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Types of government specific to micronationalism
Book, Flower and Sickle: the official symbol of Ecologism.

Ecologism is a green-extremist, revolutionary, eco-authoritarianist political ideology. It means that all things that a state does, must be ecological and environmentally friendly. Ecologist Parties are often stricter then normal green parties.


  • Red-Ecologism (the state only sometimes can do something harmful to the environment, but the citizens mustn`t do that.)
  • Green-Ecologism (the state mustn`t do something harmful to the environment, and the citizens also mustn`t)
  • Animal-Ecologism (it`s more in line with the ideology of animal welfare, then ecologism)
  • Communist-Ecologism (Communism and Ecologism mixed together)
  • Colorful-Ecologism (all types of Ecologism mixed together and sometimes a little bit of other parties)

Micronational examples

Political parties


The Monument in honor of Ecologism in the capital city of Bartonowo.


Text from the Ecologistic Manifesto by Cal Bartoń.