Convention System

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Types of government specific to micronationalism

The Convention System is a legislative process developed in the Federated States of America. The system operates the legislature in sessions called conventions, each with a specific mission statement, with the President or other Head of State dissolving Congress when the convention has either achieved its purpose or has been a failure in completing its goal, or the goal is determined to be inappropriate.

The convention operates as the nation's Congress or Parliament until its dissolution by the head of state, called the "fold of convention." During broken convention (when no convention is open), the President has the authority to pass bills through the "Queen's Clause" as Executive Orders, which immediately fall under the endorsement of law. Despite such, the Convention, when opened again, can overturn the President's decision during the first meeting of the convention. This clause exists to protect the balance of power and prevent the President from becoming a monarch.

Somewhat ironically, the comprehensive system was created by accident in 2014 and has been used by the Federated States since.

In 2022, the system was adopted by the Empyrean of the Moon for use in its advisory legislature, the Convention Parliament.