Bartonian Socialist Party

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Bartonian Socialist Party
Bartonische Sozialistische Partei DE
Bartońska Partia Socjalistyczna PL
First SecretaryCal Sewa
DeputyBenjamin Olson
FounderCal Sewa
Founded18 September 2021
(as Democratic Left)
10 April 2022
(renamed to BSP)
Preceded byDemocratic Left
HeadquartersGreen Square 7, Bartonowo
NewspaperZukunft & Gegenwart (Future and Present)
Membership (2022)10
Political positionleft-wing to far-left
International affiliationIntermicronational Socialist Forum
Colors  red
AnthemThe Internationale
Seats in People's Council
4 / 4
Seats in National Council
1 / 2
Regional seats
3 / 3

The Bartonian Socialist Party (German: Bartonische Sozialistische Partei, BSP) is a socialist political party in the Republic of Bartonia. It is, measured by number of members and influence, the largest political party in Bartonia.


The party was founded on September 18th, 2021, by the former leader of the Ecologist Party, Cal Sewa, who also made Bartonia a fully democratic state after ending the partly authoritarian rule of the Ecologists. He stopped being a Ecologist – though he never ceased to have environmentalist views – after he introduced himself into socialism and marxist analysis of the capitalist system. He then founded the Democratic Left of Bartonia, a democratic-socialist, not yet marxist party. On 10 April 2022 he finally changed the name and ideological stance of his party to a much more socialist and marxist one. On the same day also the structure of the party was changed and a programme and statute has been introduced.


Party congresses

Party congresses are normally held twice a year.

Party congresses of the BSP
Time period Contents
Foundation congress/I. Party congress 18 September 2021 The party has been founded by Cal Sewa
II. Party congress 28 – 29 January 2022 The ideological line has been manifested and discussed
III. Party congress 19 November 2022 A new statute has been adopted, the party line was discussed and a plan for a socialist Bartonia has been made.

Party leaders

First Secretary

The party leader holds the title 'First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Bartonian Socialist Party' and has the most power in the party.

Portrait Name Dates
1 Cal Sewa 18 September 2021/10 April 2022 – today

Deputy of First Secretary

The co-leader is called 'Deputy of the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Bartonian Socialist Party'.

Portrait Name Dates
1 Ben Olson at MicroCon 2022.jpg Benjamin Olson 18 September 2021/10 April 2022 – today

Electoral results

As Democratic Left:

  • 4. Doge and National Council Elections: 77.78% (2021)

As Socialist Party:

  • 4. People's Council Elections: 75% (2022)
  • 5. Doge and National Council Elections: 71.43% (2022)
  • 5. Regional Elections: 71.43% (2022)
  • 6. Doge and National Council Elections: 83.33% (2022)