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Types of government specific to micronationalism
Not to be confused with Environmentalism or Green Politics !
Book, Flower and Sickle: the official symbol of Ecologism.

Ecologism is a green-extremist, revolutionary, eco-democratic and sometimes eco-authoritarianist political ideology. It means that all things that a state does, must be ecological and environmentally friendly. Ecologist Parties are stricter then green parties in terms of environmental protection.

The ideology, at its highest point in 2020, had formed five political parties and three states, but nowadays can be considered as less than not relevant.


  • Green-Ecologism or just Ecologism (the state mustn't do something harmful to the environment, and the citizens also mustn't)
  • Red-Ecologism (the state only sometimes is allowed to do something harmful to the environment, but the citizens mustn't do that)


The main book about Ecologism is the Book of the principles of Ecologism. It is 9 pages long. It says what the perfect Ecologist state looks like and which ideologies are bad. It was originally written in german.

Micronational examples

Political parties


The Monument in honor of Ecologism in the capital city of Bartonowo.
  • Ecologist Monuments in Bartonia (none of them exists anymore)
  • Ecologist Hall in Bartonowo (doesn't exist anymore)
  • Ecologist Hall in Oberwald (doesn't exist anymore)