Ecologist Monument (Bartonia)

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In the Ecologist Republic of Bartonia there are many monuments in honor of Ecologism. The greatest is in the capital city of Bartonowo, but there is also one in the bartonian exclave Waterrock.

Monument in honor of Ecologism in Bartonowo

The Monument in Bartonowo

The Monument in honor of Ecologism is the greatest monument in Bartonowo. It was made by the Doge Cal on the 21 July 2020 from his donated cash. In the monument, there are photos from the climate activists Greta Thunberg and Barbara Stangel.

Ecologist Monument in Waterrock

The Ecologist Monument in Waterrock was build in the former exclave-owner-country Rabenberg, so it´s the oldest monument in Bartonia.

Graeme Maxton Monument in the Greta Thunberg-City

It is the biggest monument, located in the exclave Ostania. It is a monument in honor of the environmentalist and economist Graeme Maxton.