Micronational Greens and Ecologists

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Micronational Greens and Ecologists is a Environmentalist, Ecologist, Maxtonist and Thunbergist organization for micronations and micronational parties.

Micronational Greens and Ecologists

Intermicronational organisation
Slogan We make the world a GREENER place
Headquarters Bartonowo, Bartonia
Official language English, German
Membership 3 member states, 5 parties
Foundation 2020

Member states

Member parties

  • Ecologist Party of Bartonia (since 22.06.2020)
  • Social-Ecologist Party of Felsbruck (since 18.11.2020)
  • Revolutionary Ecologist Underground Movement of Rastolia-Ramenatia (since 01.03.2021)
  • Anti-Capitalist Front for Ecologism of Awengardia (since 27.06.2021)
  • Ecologist Party of Millania (since 04.07.2021)