Gold) and stein (stone). The origin of the name and why it is in german has never been determined despited investigations. The leading theory is that the name Goldenstein is inspired by the country name Liechtenstein.


Goldenstein declared independence on 30 january 2019 at 17:00 CET. The country established itself as the Kingdom of Goldenstein. At the time the country was an hereditary kingdom with King Wilson I as the monarch. The government established itself in the new capital and the countries only town, with the name of Freddietown. The country was totaly landlocked by Sweden at the time without any watersources. In the late spring of 2019, Goldenstein declared an abandoned island in the lake Mälaren. The island was missing from the Swedish national land surveyors register and could therefore be declared as an part of Goldenstein. The island was giving the name of Lukas Island. Later on some nearby houses decided to become an part of Goldenstein. Because both the teritorries was enclaves seperated from eachother by Sweden a selfgoverning municipality system was set up. The capital would be govern by the national government, while the newly formed municipality of Alfons become an selfgoverning municipality. Goldenstein established diplomatic ties with several micronations, and participated in several conferences.

On 1 february 2021, The Government of Goldenstein went into exile after losing control of the capital. An exile government was set up at the Goldensteinan embassy in Sweden, the municipality of Alfons would continue to be run as usual. On 1 august 2023 municipality of Lillyby joined the country and become the second town with self governance. On 15 august 2023 the government of Goldenstein gained control over an new territory that become the new capital named [Freddiehamn], which de facto set an end to the exile government.

After a time of discussion about the countries form of governance, the national parliament Stortinget decided to reformed the Kingdom of Goldenstein. On 1 december 2023 Goldenstein got an new more democratic constitution. The kingdom was replaced by a principality, and at the same time, Goldenstein went from a hereditary kingdom to an elective monarchy. King Wilson I lost the position as king of Goldenstein, but was elected the first prince of Goldenstein, and was given the title of Prince Wilson II.

Geography and climate

Goldenstein has heat summer with up to 30 °C and on the winter it can be down to -20 °C . The heat record is 34 °C (27 July 2019). In Goldenstein there are 5 seasons. which is winter, autumn, spring, summer and the slush. Goldenstein season does not need to come in the right order and due to climate change Goldenstein did not have any winter or slush season 2019/2020. Which means that the season jumped from Autumn to spring.


Goldenstein has a very small Vehicles fleet with only 1 ship, a small numbers of cars and some bikes. Because of the small area the country does not have any airports. The government have investigate if it was possible to open a railway service. But problem with finding a manufacturer delayed the plan, and was later scraped.