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Commune of Felsbruck
Felsbruck Ecologist Flag .jpg

B`A Les ta B´Wata d´Sterra (Felsian: The sky above us is so clear)
Capital cityBrucken
Largest cityVoldokaria
Official language(s)Austrian, Bartonian, Felsian
Short nameFelsbruck
GovernmentEcologist commune
- PresidentMuran Voldokar
LegislatureState congress
Area claimed0.01km²
Population15 (as of 2021 census)
Time zoneCET (Central European Time)
National sportBiking
This nation is a member of the Union Against Micronational War and the Micronational Greens and Ecologists

The Ecologist Commune of Felsbruck, more commonly known as Felsbruck, is a micronation in Austria. The state is heavily dependent on the ecologist government of Bartonia. Felsbruck is a brother-state of Bartonia.


The Ecologist Commune of Felsbruck was founded in 2020 by the military of the Ecologist Republic of Bartonia, the Militar Bartoniyy. Since then, Felsbruck is a puppet state, that is economically heavily dependent on the Ecologist Republic of Bartonia.


Social-Ecologist Party

The Social-Ecologist Party of Felsbruck is the only political party in this state. It is dependent from the Ecologist Party of Bartonia. The ideologies of this party are mainly Ecologism, Voldokarism and Thunbergism.