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"Kingdom of Goldenstein" short name "Goldenstein" is a landlocked European micronation surrounded by Sweden. The country has two teritories called Freddietown and Lillytown. The country has 14 citizens (including animals) The country has also a post office that issues their own stamps that work in Goldenstein.

Kingdom of Goldenstein
Coat of arms

Country of the freedom and nature
''Freedom in my heart''
Capital cityFreddietown
Largest cityCapital
Official language(s)English, Swedish and Goldensteinska
Official religion(s)Atheism
- KingWilson I
LegislatureGoldenstein Government
- Type - Government
Established30 January 2019
Area claimed0,4 ha
Population6 (around 17 citizen)
Currencygoldenstein krona and swedish krona
Time zoneUTC +1
National sportShuffleboard
National drinkTrocadero
National animalDog & Turtle
Patron saintGoldenstein Stone edge
Country code is: GO and GOL

Government and politics

Government Goldenstein is the first country in the world with direct monarchy Thats mean that the head of state is a King or queen but the people in the nation are voting on every law proposal.

There are only one authority and it is the government and the government has 5 sections that's are: Riksbanken (National bank), GSA (Police and firedepartment), Posten (postal service), GOSP (Goldenstein Space agency) and Custom (customs)

The government handles all forms of cases. Because of Goldenstein is an direct democracy, there are no politicians or government members. Instead, Wilson I is the head of state and government and takes care of incoming matters togheter with hes team.


Goldenstein are member of the Nordic Micronational Union. Goldenstein are a neutral country and have never been in a war. Goldenstein was member of the union: organisations of active micronations but leave because the unprofessional level by many of the members. Instead Goldenstein found the Nordic Micronational Union


30 January 2019 declare the country independence from Sweden but has not been recognized by Sweden.

Culture and language

Goldenstein has a very Swedish culture and celebrates several Swedish traditions. Since Goldenstein is atheistic, holidays celebrations are celebrated without religious elements. Goldenstein has three official languages which are Swedish, English and Goldensteinian. Goldensteinian builds a lot on Swedish but has elements from many Western European languages. Goldenstein use the letters ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPRSTUVWXYZÅÆØ. Examples of phrases:

English Swedish Goldensteinian
Hello Hej Tja
Good bye Hej då Ciao
Thanks Tack Gracie
Welcome Välkommen VÆlkomen
Good morning God morgon Morn
Goldensteins car license plate


Goldenstein have a "newspaper" that runs on Instagram and Facebook by the government. Goldenstein also has a TV channel thats exists on Youtube. The channel are named GTV and stands for "Goldenstein Telivision"

Geography and climate

Goldenstein has heat summer with up to 30 °C and on the winter it can be down to -20 °C . The heat record is 34 °C (27 july 2019). In Goldenstein there are 5 seasons. which is winter, autumn, spring, summer and the slush.

Season months
Winter December to Feburary
Slush March
Spring april to may
Summer June to August
Autumn September to November


Goldenstein has a very small Vehicles fleet with only 3 ships, a small numbers of cars and some bikes. Because of the small area it does not exist any airports. The government have investigate if it would be possible to open a railway company.

Currency [1]

The country has its own currency that called Goldenstein crowns (GKR) But is also in an unofficial currency union with Sweden that meand you can use Swedish Crowns (SEK). Goldenstein crowns are worth 2 crowns or 0,20€ There are coins in the denominations: 0.5 GKR, 1 GKR and 5 GKR. There are also exist banknotes in the denominations: 10 GKR, 25 GKR, 50 GKR and 100 GKR.

Swedish crowns (SEK) Goldenstein Crowns (GKR) Euro (€)
2.4 SEK (10-03-2019) 1 GKR (10-03-2019) 0.23 € (10-03-2019)
2 SEK (13-04-2019) 1 GKR (13-04-2019) 0.2 € (13-04-2019)
2 SEK (31-05-2019) 1 GKR (31-05-2019) 0.19 € (31-05-2019)
2 SEK (24-06-2019) 1 GKR (24-06-2019) 0.18 € (25-06-2019)
2 SEK (28-10-2019) 1 GKR (28-10-2019) 0.19 € (28-10-2019)