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Goldenstein officially Kingdom of Goldenstein The climate is in general mild for its northerly latitude. Goldenstein often has warm continental summers with temperature up to 34 ° C . The winter is also general mild with temperature down to -20 ° C. Goldenstein consist of mixed forest with a rich wildlife.

Kingdom of Goldenstein

Capital cityGoldenstein City
Largest cityLillytown
Short nameGoldenstein
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
Established30 January 2019
Area claimed0.4 ha
National animalDog and Turtle


Where the name Goldenstein come from are not completely determined. But the most likely explanation is that Goldensteins name came from a composition of the German words Golden (Gold) and stein (stone).

Geography and climate

Goldenstein is located in the center of the Nordic. Goldensteins highest point is 30 meters over sea level.

Goldenstein has heat summer with up to 30 °C and on the winter it can be down to -20 °C . The heat record is 34 °C (27 July 2019). In Goldenstein there are 5 seasons. which is winter, autumn, spring, summer and the slush. Goldenstein season does not need to come in the right order and due to climate change Goldenstein did not have any winter or slush season 2019/2020. Which means that the season jumped from Autumn to spring.


Goldenstein has a very small Vehicles fleet with only 1 ship, a small numbers of cars and some bikes. Because of the small area it does not exist any airports. The government have investigate if it would be possible to open a railway. But problem with finding a manufacturer have delayed the plan.