Ecologist Party of Bartonia

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Ecologist Party of Bartonia
Ökologistische Partei Bartoniens DE
Partja Ekologistna Bartonii BART
AbbreviationÖPB (german)
LeaderCal Sewa
DeputyBenjamin Pickles
AdviserMuran Voldokar
FounderCal Sewa
HeadquartersGreen Square 1, Bartonowo
Student wingÖkologistische Schülervereinigung
Youth wingÖkosoziale Jugend
Membership (2021)10
Political positioncentre-left
International affiliationMicronational Greens and Ecologists
Colors     green
SloganWe protest today, for a better world tomorrow!
AnthemMarch of the Ecologist Party
Seats in Eco-Council
3 / 4
Seats in National Council
1 / 2
Regional seats
3 / 3

The Ecologist Party of Bartonia (German: Ökologistische Partei Bartoniens) is the biggest political party in the Ecologist Republic of Bartonia. The current Doge Cal is the leader of this party. The party has more control over Bartonia than any other. The propaganda of the party is everywhere, even if it's not an dictatorship.


Party congresses

Party congresses are very important for the ÖPB and are held twice a year.

Party congresses of the ÖPB
Time period Contents
I. Party congress 12.03.2021 New members have been introduced to the others

Several topics have been discussed

II. Party congress 08.07.2021 – 09.07.2021 A new political plan for 2022 has been created and presented

Several topics have been discussed

Extraordinary COVID-19 congress 25.07.2021 – 27.07.2021 A plan for the fighting against COVID-19 has been discussed

Youth wing

The Social-Ecologist Youth is the youth-organisation of the Ecologist Party of Bartonia. Persons under 13 years that would like to work for Ecologism in Bartonia, can go to this organisation. The leader of the SEYB is Tephil Sewa.

Electoral results

  • 1. Doge and National Council Elections: 87.5%
  • 1. Regional Elections: ?
  • 1. Eco-Council Elections: 33.33%
  • 2. Regional Elections: 66.67%
  • 2. Doge and National Council Elections: 85.71%
  • 2. Eco-Council Elections: 100.0%
  • 3. Regional Elections: 100.0%
  • 3. Doge and National Council Elections: 85.71%
  • 3. Eco-Council Elections: 75.0%

Ecologist propaganda

The propaganda of the Ecologist Party of Bartonia is everywhere, even if Bartonia is not a dictatorship. But most of the people like the social, ecological and democratic ideas of Ecologism and there is only a small opposition. The most propaganda-posters are in Bartonowo, and on the last page of the newspaper Bartonian Paper, there is also sometimes a advertising by the Ecologists. The Ecologists also build monuments and memorials for Ecologist heros and climate activists like Greta Thunberg, or for the the theorist Graeme Maxton, but also for the founder of Ecologism, and first head of state of Bartonia, Cal Sewa. This monuments can also be seen as a part of propaganda. Further, the Ecologists also named the Bartonian city Greta-Thunberg-City.

A poster of the ÖPB